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Scream out my name. "Alex?" The voice was far away. "Alex, it's Calliegh."

Use it. Use it well and don't forget that I... "I own you."

The words crashed out of Alex's mouth as the bright light hit his eyes. Where they had come from, he still wasn't sure ten minutes later, though as he stared into the light, as focus came back to him and he stared at the figure beside his bed, he was startled to find that he felt his body responding in ways he didn't want it to.

Awkwardly, uncomfortably, he shifted sideways and tried to sit up.

"No..." She had a voice that was light, but smooth like hot chocolate. Alex was hungry. He only used food similes when, like any other teenage boy, he was starving. "Stay where you are." Her warm hands ran over his chest and knotted into his hair as she tilted his head slightly and he felt water slipping past his lips. As she released him, her fingers tugged slightly and the sensations that crept across Alex's skin sent his senses into overdrive. His lips were dry, some part of him moved to touch them but her hand got there first, a cloth draped over her thumb as she pressed it against the dry, broken skin. He felt his lips curving into a smile and she returned the gesture, her fingers wrapping around his own only a moment later.

"Who..." Then everything hit him.

Nineteen years old. Second year at university. Calliegh Harris.

"Alex?" She ran her fingers across his forehead and he groaned a little bit. "Are you feeling better?"

"I..." He let out a sigh and sat up slowly, quickly, uncomfortably. "I feel sick." Within seconds, he had leaned over the side of the bed and dry-heaved, nothing coming up because there was nothing in his stomach.

"You collapsed." She whispered as she sat down on the bed beside him, he looked into her face and he caught the sadness in her eyes as she ran her fingers down his chest, settling on the scar just above his heart... above the various welts and scars that cris-crossed his skin. "I'd just got your shirt off, and you collapsed." She sounded slightly upset about it.

He leaned his head forward slightly, his lips parted as he took deeper breaths and his heart rate slowed slightly. Calliegh's fingers slid slowly down his arm and Alex convulsed under her touch. His lips moved silently, murmuring the words he had woken up to, whispering her name as he tagged it on the end of his breaths.

"Calliegh..." A slow, lurching movement and he pressed his lips to hers. She didn't fight. She belonged to him either way. His lips were possessive, strong and certain, even though he didn't know where the strength was coming from. She let herself fall back onto the duvet as Alex fought off the waves of sickness that were slowly trying to pull him under, but within a couple of minutes he was shaking again, his body solid but his head woozy and out-of-control.

She wondered what had gone on in his past as she tucked him back into his bed, laid something cool across his forehead and held his hand as, once again, his chest pounding as he groaned in his sleep and repeated that he owned her. She wondered what had gone on in his past as he slid his hand down her side and kissed her hard, pulling her body against his when they should have been studying, but made time for each other.

She wondered what had happened in his past when his eyes glazed over as he watched the ten o'clock news and then refused to comment on it... but it was the times he wouldn't say her name, the times he wouldn't give her his hand or the times when he wouldn't let her go... as though he was afraid she would up and leave him if he did. It was those times that made her fall a little more for him, even though she was afraid of what she would find.


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