Hey, everyone! This is going to be a collection of drabbles about the relationship between Rose and The Doctor (both 9 and 10), from both of their persepectives as well as many of the characters that they encountered throughout both series. I should be able to update this a lot faster than Searching Souls since I have been writing this in Math class for a while now, and drabbles tend to be easier for me to write.
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Disclaimer: I don't own the awesomeness that is Doctor Who. That belongs to the BBC.


Rose always wondered about the Doctor's feelings for her. He would go from flirting with her one second to distancing himself from her the next.

He never seemed to know what he was feeling, and that simple thought scared her to a point that she never thought was possible.

She was tortured by the fact that she know how he felt. Even if she learned that he thought of her as nothing more than the insolent child he was looking after, it would be better than staying in the dark.

Anything would be better than the current torture.