After All These Years

Missie was excited to read the letter she just received from home. She always enjoyed reading about how everyone back east was doing and what they were up to. As Missie began to read the letter, she screamed and jumped up and down as a smile came across her face. Willie, upon hearing her scream, came running into the house.

"Missie, what's wrong?!" he asked in panic.

"Oh, Willie! It is wonderful!" Missie said as she gave him a hug. "My parents are coming here to visit!"

Willie, now joining in the excitement, hugged her back. "Missie! That is great! I know how much you have missed them." Missie smiled back in response as she gave Willie another quick hug before he left to finish his chores.

While Willie finished his work, Missie finished reading the remainder of the letter with tears of joy in her eyes and a smile on her face. I cannot believe I will be able to see my parents in a few weeks! I have missed them so much! I cannot wait for them to see the home me and Willie have made, introduce them to their grandchildren, show them the sod house we lived in the first two years of our marriage…

Missie sighed as her mind raced with ideas that they could do together. I will finally be able to see my parents again, after all these years...