Wild Child

Same characters, same title different story line.

Chapter 7

"But I can't leave I don't want to I wanna stay here" says Freddie

"Freddie you know the rules no fraternizing with the girls" says his mum

"Why is it so bad?" asks Freddie

"There hear to learn and they don't need to be dating the head mistress so and being unfocused I should of see this happing and got you to live at your school last term before Poppy came" says his mum

"You couldn't of seen this happing you couldn't of seen me falling in love" says Freddie

"Freddie you going and that's that" says his mum

"I'll still love her you can't take that away from me do you even remember what love? Do you even remember dad?" asks Freddie

"Yes and even though he's dead I still love your father" says his mum

"And if your family or his had tried to split you up what would you of done?" asks Freddie

"Fought back exactly like you are" replies his mum

"So why are you trying to take away my happiness" asks Freddie

"Ok you can stay how many know about you?" asks his mum

"Just Kate, Drippy, Josie, Kiki" says Freddie

"And it's stays like that and no PDA in school or around the school grounds no sleeping in each other's rooms this is to be kept quiet" says his mum

"Yes mum I understand" says Freddie

"Good off you go" says his mum

Freddie leaves his mum's study and goes and finds Poppy.

"What did your mum want she saw us being us" says Freddie

"Do you have to leave?" asks Poppy

"No" says Freddie and tells her the conversation that took place in his mum's study.

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