Wild Child

Same characters, same title different story line.

Chapter 1

"Nice" says a lad looking at the girl in front of him who is in a bikini and has just got out of the pool.

"I thought this was an all girl's boarding school" questions Poppy

"It is I'm Freddie Kingsley the headmistress son and you are?" asks Freddie

"Moore Poppy Moore" answers Poppy

"Well watch were you going" says Freddie

Later in the girls room.

"What's the deal on Freddie Kingsley?" asks Poppy

"Freddie is the headmistress son he goes to school in the next town and has his own car to get there every morning one rule he's not allowed to fraternizing with us girls or he'll be moved out and live at his school" explains Kate

Later walking to dinner.

"Hello Moore Poppy Moore" says Freddie and walks off.

"Hi HEY" shouts Poppy

"You are so spilling later" shrieks Kate

"Nothing to spill I got out the pool and bumped into him and introduced myself as Moore Poppy Moore end of" says Poppy

"You still want to leave here Poppy?" asks Drippy

"I don't know I might stick around" smiles Poppy

"Is that because of Freddie?" asks Kiki

"Maybe but I also found friends" smiles Poppy looking at the group of girls

"You had friends in L.A." says Kate

"I know but now I have friends in England" says Poppy

"Malibu moment" shrieks Kate

"WHO ARE WE" shouts all the girls into a camera Kate holds

"Come on we have to get to dinner or Mrs Kingsley will throw us all in detention" says Drippy

They go to dinner.

Poppy's POV

We got into the dinner hall and Freddie was there he winked at me and Harriet started jibbing in his ear like a monkey a stupid clingy monkey.

"What's the deal with Harriet and Freddie?" I ask

"Nothing one love sick Harriet and Freddie doesn't bat an eyelid" answers Josie

Nobody's POV

That night

Poppy's walking on school grounds with her mobile trying to get though to Ruby.

"You know you'll get caught" says a voice

"Who's there's?" asks Poppy

"Relax it's just me Moore Poppy Moore" says Freddie

"Stop calling me that" says Poppy

"You not wanting me to call you that gives me all the more reason to call you that" says Freddie

Poppy shivers and Freddie takes off his blue zip jacket and places it round her shoulders.

"Thank you" says Poppy

"Now as an english gentleman I will walk you back to your room" says Freddie

"Then you'll get caught" says Poppy

"Then we'll be caught together" says Freddie

Poppy gets back to her room undetected.

In her room.

"Did you get though to Ruby?" asks Kate

"No" answers Poppy taking off Freddie's jacket and gets ready for bed and putting it back on and getting into bed jacket also undetected.

The lights are turned off.

In the morning Poppy gets up earlier than usual to give Freddie his jacket back runs to the front of school to see him getting into his car.

"Freddie" says Poppy

"Yes Moore" says Freddie

"Your jacket" says Poppy holding out the jacket.

"Thank you Poppy" says Freddie taking the jacket from her.

"Goodbye" says Freddie and drives off.

Poppy goes back to her room and gets ready. All the other girls wake up.

"Early riser?" asks Drippy

"Yeah" says Poppy

"Or was someone returning a loaned jacket to a certain someone before they went or should I say drove to school?" asks Kate

"Early riser" lies Poppy

"What are you on about Kate?" asks Josie

"Freddie Kingsley I heard the door close and look out the window and saw Poppy giving Freddie a jacket which is his" says Kate

"Poppy explain" says Kiki

"Okay when I was trying to get though to Ruby last night. Freddie was walking about, scared the living day lights out of me and put his jacket around my shoulders when I shivered and walked me back to this room" explains Poppy

"Who knew Freddie Kingsley could be such a gent" says Josie

"Girls it's the dance on Saturday" says Kate

"Town shopping in the morning, getting ready in evening going the dance" says Kiki

"And we going to find an outfit for you that will blow Freddie Kinsley out of his socks" says Kate slinging an arm around Poppy

"What's the deal with the dance?" asks Poppy

"Every year at Christmas" says Kate

"Yeah we break up for Christmas in 2 weeks" says Drippy

"So why not have the party then?" asks Poppy

"We have the dance and then watch some films in the last couple of weeks and get days off to do some Christmas shopping" explains Kiki

"Cool" says Poppy

In town on Saturday.

They find killer outfits (the ones from the social scene in the film)

But Poppy goes Christmas shopping on her own for the girls. When she gets to the bus stop the bus is half way up the road.

"Crap" mutters Poppy

"Need a ride Moore Poppy Moore?" asks Freddie

"Yeah thanks" says Poppy

"Did you drive in America?" asks Freddie

"Yeah" answers Poppy

"Let's see if you can drive English" says Freddie moving over to the passenger seat.

Poppy gets in the car and they drive off. Halfway back.

"You need to change gear" says Freddie

"That's the car's job" says Poppy

Freddie laughs and changes gear putting his arm on the back of Poppy's seat.

She shivers and Freddie takes his jacket off and puts it round her shoulders and then puts his arm back on the Poppy's seat.

"Why, when I see you do you never have a jacket?" asks Freddie

"I don't own any really warm ones" answers Poppy

"Keep that" says Freddie

"Thanks" says Poppy

In the dorm.

"You borrowed Freddie's jumper again I see" says Kate

"Actually he gave it to me" smiles Poppy


Is all you hear from that dorm room.

"So are you two like a thing now?" asks Josie

"No" answers Poppy

"But do you want to be? Do you like him? Are you falling for him?" asks Drippy

"Don't know, yes, think so" answers Poppy

There's a knock on the door.

"Come in" choruses the girls

The door opens to reveal Freddie.

"By the way I like your hair trouble much better than blonde" says Freddie and walks off.

Kiki who is nearest the door gets up and closes it.

"That means he doesn't like Harriet but does that mean browns are his type?" asks Poppy

"Don't know" says Kate

Poppy runs out the dorm and after Freddie.

"Does that mean brown's are you type?" asks Poppy

"That's for me to know and you to find out trouble" replies Freddie

"Hey what's with the new nickname I was getting used to Moore Poppy Moore" says Poppy

"Too long besides I found out how much trouble you've been since you got here trying to leave" says Freddie

Kate and girls come running over and don't notice Freddie.

"OMG we've got it your ticket out of here Freddie you have to snog Freddie Mrs Kingsley will flip" says Kate

"That's a good idea she just has to get me to want to kiss her" says Freddie

"Oh hi Freddie" says Kate

The girls run off.

"So I'm your ticket out of here am I?" asks Freddie

"I didn't come with it besides I kinda like it here. I've got friends" says Poppy

"I thought you have friends in L.A" says Freddie

"Yeah but I don't think Ruby is actually my friend because she wants to be. I think she's my friend to borrow my clothes and shoes" says Poppy

"Now that's not a true friend" says Freddie

"I guess your right" says Poppy

"HEY is that what you're doing with me borrowing my jacket?" asks Freddie

"I've only borrowed you jacket once and the you said I could have it and I didn't think we we're friends" says Poppy "Are we?" she asks

"Yeah" says Freddie

"You coming to the dance?" asks Poppy

"My school's been invited" says Freddie

"Is that a yes or a no?" asks Poppy

"It's a yes" answers Freddie

"So I'll see you there bye" says Poppy and runs off to her dorm.

In the dorm.

"We were about to come get you, you need to get ready. So you can get Freddie" says Josie

The dance will be in the next chapter.

So will Poppy telling Josie, Kiki, Kate and Drippy she wants to stay.

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