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Chapter 4: My Haven, My Peril

Chi Chi woke up late in the morning, when she turned around to face Goku she felt a little disappointed since he had already left the bed to go training. She hoped he would have stayed with her after the special night they had experienced before, but Chi Chi knew that was not very realistic. Goku was a devoted martial artist and would never skip his early training session unless for an emergency. So, she picked herself together and decided to freshen up before going downstairs and fix herself and Goku some breakfast. Chi Chi felt her tummy rumbling, 'if I am this hungry Goku must be in an advanced state of starvation' Chi Chi jokingly thought. Quickly moving around to get everything, she didn't even notice when she was done making breakfast. Chi Chi could not stop thinking about the other night. She felt the rush of excitement and passion flow through her body, filling her with warmth and… desire. It was like a dream; Chi Chi had almost given up the hope that Goku would like her… Love her. Glowing and very content, she called for Goku and waited for him.

Goku heard Chi Chi calling that breakfast was ready. He was so hungry, that every branch and leaf looked like a tasty meal. However, Goku tried to eat some leaves when he was a kid and quickly decided that he would never do that again… So he tried to think only about the breakfast that was so close. He ran home, gathering his last strength and ran through the door, looking bewildered as the smell of eggs made him even more hungry. Chi Chi was already at the table, patiently waiting for Goku, it was neat and filled with food. Goku sat down on his chair with incredible speed and before Chi Chi had uttered the one-syllable word 'hi' he was stuffing the food in his face, throwing the food all around. Chi Chi had seen Goku eat incredible amounts of food before, but she had never seen anything like things. She watched the amounts of food diminish rapidly while she was eating her own sandwich. When she had taken two bites and was about to take a third, Goku was finishing his second full plate. 'Uhm, Goku?' she asked, both a little surprised and grossed out. Goku lifted his head and stopped chewing, his cheeks were almost bursting. 'What would you say about spending a day at home, with each other? No training, cleaning, you know…' Chi Chi said softly, blushing. She looked up at Goku's face, hopefully. She saw a look of surprise. 'Well, I guess so…?' he said finally, some food fell out of his mouth. He had never had a day without training. How could a person ever enjoy himself without? Goku knew that Chi Chi didn't train, but she was always cleaning and cooking. He started to get curious about what a day without would be like. Some memories about last night flowed through his mind and thinking about it he felt it could be quite enjoyable. Then he only thought about his food again.

Chi Chi found herself walking around the room, not really knowing how to act. She wanted to clean the mess up, but this would be a day for her and Goku and not for cleaning. So, she got herself together and decided to actually go to Goku and think of something that they could do together. But where was he? Chi Chi's first guess was the kitchen, since there was nothing to do for Goku he would probably just stuff himself. Not surprisingly, Chi Chi found Goku in the kitchen looking for food. She sighed a little but decided to let it go instead of getting angry with Goku for making a mess. 'Goku, we promised each other we would do something together today, remember? Well, any ideas?' she asked. Goku turned his cute head around, giving Chi Chi a look surprise. 'Uhm, no, can't we just… sit around?' he said. 'Yeah I guess we could hang around a little, but I want to do that together' Chi Chi said a little disappointed. 'Hey, it's not like I don't want to be with you, I just really don't know what to do' Goku said to her, trying not to stir her anger. 'So if you can't train and you have to hang out with me, you get bored?' Chi Chi snapped back to Goku. Goku had a bewildered look on his face, not really knowing what to do. He hadn't expected such a sneer. He looked at her with guilt, keeping silent. Seeing this, eyes started to appear in Chi Chi's big eyes and she walked away angrily smashing the living room's door behind her. Goku followed her with his eyes, watched her feeling hurt and sad. It hurt him too. He knew he did something wrong. Maybe he should have said something, done something to make her know he enjoyed every moment he spent with her. She invigorated him but he didn't tell her that. He felt really bad, she was so small and fragile, so vulnerable… He should be the one to make her feel safe and protected. He was her husband after all. And at least he knew that a husband protects his wife. 'Maybe I should try to make it up with her?' Goku thought. He thought of Chi Chi's big teary wife that made him feel very guilty. He would think of something.

Chi Chi was sitting on the bed, looking down into her hands. They were wet. Was she wrong? Did Goku not enjoy her company? When she thought back to moments before, she had to admit to herself that the answer was a no, obviously. She saw him stand there, saying nothing when she asked him. She felt so embarrassed. She had forced this poor guy to marry her, become her partner… And now he was bored. They were married for only weeks! While Chi Chi was bashing herself up mentally, footsteps could be heard on the stairs, causing Chi Chi to be distracted from her crying. She quickly wiped her tears away, not wanting Goku to see her sadness. When the door opened, Goku came in and slowly closed the door behind him. He walked to the bed and sat beside Chi Chi. They were silent for a few seconds, then Goku looked Chi Chi in the eyes, his eyes soft, they lingered on her wet cheek for a while and he said: 'Shall we just go downstairs and watch a movie together? I would really like that' he quickly added. 'I don't want you to do anything that you don't want. Especially not if you do it because you feel sorry for me. I guess I'll just go downstairs do to the dishes.' Chi Chi stood up slowly, stalling since she wanted Goku to hold her back, but he didn't. Then she walked to the door, closing it slowly but decisively, leaving Goku behind in the room.

Goku sat on the bed for a little while, thinking about how hard marriage could be. He didn't quite understand Chi Chi's emotional outbursts, or how to handle them. He didn't want to hurt her and he did like to be with her, didn't last night prove that? He had felt her skin, soft, so much unlike his own. He had enjoyed it all immensely. He had felt she did too, they were so close, so united that evening. He longed for that, for her body. To touch her and feel her warmth and softness. But now he had hurt her, apparently. He had to convince her she was wrong about him being bored or whatever. Well, no time like the present, he thought and he stood up to go downstairs. He froze on the spot. He heard a loud thud coming from somewhere in the house, and then silence. Every fiber in his body told him this wasn't good. He raced down the stairs. 'Chi Chi! Are you alright?' he called out, worried. No response. Goku ran around the house, looking for her. She was nowhere to be found. He did find the dishes in the sink and some plates lay broken on the floor. Something had happened. Then he finally realized what this meant. He felt the blood rise to his head, panic starting to invade his body. She was gone.