He sat in Dumbledore's office, his eyes glazed over and distant; colder than usual, his body having momentary spasms. He was The-Boy-Who-Lived or the Golden one, but yet… he couldn't keep anyone around him alive. Not the ones he loved not the ones he hated. No one, sometimes, he thought of himself as the next Dark Lord with all the people and things he had killed or the things that had died because of him. He didn't move when Draco's hand caressed him shoulder, feeling completely comfortable, he turned to look at him. He had become friends with the platinum blond when Ron and Hermione died in the Department of Mysteries.

He couldn't even keep them alive, in fact he was the one who turned his wand on them. It was all his fault that the little band of heroes had failed miserably. He was a murderer, to them, to himself, and to everyone else out there. Draco was the only one that stayed with him, held him as he cried. He was there when he broke into tiny little pieces, he no longer wanted the role of saving the wizarding world, in fact, he could care less if the nasty serpant Snape or the murderer Lord Voldemort. Him and Draco were brothers, to peas in a pod as some would say. They loved each other but not in the romantical kind of sense, but the best friend sense where they would risk their lives to save each other.

"Harry?" Draco called, "Harry I'm sorry." He tried but Harry didn't say anything as tears leaked out of his eyes.

"Hey Drake?" Harry asked, using the nickname, "I can't do this anymore. I can't be their savior anymore. I want to leave, I don't care about Voldemort or the war. I don't care anymore." He whispered pathetically. Draco sighed and squatted in front of Harry, his hand resting on his thighs.

"Is it that bad?" he whispered and Harry gave him a nod. Draco sighed before standing. "Accio letter." He conjured as a letter flew into his hand. He handed it to Harry who took it cautiously. "That letter is for you or Remus to give to Billy Black or Sam Uley." Harry frowned at the name 'Black' and looked up at Draco for an explanation. "Did you forget that Sirius and I are related? Billy Black is my Uncle. Sam Uley is head up at the reservation." Draco explained. Harry nodded and sighed when Draco's hand caressed his cheek with cool hands. They both jumped when the door slammed open and Remus Lupin came waltzing into the room.

"Hello Malfoy, Harry." He acknowledged. They both nodded and Draco looked up at Remus, Draco's hand squeezing Harry's thigh a little tighter when a strangled sob left his throat.

"What's wrong with my cub Draco?" Remus asked with a frown. Draco sighed and stood.

"He's done with the wizarding world, the war, and the dying. He can't take anymore and the sooner he leaves, the better he'll be off." Draco sighed and stared into the honey brown eyes.

"And what will you do?" Remus demanded.

"I'll go to the dark lord, like I'm supposed too. You guys will head to a place in the U.S, to Forks Washington. I've extended family down there that would do you and Harry some good. Billy Black should be there at the airport to meet you. He'll show you to my family's cottage." he explained hurridly as he lifted the newly unconscious Harry into his arms and gave him to Remus.

"A newly turned Death-Eater is helping the boy who could kill your master and a werewolf. Why?"

"I promised," Draco said simply, "to save Harry. You should know that when a Malfoy's mind is made up, you can't change it." With that, Remus nodded and with one last smile at Draco's words and himself, his apparrated away with a loud POP. Draco smiled sadly at the direction his best friend just stood and sighed. "About bloody time you left."


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