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Glimpse Thirteen: Blinded

All he can feel is pain.

Complete, all-encompassing pain.

He wonders if, maybe, he's regenerating, for that's the only possible cause for such pain, but he is experiencing none of the other sensations that accompany regeneration.

It feels as though someone has reached into his chest and ripped out his hearts leaving him to bleed out.

It feels like a part of him is missing. Some vital part, without which he cannot function and is not complete.

As he stares at the white wall that he has remained pressed up against for more than four hours, the Doctor begins to realize what is causing his immense pain.

He may not have been physically stabbed, nor had his hearts literally ripped out, but he did lose Rose, and she held his hearts. When she was taken to that parallel universe, she took them with her, even if she didn't know it herself.

Sure, he had loved before, and all those relationships had ended, but this was different. Before, he had always made a conscious decision to leave when it was time, the relationship had run its course. With Rose, however, there was so much more they could have done. So many more places they could have visited, and so many more chances for him to tell her how much she meant to him.

But the universe had decided to tear them apart, and there was no way for him to un-seal the breach to get her back without causing two universes to collapse.

The only thing he could possibly do now is say goodbye, if not for himself, then for her. She needed to know how much better she had made him.