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Full Summery: Sometimes, its okay to be weak. Physcial weakness wasn't okay but emotional weakness was. But sometimes, we want more than that. We want to be strong. And... is that okay? Because what if someone doesn't want you to be stong? What if, they want you to be as weak as possible?

I hope you like it though. The first chapter is a bit...much I guess but well rounded. Comments or criticism, please. Thank you.

It was rare for it to snow after such a beautiful day. It was only noon and the clouds began to surround each other. The grays and whites mixed with the clear blue in the air and before many knew it, it was already drifting in with snowflakes. Vivaldi watched from the glass window in her room and smiled. Her hand drifted up to touch the cold glass. It wasn't snowing hard, it was just flourishing.

Ten twenty-five is what the clock read in the corner of the room. Vivaldi smiled again as he ran to her closet to get her black and white coat. Though it was unlike Vivaldi to do such a thing, she wanted to greet her sister from coming home to work. Quickly sliding her arms in her coat, she ran out of the front door.

The snow now covered a small amount of the sidewalks and street. Since it wasn't really snowing hard, it would melt whenever someone stepped on it or touch it. Still, it was a beautiful white.

A young girl walked down the sidewalk. She didn't know it would be snowing, but apparently her sister did. Or what she described it as 'being cold'. But in any case, she took her thick brown jacket to work. And sure enough, it had started to snow. But it wasn't cold. A bit windy but not freezing cold. But today was a happy day for her; she was able to get a bit more money to buy her sister something special.

She looked up and saw a figure running towards her. Ahh, speak of the Devil. Vivaldi smiled as she saw blue eyes staring back at her. Her arms, held up in the air, wrapped themselves around her sister's shoulders.

"Hi, Vivian~" Vivaldi giggled.

"Oh Vivaldi!" She said in midst of her hug, "you should be inside, its snowing."

Vivaldi released her sister before brushing some of the snow on her head. Vivian looked up and smiled.

"But I wanted to see you. Is that so bad?"

Vivian shook her head, smiling all the while. The snow continued to fall though. And the clock that towered over the town ticked and ticked. Vivaldi looked up, staring at the golden tower. Vivian noticed the look of concern on her sister's face. As if, there was something wrong.


They both turned around to see a man lazily walk toward them. He held a clear bottle that obviously had alcohol in it for it had the title 'Leisure Rewards', an alcohol-making company famous for its rare alcohol. He seemed very rich for he had a suit that was half-way decent. The red tie was out of place and his jacket was halfway on him. He stopped midway from the two, having difficulty even standing.

"W-What ish youooo doinay heree?" He slurred his words.

The man seemed to be pointing between the two, into the space behind them. The snow continued to drift downward. Vivaldi looked at her sister, her brows narrowing down in confusion.

"Do you know him, Vivian?"

"No, I have no idea who this---"

"I'll teashhh you to messzz wiff mehh!" He pulled out a black gun.

The snow continued to fall downward on the sidewalk.

He pointed the gun towards Vivaldi as she started in pure shock and horror. Vivian stared at the gun then back at her sister. She knew all too well that Vivaldi never went outside, so she couldn't have know this person. Plus the fact that he was a drunkard who has obviously escaped the bar that he was held in.

"Dieshh, you stupissh bitchhh!"

He pulled the trigger.

The snow continued to fall downward on the blood on the sidewalk.

Vivaldi stared at the blood on her hands. It was red, pure red, just like before. She shut her eyes abruptly and squeezed her hands. It wasn't even her blood. She stared at the body that was near her feet. She dropped to her knees and held her sister close to her.

"Hey… why did you…" Vivaldi looked down, her eyes telling her to cry.

But in the end, she couldn't at all.

"Because, it's my job to protect you," Vivian simply replied, smiling.

Vivaldi stared in pure shock and terror. She grasped her sister's hand softly before she realize that she was silently crying. It wasn't her eyes that were crying, rather her heart screaming in pain. Her blue eyes betrayed her as she stared down at Vivian's face. She saw her smile lightly, the light fading.

"You didn't have to--"

"Exactly, I didn't have to, now did I?" Vivian argued before she could talk.

And she was right, she didn't have to. But in the end, she did. Vivaldi held her sister close and softly rocked her. Vivian has always acted like the older sibling and so it made Vivaldi nervous if she was doing a poor job as now the 'older' sibling. She looked up and saw the snow fall. It was weird to her. Even right now, she didn't feel cold. She felt the warmth in her sister's body slowly leave as the blood trailed down, staining her maid outfit.

"Do you remember the time where I pushed you in the snow?" Vivian asked

"Haha, of course. Because after that, I pushed you into the snow," Vivaldi laughed. "Its funny too, since you're the one who got si…"

She trailed off as she saw Vivian slowly close her eyes, the light smile slowly fading. The leveled grip on her hand slowly weakened before it dropped to her side. Vivaldi stared, the tears stopped but it was stained on her face. Just like that, Vivian was gone.

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