Author's note: Hello again. Here is the first teaser for the SET IN STONE Sequel: In Darkness or Light. Thank you for your patience with the sequel! You have been great. In Darkness or Light is set for release on August 25th, 2010.

Like I said, this is the FIRST teaser. It is a poem. An actual excerpt from the Prologue will be posted next week around this time as well. So stay tuned :o)

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Weekly teasers will be available on the blog once it is out, and I intend to update every Wednesday once the story comes out. I have been a busy

Happy Reading...

My Gargoyle

What curse was put upon you, O creature of the night

to bless you with such beauty, then cage your spirit tight?

What hand would carve such perfect lines, which crack under the sun

Or planes as smooth as marble, which wait to come undone.

No strength that seems immortal, means to welt so easily,

Or power like the raging sea, which poured right out from thee.

Monstrosity of stone, made and perched to stand alone,

With angel wings and snarly face, and secrets left untold.

The wisdom in your eyes that died the more they stood to light,

could stand the test of time despite the stripping of your might.

The darkness was your haven, Your tears they turned to dust,

And nothing so compelling ever earned the name of lust.

What measure of unkindness makes your spirit now unknown?

Gives life, but binds your memories, no longer Set in Stone.

The whisper of your spirit, It still lingers on the night,

My love will hold you anywhere, In Darkness or in Light...

- by: Psyche001

A/N: I hope you liked it. Please leave comments. Much love, Psyche.