It's hiding in the dark

Its teeth are razor-sharp

There's no escape for me,

It wants my soul, it wants my heart.

Monster, Skillet

Chapter 18: TL vs. Sasuke

"C'mon! Be more flexible!" TL called as he leaned over to evade another gentle fist and struck Hanabi in the gut with his boot.

"I'm trying as best as I can!" Hanabi snapped as she recovered from the blow and delivered a jab to TL's chest. The hedgehog took the blow and grabbed Hanabi's fist before pulling her in and delivering an open-palmed punch to her face.

"OUTSIDE the box." TL said.

Hanabi evaded the punch and grabbed TL's hand. TL looked at the strange situation…and let his guard down for a few seconds. Hanabi brought her foot into TL's gut, sending him backwards. The hedgehog then hit the wall, but jumped out and thrust out his aura arm, intending to deliver a series of punches. Hanabi evaded the energy extension and waited for TL to get in close. She thrust out her gentle fist, but TL blocked with another open-palm punch, THIS one surging with electricity.

Hanabi diverted the blow and this time aimed at TL's chest. It hit the hedgehog, full on, and sent him flying upwards. TL then fell, but brought his boot into Hanabi's head. His calf mainly delivered the most force as TL was used to downward kicks with his boots and making sure a friendly spar didn't turn into a blood bath because of his spurs.

Hanabi then brought her forearm to TL's neck as the hedgehog readied a punch to her face.

"Draw?" TL suggested.

"Draw." Hanabi agreed.

TL sighed in exhaustion as he got out of the shower and quickly toweled himself off. He put on his new poncho and cowboy hat and walked into the locker-room, where Sasuke was waiting.

"What, Uchiha?" TL asked.

"Nothing." Sasuke replied.

"Then get lost." TL stated, turning over to his locker.

"Look, Goofcase, I know you don't like me." Sasuke said.

"Really? What gave it away?" TL asked with clear sarcasm.

"But we're staying on the ship. So, could we at least TRY to get along?" Sasuke asked, coolly.

"Yeah, we COULD try." TL answered, "Don't think it'll work though."

"What have I ever done to you?" Sasuke asked, "Something in THIS timeline that's got ya ticked off?"

"None of your business." TL said, stubbornly.

"If we're living in the same ship, we need to work out our differences." Sasuke said, "Which means we have to-"

"I SAID none of your business." TL snapped, looking seriously angry now.

"Oh, are you THREATENING me?" Sasuke asked, "Because I can take you."

TL froze before simply asking, "What?"

"You heard me." Sasuke said.

"Must have some water in my ear, because I'm PRETTY sure you-"

"Yes. I said I can beat you." Sasuke said.

"Well, what brings THAT idea to mind?" TL asked.

"Because I know your weak-point." Sasuke replied.

"Really? What is it, then?" TL asked, daring Sasuke to continue.

"Your TEMPER." Sasuke answered, "You let it get a hold of you and you get weak, vulnerable, and stupid."

"Wow. What an epiphany." TL said, sarcastically, before turning to walk away, "My TEMPER. Bravo, Uchiha. I am in AWE."

"Fine." Sasuke said, "Guess I'll add comedian to coward."

TL wheeled around and glared at Sasuke, "Say that AGAIN."

"I said you're a coward." Sasuke replied, "Is that a major-insult to your country?"

TL knew Sasuke was right. In the army of Fictron, being called a coward was about the worst insult you could throw at someone.

"I know why you're on this 'journey'." Sasuke explained, "It's not for answers. It's so you can just keep on running from your problems."

"Give me a REASON that I should…" TL growled.

"Your Demon." Sasuke replied, "The Demon Fighter. Sylar told me about it. You're afraid of who, or WHAT, you are. You're afraid to deal with your own problems. You're afraid of your own feelings…"

"SHUT UP!" TL barked, jumping at Sasuke and throwing a punch at the Uchiha's face.

Sasuke evaded the blow and grabbed TL's arm before slamming him into the ground. TL pried his hand free as his other hand flew to the handle behind his back and unsheathed the UFO Blade.

"You don't even know how to use that properly." Sasuke scoffed.

TL knew Sasuke was right. He was good in mid and long-ranged weapon and power-use, but when it came to short-range, he was clumsy at best. But NOW, he just wanted to rip the Uchiha apart.

TL roared as he brought the UFO Blade in a slash, Sasuke dodged and kicked TL's hand, causing him to release the blade. TL thrust his fist out and shot a burst of red electricity at Sasuke, who quickly evaded the attacks.

TL saw Sasuke's Eyes—the Sharingan. TL bolted forward and delivered a punch to Sasuke, who grabbed the fist and kicked TL in the gut.

TL felt a burning sensation in his heart. He knew where this was going…his canine teeth began to lengthen into sabers.

"GUYS!" Rattrap screamed as he spoke into the ship's P-A system, "SASUKE AND TL ARE FIGHTIN' IN THE LOCKER-ROOM AND TL'S READY TO BURST!"

Sasuke looked at TL as the hedgehog's tail lengthened by a considerable amount. TL's eyes had already become blood red with cat-like slits for pupils.

TL lunged at Sasuke, who got into a defensive pose. The hedgehog however, had vanished. Sasuke was confused…and didn't notice TL right behind him. The hedgehog delivered a fast punch to Sasuke's back and sent him flying forward.

TL's five-point crest stiffened and turned jet-black. It was now a head-crest of bony spikes. His fingers fused together to form three sharp claws that ripped through his gloves. His boots did the same thing as his fur color began to turn into a bluish-purple color.

"YOU TWO!" shouted Sylar as the rest of the team bolted in.

"HEY!" Xem shouted as he got ready to approach, but Sylar held his arm out to prevent Xem from approaching.

"He's gone Demon Ultima." Sylar said, "He's not TL at the moment—just a monster."

TL wheeled around to the other members of his team and let out an animalistic roar.

"TL…" Hanabi said, fearfully.

TL quickly pounced at the group…but swiftly got slashed by Rukia's katana. He fell to the ground, crimson blood pouring out, but it quickly stopped as his gash healed over.

"His adrenaline's on overload." Sylar said, "So, he heals faster. Looks like I'm up."

"Don't hurt him." Hanabi said.

"If he doesn't hurt me first…" Sylar muttered as TL tackled him and impaled him on his crest of horns, "THAT hurts…"

Sylar thrust his hand into TL's face before letting out a burst of electricity. TL reeled in pain, shaking his pain out of his face. He regained his composure…just in time to see Sylar punch him in the face. The punch itself didn't do much, but Sylar backed it up with telekinesis. TL was sent flying through the air and landed with a thud, but jumped back up and sprung at Sylar before the former serial killer could make any response. TL sank his fangs into Sylar's gut, causing the unfortunate to scream in pain.

"Hey!" Ratchet shouted, pulling out his N-90 and open-firing.

The bolts of plasma struck TL, but were the equivalent to throwing milk-duds at him. He pulled his sabers free from Sylar before hurling him at the Lombax.

"WHOA!" Ratchet shouted before Sylar's full weight hit him, full-on.

TL then wheeled around and saw Sasuke staggering up. The Uchiha beckoned to the monster.

"Come on!" he shouted, "Is that all?"

TL snarled before leaping at Sasuke. At that point, Hulk walked out.

"What Hulk miss?" Hulk asked.

TL backhanded Hulk out of the way and sprung at Sasuke.


A burst of plasma came from Xem's Darkside Blaster and hit the Demonized Hedgehog.

"Hey! You wanna get down and dirty? Get down and dirty HERE!" Xem shouted.

TL turned away from Sasuke and jumped at Xem.

"Hulk…" Hulk growled as he stood up, "SMASH!"

He then delivered a punch to TL's side. TL flew backward, but quickly tied his tail around Xem's leg.

"CRAP!" Xem shouted as he flew back.

"Can't ya do anythin', Grim Reaper?" Rattrap asked Rukia.

"I can't." Rukia stated, "My promise to Hikari prevents me from hurting him."

"Jeez, and she didn't tell ya that TL turns into something that kills ANYTHING when he gets ticked BECAUSE…?" Rattrap growled.

TL regained his composure and jumped at Hulk before throwing Xem at him. Hulk caught Xem and tossed him aside…which happened to be where the garbage can was.

"HEY!" Xem shouted as he pulled himself out.

TL quickly jumped over Hulk and at Sasuke. However, Hanabi soon got in his way and delivered a Gentle Fist to his face.

The Demon Ultima was sent flying back and landed with a crash. He quickly stood up and glowered at Hanabi.

"I WILL fight you." Hanabi said, her Byakugan activated.

TL snarled at Hanabi, but didn't attack him. Sylar flicked his fingers. Immediately, a small slip of paper flew out and attached itself to TL's back. The Demon Ultima roared before beginning to shrink. Its fur returned to white, its mane back to gold, its horns returned to a simple fur formation, and even his clothes returned (SOMEHOW).

TL then flopped onto his side, exhausted.

"Hey, what in the name of my great aunt Arcee was that?" Rattrap demanded.

"A special seal TL gave to me early on." Sylar said, pulling the slip of paper off of TL's back, "Just in case he went Demon Ultima again."

"And you didn't use that earlier BECAUSE…?" Xem asked, irritably.

"He was constantly moving." Sylar said, "He stopped for a moment and I seized the opportunity." Sylar then looked at Hanabi and smiled for a second.

"Will he be okay?" she asked.

"Yeah. He's just sleeping." Sylar replied, "Using his Demon Ultima form drains a LOT of energy out of him."

Xem picked TL up.

"I'm just happy Rattrap's a medic." Xem said.

"What?" Sasuke asked.

"Meh, you'd be surprised what Miss Busty Hokage leaves lyin' around." Rattrap shrugged.