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This takes place during ancient Egypt. I only know a few things about this era from my visits to the ancient temples and so on, so please don't blame me for the inaccuracy of some details.

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Chapter 1, "The verdict"

The raven pharaoh relaxed his back over his mattress, resting his head on a stone headrest covered in linen. Peacock feathers decorated the golden silk the draped over the finest wood and woven rush. On the sides of the bed, the lumber was carved and precious stones were engraved between gold and silver rings. From the entrance of the room, the bed posts almost looked like falcon heads. Yes, Falcon heads! He was the representative of Horus, the Sky god, after all.

He would have had his slaves at his legs, pleasuring him, fanning the air. Yet, the pharaoh was a bit aloof to even take advantage of worldly pleasures that the powerful men before him started wars for. If you ask me, everything seemed dull to him. Being a pharaoh, he was never allowed to interact with the commoners. How can a God walk between farmers and builders! Never, he was always secluded and cherished like a one of kind diamond… ever since he was born. It got worse when he was seven, and his father decided to disown Itachi, Sasuke's older brother. He was thrown out of the kingdom, and stripped out of his priest position. However, the keepers of Itachi always feared that he would come back for his brother's neck; he was the sole heir after him. Now, that his father passed away and his mother buried with her love, he is the Pharaoh.

"Your highness, sorry to disturb you," one of the high level guards entered the room received a killer glare from Sasuke.

"You may speak," he sighed.

"An intruder was captured after infiltrating into your private temple looking for-"

"Did you disturb me just for that? Behead him and put hang his head outside the temple. I don't anyone even daring to think of breaking into the mansion," the raven paused for a second and then pointed at the guard dryly, "and if you even barge in on me again, your head will be the one on display. Do you understand?"

"Yes your highness," the blood froze in the man's veins, his legs shook to the extent that Sasuke though the guard was about to wet himself.

"PLEASE GIVE HIM BACK, I BEG YOU," a scream broke the silence of the room coming from the main hall.

The Pharaoh quickly stood up and marched towards the high-pitched screech. When he reached his royal chair, he found a pink haired woman pinned to the ground and restrained by is guards. Ten men on one feeble woman, what a disgrace!

"Let go of her," Sasuke ordered.

"Your highness, she is a deranged woman! She marched in demanding to meet-" his head guard explained.

"Silence," he didn't really appreciate long narratives or the fact that a mere guard was trying to tell him what he is supposed to think, "You! Explain yourself".

"My fiancé, your Highness, is held in your prison waiting his-" she burst into tears fearing the word that dieing on the tip of her tongue. She kneeled down and attempted to kiss his feet, but he kick his legs pushing her away.

"And love brought you here, didn't it?" The Uchiha Pharaoh smirked. Love, love, love, when will people realize that love is nothing.He always believed that a god was above love, and worldly needs. You can argue and ask him; how come, don't you eat? But then again, it is unwise to argue with the man can have your neck chopped with a single signal from his pinky!

"Love! No! He is obnoxiously cheerful and annoyin-" the pink haired girl suddenly halted reconsidering the way she spoke to her Pharaoh.

"Then why do you want me to spare his life?"

"Although is unwise and idio- spontaneous, he is still the one who provides for both of our families. My dad is an old senile man who can't lift a hand, and we have a big family. Naruto is the one who works day and night to fill the stomachs of my seven brothers and sisters… I know that your gracious will understand…"

"Is that it, or do you have some more rambling to bore me with? Your fiancé should have thought about you and your sibling before committing his crimes. His sentence will remain the same," he had a heart of stone.

"NO, you don't even know his crime-" she snapped.

"HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE AND QUESTION YOUR GOD!" the head priest entered. He was a vile man, Orochimaru. He sucked the blood of the peasants and worked them till their hands fell limp… But everyone knew that he was the one running the show.

"Sorry, Orochimaru-sama… But Naruto…"

"One more word from you and you will have the same fate as your fiancé," the snake threatened.

"What's your name?" Sasuke asked calmly.


"Orochimaru, what is the crime of-" he paused to remember the name.

"Naruto," Sakura completed.

"Your highness, no way you are actually considering-"

"Bring him out here, I want to meet him," Sasuke smirked. Somehow the snake was the one who saved Naruto. If it wasn't of Sasuke's desire to badger the high priest, he wouldn't have even considered the girl's pleads.

"Go get him," the snake ordered one of the guards.

After a few minutes of Sasuke frowning upon the noise the girl was making weeping, the guard returned with a blond man dragged behind him in restrains. His golden locks were a rare scene even for the pharaoh who met kings from all over the world. His tanned skin contrasted with Sasuke's pale skin; it was obvious that he was an unyielding worker from his skin, not like Sasuke who always had his servants shelter him from heat. His eyes were as wide as a baby's, sea blue. It reminded the Pharaoh of his trips to the seas that surrounded Egypt from two sides… he always lov- prized those trips. The man was stunning even when his cotton clothes were ragged and grungy.

"Kneel," the guard forced the blond on his knees, receiving relentless struggle against his push.

"You don't want to kneel infront of your Pharaoh?" Sasuke asked in shocked. May be he was really an idiot, like the girl claimed.

"I don't mind kneeling infront of fair man who rules, but I will never lower my head for corrupted ruler that forgot about his people long ago-DAMN IT, GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Naruto screamed at the guard.

"Don't you value your life?" the snake asked, but was ignored by both Naruto and Sasuke.

"And why am I unfair?"

"If you knew how the people are living these days, you wouldn't have asked!"

"I don't appreciate puzzles. If you have something to say, say it and get it over with!"

"How about your kingdom leaders who rob the peasants out of most of their crop and call it alms! How about when they rape women that aren't theirs just because they can get away with it! How about when they separate infants and mothers-"

"Big words for a peasant," Sasuke was honestly amused. It is not everyday that a man is foolish enough to stand up to the Pharaoh.

"Didn't I tell you, your highness! He is a poor guy, born with half a brain. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut! He hears big words for the village elders and just confuses their meaning and blurts them out! But he has a really pure heart! All the kids love him. They will die if he dies!" Sakura pointed at Naruto and started explaining how idiotic he is. She hot Pharaoh, Naruto is retarded enough to imagine that he can reprimanded you and still stay alive.

Sasuke leaned back in his royal chair, leering. What a person! He is the biggest idiot he has ever seen in his life… yet, he has quite a heart!

"Did I allow you to talk?" Sasuke scolded the pink haired lady. She nodded 'no'.

"So you snuck into my temple to take revenge on me?"

"NO! To give you a wake up call! You have to hear what the people have to say-"

"Enough," Sasuke turned one of his servants. This servant in particular looked more pronounced that others, his dad used to prepare battle plans. His father was a mastermind, and Sasuke always kept his son near. The Uchiha always believed that a genius, who is not on your side, is bound to be against you… and instigators were hell when enemies.

"Give his family his worth in golden coins, and find him a place in the harem," Oh crap! At these times it was acceptable for a man of Sasuke's place to have male lovers as long as he was not the one penetrated. A harem had both young beautiful men, and marvelous concubines. Sasuke had quite the harem, kings sending him beauties as gifts, he even likes to own whoever/ whatever he though worth owning. He was possessive. Nevertheless, Sasuke had never any kind of sexual relationship with any of his slaves, or anyone for that matter. He was in fact asexual… or may be non-sexual.

Still, No human is above the lust of the body or the passion of the heart. May be one day the young Pharaoh will understand.

To be continued

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