Chapter Four: Everett Davis

"Everett!" Susie called. I ignored her and put my ipod headphones on. I got a new itouch yesterday. My dad forgot about taking me to go practice hockey, and he figured he owed me. Too bad, this is my fifth itouch, this year. And believe me, I haven't broken any of them, I just keep receiving them, from the same person.

My mom isn't like that though. She gets me game systems. So far I have three Xbox 360s, Two PS3s, and five PSPs. I know. Whatever, I'm used to it by now, trust me. I just put on a fake smile and pretend to go set it up, which is when I practice either karate or hockey. They don't know the difference, because the others are all in my room. I just sell the ones that I get doubles of for the gaming systems after the second one. They went good on eBay, along with all of the Alana (my mom's stage name) merchandise. It made up for my lack of allowance. (That's a surprise right?), and Susie's poor payment.

But I keep most of the ipods, one for normal, one for karate, one for hockey, etcetera. I fill them all up too, like they are all 32 gigs, but I still manage to fill them up, with movies to pump me up, or certain songs and apps. It works out okay, but if it's the thought that counts, I'm screwed.

"EVERETT!" Susie called again. I could hear her over my warm up music. I ignored her again. Walking into the workout corner of my room, I started hitting my punching bag. You'd figure that after three hours of working out a day, my muscles would start to show. M parents offered to hire me a personal trainer, but I refused to be embarrassed by on more person. I don't go to regular school, because of my parents being: England's most famous pop star, and England's top CEO. I have a tutor, Susie, who is also my housekeeper, and sort of like my nanny. Since I'm under age, I cant do a lot of things without a guardian, even being me. That's what Susie is for. She is like an assistant.

But I ignore her a lot. I workout and listen to my ipod, or play video games. I just like being by myself, the party's and other shit that I have to go to get old, and fast.

Imagine having to go to parties, where everyone gets drunk or wasted, the paparazzi doesn't even know you and they try to get all close to you, and then you wind up being hugged and or kissed by a random drunk pop star who is twenty years older than you. It may seem kinda fun, but if it was the same way for the entire fourteen years of your life, you'd think differently.

I heard stomping up the stairs. Oh geeze. Here comes Susie! I made sure to punch the bag extra hard, to make it seem like I couldn't hear her. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I stopped punching, and pulled the buds out of me ears. I pause my Rocky soundtrack that I had playing. I looked up and expected Susie to be staring directly into my eyes. But I had to look up to see the person who stopped me. She was dressed in all black, and had dark hair in a ponytail. Tall, about five eleven. "Everett." She said. "I believe that your tutor called you numerous times. Come downstairs." I stared up at her in shock, not having a clue on what to say. She walked away slowly, and I could hear her stilettos on the stairs.

I waited a few seconds after I couldn't hear her footsteps, and walked down the stairs. Susie was sitting on the couch, next to my parents. My mouth gaped open in shock. What the hell were they doing home? The woman was sitting in my mother's favorite chair. A gift from the Queen of England. I closed my mouth, and stood there. I had no clue on what to say.

"Well" The woman said. "I have an offer for you Everett." I nodded. "I want you to come to my school."

"What is 'Your School'?" I asked.

She smiled. "A spy academy." She stared me down. Her arms were folded over her black top, and she held her head high.

I answered quickly. "When does it start?" I looked over at my mom, who looked down when I asked. I chuckled to myself. Nice time to start caring.

"That is classified information." She said to me. I stared at her and noticed bags under her eyes. A lot of travel, I thought. "You will get all of the information if you get accepted."

My mouth dropped. She handed me an application. "Fill it out and send it to the address. "Maybe you'll get in. She turned to me. "Classified information, so if u tell anyone, you will be doing time for me, and remember, secret agents know how to torture" She said, pointing to her badge. I gulped, and she left.

My mom burst out in tears. "Oh you'll get back to your photo shoot." I told her.

She snapped her head up. "You're leaving me?! Your own MOTHER!" She screamed. Susie jumped and started cleaning off the coffee table, covered with expensive china cups.

"Ma, you don't care if I leave or not, you don't care if I go drive a car off a cliff. As long as you have you're fans." I said to her. She just made me snap.

"Yes I do!" She argued.

"Funny, cause I stopped feeling that way after the fifth PSP." I shrugged when I said this.

She ducked her head down. "But you're the only fan that I care about, my number one fan" She tried to smile when she said this.

"When I was three." I countered. "Plus, I don't like pop stars who lip sync." I knew this one would destroy her, and it did. She broke out in tears again, and my father stood up.

"Everett. If you don't apologize to your mother right this instant, I'm sending you to your grandmothers." My father practically shouted.

"Don't worry dad, I wont have to go to grandma's, I'm going to spy school." I marched up my stairs into my room and blaster my stereo system. I started punching the punching bag again and didn't stop. Susie brought up my dinner and ate with me. I told her that I would send her money so that she wouldn't need to get a job. I had enough Alana merchandise to feed a world country. She sighed.

"Want me to help you with your application?" She asked.

"No thanks, I want this to be all me. If I get in I want it to be because of me." I told her. She nodded and left my room with our plates. I filled out the entire application. It took me over three hours, because I checked it over about a hundred times. I wanted to get out of my life and into a new one, and this was the perfect opportunity.