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The prompt was: "It was maybe then, during the afterglow of the game when the sun danced over a tired, but still smiling face that he fell in love for the first time."

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The match had been long and hard for the two males, sitting back and leaning against each other. They had decided on a final match before the end of their school term, getting ready for the hard days of high school ahead once the holidays had ended. They both breathed hard and found themselves with out the energy to move, falling backwards to lay there and look up the sky, sated in their desire to play one another.

"Oishi?" Eiji asked, sucking in enough air to form a sentence. "Tanoshinde da ne?"

"Ah, tanoshinde Eiji," Oishi smiled softly, agreeing while sitting up on his elbows with effort.

He looked down to his side, seeing his partner staring up at him with so much joy flooding his features, it stunned him to see just how breath taking that image was.

"Eiji?" He asked happily.

"Hoi hoi, O-i-shi~" Eiji sung, grinning in his childish way whilst turning his head slightly.

Oishi smiled and his eyes grew softer. "Come look at this."

He gestured with his head for Eiji to sit up, with which the younger boy complied to; looking curious and excited as he wondered briefly what his partner wanted him to see. He waited as Eiji positioned himself, before the red head looked forward and out to the scene before them.

"Uwah~ that's so..." Eiji gaped, at loss for words as he watched the array of reds and oranges blend into each other over the wide canvas of the sky. "Sugei..."

"Ah," Oishi agreed, watching the sun set with a warm smile as the acrobat beside him almost completely stilled.

It was silent for a moment before he heard a small rustling besides him before Oishi jumped slightly, feeling the weight of something drop onto him. It only took a split second before he realised Eiji was now leaning on him sighing contended as he gazed outwards.

With a happy smile, Eiji turned slightly to face his partner, only to be thrown into silence as his words died out in awe. He openly stared at the emerald eyed boy, immersed in the golden glow of the sun.

It was maybe then, during the afterglow of the game when the sun danced over a tired, but still smiling face that he fell in love for the first time.

His smile softened just slightly as his heart almost skipped a beat, sending a warm glow through his body, before he snuggled closer, causing the older male to look down with a bemused smile, pulling him closer into his hold. He leant his head down onto the auburn locks, resting it there as they watched the last of the sun set together.

In the silence Eiji opened his mouth to speak, before looking up to the sky and closing his eyes. Ever so slightly he moved his hand until he touched the side of his partners, causing the dark haired boy to blush lightly.

"Let's play again soon, ne Oishi?" Eiji asked, entwining their fingers.

"…Hai, Eiji," Oishi replied, turning his gaze to meet the others with a promise sparkling in those green orbs. "…Lets."

Sorry it's so short!