Drew's Dilemma

I cannot believe Belinda's been here for three years, and I did not even know it! I have not seen her for so longer...and I still love her just as much as I did when I left the West. Drew's mind would not allow him fall asleep. His thoughts slowly drifted to when he and Belinda first met.


Drew was out hunting small game animals. He accidently scared Belinda's horse with the sound of his shotgun. As a result, the horse threw Belinda into the air. She landed on her back, knocking the air out of her lungs. Drew was scared to death and thankfully was able to make her breath again. After that, their friendship began to grow as well as Drew's admiration for Belinda. One day, when they were alone on a walk, he kissed her right before she left for home.


I should have never let her go. This situation now is the same as the other so long ago. I was leaving to get my degree in law, and Belinda was continuing her nursing lessons with Luke. And now, I'm moving back home in a few weeks while Belinda stays here. It would be unfair of me to ask her to leave with me. She loves it here. Besides, I doubt she still has feelings for me after all these years. And who knows? Maybe she never did love me; maybe I was just imagining things. And maybe it was just a coincidence that we both ended up in Boston, in the same office, at the same time.

Deep down Drew doubted it could possibly be a coincidence. He sighed. What should I do?