The Enthusiasm Epilogue


The following is the inevitable conclusion to our favorite couple's episode of teasing. This piece is rated a firm "M", so if that is not your cup of tea, do not proceed!

"That mean yes?"

"What do you think?" she returned, flashing a saucy grin at her dashingly handsome bandit husband.

With that, he chuckled rakishly, took her by the hand, and weaved them through the dancers to find their wagon, each of them knowing they wouldn't have need of a certain word on this night of fiercely anticipated uninterrupted passion.

Miranda's heart was beating wildly as Brandon tucked her hand in his at the small of his back, pulling her along behind him through the crowd of gently swaying costumed dancers. The thought of spending a whole night of uninterrupted marital passion in the arms of her husband's dashing 'twin' was totally intoxicating. Sully's lovemaking never failed to stir her, causing her toes to curl and her back to arch in ecstasy. What would be different about Brandon's? And how could it possibly get any better? The thought brought a hot flush to her whole body.

Brandon's mind kept going over the intoxicating conversation he just had with his brother's wife's fetching half-sister. Man! I've had Michaela flirt with me before, but something about those clothes, I guess, really added fuel to the fire. Mmm mmm, what a woman! Sully, ol' boy, you are one lucky stiff!

Finally they reached their wagon. Brandon climbed up first and then leaned down to pull Miranda up beside him.

Jake sauntered over to the couple. "Leavin' the party so soon? Ya just got here."

"Yeah, somethin' more important ta do," Brandon stammered, glancing at Miranda expecting a blush, only to find her eyes gazing back at him with undisguised lust!

"Don't ya wanna stay for the contest?"

"We'll be having a contest of our own," Miranda unashamedly replied as Brandon's breath caught in this throat and he coughed to clear it.

Jake's mouth dropped open and he barely squeezed out, "that so...?" as Brandon snapped the reins and sent their wagon quickly down the street toward the homestead.

"Oh my!" Miranda exclaimed, her hand over her mouth. "Did I really just say Jake of all people? What's gotten into me!"

Brandon cast a sideways glance at her with a rakish grin, wrapping an arm tightly about her and drawing her close. Putting his lips to her ear, he whispered seductively, "Nothin' yet, but I plan ta change that fact in the very near future."

She turned her head to gape at him for his boldness and his mouth instantly covered hers in a consuming kiss, effectively wiping out any other thoughts from her mind. As his tongue danced with hers, the spontaneous thought came to her once again – God I love his kisses! She couldn't WAIT to get home!

Brandon snapped the reins harder, urging the horse to cover the distance to the homestead as quickly as possible, holding Miranda tight against him and occasionally stealing glances down the front of her décolletage in sheer husbandly delight. He couldn't wait to get his hands on those curves! His heart sped up another notch.

Miranda meanwhile was stealing glances at Brandon as well. Although she adored her husband's usual clothing of buckskins and cotton shirts, she silently admitted that Brandon's attire caused her heart to flutter in a somewhat naughty way. With his hair tied back, the hat low on his forehead, and that holster tied on his thigh, he almost resembled drawings she had seen of Jesse James. She was surprised at herself, never having been one to pine after "bad boys" like some women seemed to – ah but then – this is the best of both worlds because she knew him on the inside, which made all the difference.

Finally, the lovers arrived at their destination. Not wanting to spoil the mood, Brandon jumped down and swiftly reached up, swinging Miranda down from the seat and into his arms for a passionate kiss.

"Do me a favor, ok? Stay right here. Don't move," he whispered into her ear, the heat of his breath sending delicious tingles up and down her spine. All she could do was nod, her stomach fluttering like a new bride.

Quick as a flash, he disconnected the horse from the wagon and swiftly put him in his stall. Shutting the barn door behind him, he crossed the yard to her in three strides, sweeping her up in his arms and twirling her around as she delightedly squealed, then beelined it inside, shutting the door behind them with his foot.

"I thought we'd never get home," he murmured, capturing her mouth with his as he allowed her to slide to her feet. "God I want ya so bad!"

Kissing him back with just as much fervor, she moaned, "Oh hurry! I can't wait another minute!"

Without further adieu, they began fumbling with each other's clothing, pieces falling to the floor around them as they devoured each other's mouths, panting and moaning. First his hat, her wig, his gun belt, her sexy dress, his shirt and boots, her high heels and stockings, all hit the floor in rapid succession.

Breaking their kiss for a few seconds, he quickly grabbed a cover lying on a wing back chair and spread it on the floor in front of the still warm fireplace. Taking her hand, he pulled her close and pressed his warm lips to her neck, kissing and nuzzling behind her ear as his arms wrapped around her.

"Mmm, I love the way you smell...I'm glad ya put your own perfume on, instead 'a hers," he whispered, his lips causing shivers of delight to course through her as she put her head back to give him better access.

"You smell good too," she murmured dreamily, "I'm glad you forgot the whiskey and cigarettes this time." He chuckled at that, his hands working on the buttons of her chemise as hers worked at the buttons on his pants. They couldn't undo them fast enough!

"Now at least I know you're glad to see me, because the gun's on the floor," she snickered saucily as he made short work of removing his restraining pants, socks following.

"My my, what a little hussy you are, talkin' like that," he teased, nipping her ear and moving his lips down her chest. She drew in a sharp intake of breath as his hands cupped her breasts, kneading them seductively, his thumbs teasing her nipples. Her knees went weak.

"For your ears only," she teased back, nipping and kissing her way across his broad shoulders. For good measure, she reached up and loosened the tie on his hair, allowing the soft waves to cascade down in which she immediately entwined her fingers.

In seconds, the last remaining piece of clothing fell to the floor and he scooped her up in his arms, laying her softly on the cover and positioning his body on top of her as she spread her legs to receive him.

"Make love to meeee," she breathed into his ear, her hands caressing up and down his back.

"Your wish is my command," he murmured as he reached between them and swiftly guided himself inside her, her deliciously warm moist womanhood receiving all of him.

"Oh Sully," she breathed in ecstasy as he began slow deep thrusts in that masterful way of his, every movement sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. "Why does this feel so good?" she whispered, turning her head to engage his mouth in a deep kiss, his tongue immediately plunging inside, making love to her mouth in echo of their nether regions.

Having been through so much tension lately, Sully's passion escalated almost instantly and he knew he wouldn't be able to maintain his usual control. Ravishing her lips with his, they soon began panting and groaning in each other's mouths as his thrusts became deeper, faster, and more powerful. On and on they went, taking each other higher and higher, murmuring loving, sexual words to each other, each spurring the other to further passion.

Quicker than ever before, Michaela felt the delicious stirring within her core and she held on to him with both hands, drawing her knees up all the way to give him full access and preparing herself to ride the waves of rapturous delight.

"Oh God Michaela here it comes," he groaned, throwing his head back as his climax quickly overtook him. "Mmmm oh... oh... yeah... yeeaaaahhhhhh!" he growled in masculine fervor as he spiraled out of control.

"Yes... yes... yes!!! Sully! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!" Michaela screamed in rapturous ecstasy as she joined him in simultaneous climax, arching her back and meeting his thrusts as her fingers convulsed in reaction to the waves of mind blowing sensations, her toes curling tightly.

Never before had their lovemaking been so wild and passionate – not even the "record breaking" time three weeks before.

Finally, totally out of breath, panting, their sweat mingling together, the lovers collapsed in mutually phenomenal marital bliss. Too exhausted to hold his weight up off of her, Sully held on to her and rolled them slightly to the side, still connected.

After several minutes as their breathing started to slow, Sully swallowed dryly and brought a languidly tired hand up to caress Michaela's hair.

"Ya ok?" he whispered, turning his head slightly to press his lips to her temple.

She smiled in the darkness, loving how wonderfully sweet and concerned her husband always was toward her. "Yes, wonderfully so," she whispered back.

The loving couple lay together in the darkness of their home in blissful sexual satisfaction, each thinking how awesomely lucky they were to have the other. That marriage could be so wonderful, so fantastic. Awed by the magnitude of the powerful love and passion they felt for each other.

Suddenly, Sully softly chuckled.

"What's funny?" Michaela asked, smiling in happiness.

"I was just thinkin' about whatcha tol' Jake. Who are we gonna say won this contest?"

Michaela laughed in delight, her voice like music to Sully's ears.

"I don't know which of us won...I'd say it was a tie...but I know one thing..."

"What's that?"

"You'll never hear me say the word baseball again!"

To that, both lovers dissolved in comfortable companionable giggles.


Hooray for M & S enthusiasm!!!