Delia: Petite, blond, and absolutely beautiful, nobody suspects her to win the spy school scholarship. Coming from seven older brothers, she is a tough one, with attitude. Sabotage wasn't an option before, but that can change.

Patrick: Big, strong, and controlling, he has one of the best chances, or so he thought. Only child, but of course. Never thought of anything else, but winning. But maybe some other interactions will get in the way of that.

Macy: Tall, loveable, and manipulative, she will definitely make friends easily. The hard part is not betraying them on her climb to her dream. Daughter of parents she has never met, Macy's climb to greatness means more then ever to her, and maybe to one of her competitors.

Everett: Son of two greats, making friends is easy.. when you buy them. But here, in this world of competition, he's seeking something not even money can buy, winning. From a family of Super-star parents, Everett might've slipped under their radar, one too many times.

Ronnie Bard: Headmistress of this school for secret agents…… or spy's. Once a spy, always a spy. But searching for the perfect spy to win it all, she might find herself in over her head, in more than just spy's.

Author's note! Spy School is my latest series! This is just the characters list, but the preface is coming soon! Hope you enjoy! All reviews acceptable and wanted!