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Chapter 2

I grabbed my tryptophan pills from my pocket and downed some with shaking hands. I have a serotonin imbalance like all X5's, because our "creators" crossed a few freaking wires in our brains, without my pills -- tryptophan I have seizures. Hell, even with the meds, I still have seizures sometimes. I sank down to the ground shaking. This seizure wasn't that big, it lasted only a few moments. Jack had said that they would come rescue us soon but if they did come... Lydecker...

The seizure slowed to a stop and I looked at the bottle. It was empty. I knew in the morning I would have to search through luggage and bodies until I find the other two bottles of tryptophan I had stashed in my bag. I stumbled back to camp and sat beside Jack.

"There's something I didn't ask you before." he asked quietly, so those around us would not hear.

"What's that?"

"How, the Hell, did you manage to fling that hunk of metal twenty feet into the distance?"

"I had a rush of adrenaline. It happens all the time in situations like ours."

"You're pretty defensive. I didn't mean anything by it," he held up his hands in defence.

"Tomorrow we'll need to clean up... the bodies... and collect things we need to survive." I said quietly.

"Do you think we'll be here that long?" he asked.

I stared into the flickering red flames, "I don't know... but if we are... Well we're going to have to survive." I explained. I'm going to have to survive. I tended to the fire as the others slept. In the morning we began to clean and bring together the bodies in the fuselage. I found bag after bag and brought them together in a pile.

A man, named Sayid, set to work on a radio and Jack asked me to help him look for medicine. We found Sawyer instead, fishing through the dead and stealing their things. I growled under my breath and he looked up with an easy smile that made me feel sick to my stomach. I saw he had set up a kind of camp, where he was hording things.

"This isn't your stuff, you know." I said.

"Is now." he smiled up at me again.

I left and continued to help the others. Over the next few days there were run-ins with polar bears and receivers and a message that had been playing for 16 years. It was all very confusing and I helped as best I could. But I was a transgenic. I was made to fight. The man I had helped save from the crushing metal of the plane was suffering despite Jack's best efforts. He was going to die and it was going to be slow and painful. I lifted his gun off of Sawyer, who was surprisingly easy to steal from. Especially, considering that all he had done so far was steal. I walked into the tent. Jack was asleep, but I shook the man's shoulder and he stirred awake. His eyes were bloodshot and I could see how tired he was of fighting.

"You know you're going to die." I whispered.

He nodded painfully; I could tell there was much effort behind that simple movement.

"Then it's your decision," I placed the gun in his hand. "Know. I don't support this kind of thing normally but... well we aren't in a normal situation are we."

He smiled weakly at me and I sat down beside Jack.

"The girl... Kate. She's dangerous..." he coughed, there was blood.

I frowned and woke Jack.

"Where'd you get the gun?" he asked, not noticing I was even there. The man looked at me and Jack jumped, finally noticing I was there.

He was breathing heavily, "Where did you get that?"

"It's his."

He looked surprised.

I shook my head and got up, "I'll leave you to it."

An hour later Jack came out and an hour after that I heard the gun go off. I knew that any normal human would feel guilty for providing that gun, but I did what no one else could and that was what needed to be done.

I walked down and sat on the beach watching the waves. The water was so blue, so beautiful. I had never seen water like this before. A bald man sat down beside me.

He was silent for a few minutes then he said, "My name's John. It's a nice view."

I nodded, without looking at him.

"Do you always act so calm when there's a tragedy?" he asked.

"It's the way I was raised." I mumbled.

"And I was raised to make boxes." he laughed. I didn't really get the joke.

That night I woke to a dog barking. I don't like dogs. I don't know why, it must be my cat DNA.


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