Disclaimer: I don't own Sweeney Todd!

This poem is dedicated to NelliethePieAngel! The evil that is cancer has claimed its next victim, and it was in her family. Her aunt passed yesterday morning. I hope you like the poem… I know that a depressing poem is probably the last thing you need… but it was all I could think of… sorry…

Ripped away from me

And now I'm torn to pieces

Every time I think about it

A new river of tears releases

I'll never see you again

That's what they all say

But I have this feeling inside

That I'll see you again someday

Are you thinking about me?

Do you miss me just as much?

I could and may cry myself to sleep

And my sobs may never hush

How quickly you were taken

How long you will be gone

I couldn't even say goodbye

This all just feels so wrong

You were so wonderful

You didn't deserve to go

To this thing so dark and vile

When you were pure as snow

A/N: Just so you know how this relates to Sweeney Todd: this is about how Mrs. Lovett felt when Benjamin was taken to Austrailia.