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It was a grim day in the dark forest, where a baboon-clad figure wreaked havoc on everything in its path. No trees survived, no birds, no foxes – his rage was that consuming.

Dammit! Damn it all! Damn you, miko, and damn your fucking husband, too!

It was clear that she was both the weakness and the strength in that hanyou – as long as he drew power from her, as long as they were melded so strongly, beyond anything he'd ever known, there was nothing Naraku could do to gain the upper hand. But he had another advantage now, one newly born: his rage. And with it, a new idea. This time, there would be no games, no more making one kill the other, no more... fun. Now it was all about pure death, pure defeat. He wanted them killed and he would have his way.

What they'd done to him...

Let's see if you can escape now, lovebirds.

Because even in his darkest hour, Naraku always had a back up plan.

"Show yourself," he said aloud, his words carrying through the empty field where a forest had stood just minutes before.

With speed only an undead creature could possess, a beautiful woman with eyes of stone and skin pale as moonlight appeared behind him.

She heard his snicker and suppressed the urge to snarl at him like the animal she felt like in that moment. His back was to her now – though she'd never seen him dress as ridiculously before – and technically she could murder him in cold blood, if he wasn't as cunning and powerful as he was. She'd seen him work, had seen him plot, and it had impressed her as it had... overwhelmed her. Now she knew not to trifle with him when he was out for blood. She was going to have to find another way to kill him later.

"I need something from you," he said smoothly, his voice surprisingly neutral and intense enough to raise the hairs on her skin. She felt a tingle of something, a feeling she knew she didn't harbor for him. It was lust, and it was fishy.

I can't be feeling this on my own. What is he up to?

Eyes narrowing in suspicion, she walked around him to face him, swaying her hips just a little. One eyebrow lifted in annoyance, revealing how aggravated she was with the increasing heat she experienced. "What?" she asked tightly, pressing her thighs together.

To her mortification, his eyes followed the movement and he licked his lips.

It feels like he's channeling his feelings into me. Dear God. What is this lust? Or is it wrath...?

"You see, my darling," he began as he walked around her in a circle, "I've grown tired of this silly sport of hiding and plotting and tricking. I think it's high time for a little... head-to-head, don't you think?" Without letting her answer, he continued, stopping behind her and drawing her against himself unexpectedly.

In a flash, his face became that of a murderer's – a killer intent in his eyes as he looked ahead, speaking against the column her neck after licking it.

"I will kill those two if it is the last thing I do, and you will help me, if it is the last thing you do."

Shivers ran up her spine as she tried to control the unbidden lust she knew didn't belong to her. For once since dying, Abi-Hime was afraid.

"I'll willingly help you."

"Well good," he replied good-naturedly, letting go of her and speeding back some, leaving her space to turn around slowly.

"What will you have me do?"

"It's not so much something you need to do, darling. It's more... something I need to have."

Cocking her head to the side, she pursed her lips and pressed, "And what's that?"

In the blink of an eye he was right before her, his hand pushing through her chest, then pulling out along with a vital organ, even in death. Her eyes were wide open as her mind didn't have the time to wonder how it was that he'd managed to defeat her before she collapsed, breathless.

Smiling at the fallen, unmoving body, Naraku then regarded his precious possession, relishing the look of the organ that should have been doused in blood had the woman been alive, then answering truthfully.

"Your heart."


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