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What state is the Earth in to be able to call itself "unveiled in joy"? Life cannot fix our problems. Life cannot give us our most desired wishes. Because that's what life is—our problems and wishes. All caused by our own simple mentality, making choices between right and wrong.

But the broken pieces of the world still never seem to mend doesn't it? Every rough edge of life goes through the same tragical changes to get that way. From another planet, we people seem unscathed, shrouded in trinity and tranquility as we make new lives and exterminate old ones.

In this world, there are winners and loser, popular and unpopular, intellegents and dumbasses. But what element of life causes a fixation in your status? The judgment of others.

What you think of others, and what others think of you is a very important concept. Don't listen to what adults tell you. It's just bullcrap to give you some self-confidence. It's more important than money, success, or even life. But nothing beats love, as we all know. And nothing can change your status no matter how unscathed or peaceful you are.

I'm that girl in my final year of Seiyo Second Division who everybody adored as soon as they laid eyes on my qualities from 7th grade.

I'm that girl who particularly won the talent show because of those qualities, as everyone believes.

I'll be that girl who so easily won the talent show, but so brutally lost that coveted position I've always wanted to Utau Hoshina, and she didn't even go to this school.

I'm Rima Mashiro, 8th grade beauty supreme. Nice to meet you.

"Rima-chan…don't you think you should be carrying your own books for class?" grunted that despicable boy tailing me. I wonder why I even asked him to hold my books for me. Anyways, he said yes. No backing down.


He's that purple headed, long-haired, basketball jock who's only one level more popular than me that everyone likes better because, I don't know, he's nice, or he's smart, and all that other crap.

Congratulations. You've met Nagihiko Fujisaki, or as I like to call him, Fageeko Fujisucki. Moving on…

Today was the first day of my 2nd year in this 2nd division of the Seiyo Education chain. I wonder why they even bothered to make a 2nd division, when it's only going to be used for two grades.

But then again, if I know Tsukasa, that freak's probably only doing this to meet new little kids as the Guardians. That blasted pedophile.

Today is the start of a new term, and with each day passing by, that special occasion in spring nearing.

Yaya's fake prom.

Starting last year, Yaya decided to make a private prom in her home for the kids who couldn't wait until the official prom. I have no idea what her inspiration was. Probably some Disney show.

But I didn't know I would get so into it. Running for Prom Queen… It was a thrill, really. Everyone looked at me with dazzled eyes for weeks. I felt so confident that I was gonna win.

I mean come one, me verses that freak Saaya Yaambuki. I had it in the bag.

But it wasn't until I walked on the stage of Nagihiko's performance room, which he "oh-so-kindly" let us use, was where the trouble began. Kukai had been the one to hand me over my winning tiara, but then…

Utau Hoshina busted a hole through the wall, stole my mic, and started singing. Everyone in the crowd paused and then started chanting Utau's name. But she stopped singing all of a sudden, much to most people's dismay.

"Everyone, I know Rima is pretty and all, but I'd make a better Prom Queen!"

The clapping came back. I remember the applause she'd gotten, shadowing mine. The crowd went wild for Utau Hoshina, Japan's number one pop singer three years straight…

And I was just a plain girl compared to Utau, plain and simple in all ways, broken by embarrassment, paralyzed in the state of shock. After a minute of the applause, Kukai declared Utau prom queen, and whispered me congratulations, shattering all confidence I had. I even heard him say, "That's my pop princess." I knew he didn't mean "Congrats" to me at all. I mean, of all proms Utau could've crashed, she ruined ours. Or maybe just mine.

Backstage, I would cry, Amu telling me not to let my mascara run. Yeah, you heard right. I let Amu put mascara on me. I didn't care. I didn't win. I set my hopes up so high, only to watch them fall back down to shatter.

But there had only been one person who comforted me, and sat with me throughout the whole night. Only that one person who stood up for me when I was crying.

"Rima-chan, if it was my prom, you know you would've won…"

And as much as I hated to say it, Nagihiko's support was the best thing that had happened that night. He held me in his arms, and stroked my cheeks, wiping away the tears until they were completely dry, and I would be dreaming. He would tell me he voted for me, and secretly campaigned for me… But I was just happy that he built me back up after being knocked down.

But I'm starting to think this was a private thing. Nagihiko was never flamboyant about being kind and compassionate to me.

"Rima! It's time for class!"

"Right, Amu!"

The cafeteria was still as full as ever, welcoming some new faces, and one particular old one.

"RIMA-CHII!!!!!" an orange haired girl cried, tackle glompaging me. "OI RIMA-CHI WE'RE IN THE SAME SCHOOL AGAIN!!! YAYA IS SO ECSTATIC!!!"

I shook Yaya off me, guiding her over to the unoccupied Kukai. She ran in top speed, as if her clothes were on fire, and soon enough, she was out of my mind.

"Rima, we have all the same classes, huh?" Amu asked me suddenly.

"Oh yeah, looks like it." Amu looked at me. She's getting really good at figuring out my emotions. With every word I said, she would sense whether I'm sad, happy, angry, etc.

"Rima, I voted for you." Oh no. She's still on this. She leaned in to whisper in my ear, "Nagi-kun voted for you, too Rima."

As if that makes me feel better.

Oh wait. It actually does. Weird...

Lately, Amu's been avoiding Tadase and Ikuto. Whenever she sees them, or even hears the mention of their names, she walks away. Just watch.

"Amu, where's Tada--,"


I snickered to myself. And speaking of Snickers…

Here approaches Mr. Basketball.

Eating a candy bar. Snickers. He knows it's my favorite one, and now he's tormenting me by eating them right in front of my face.

"Athletes aren't supposed to eat candy, Fagihiko."

Suddenly, Yaya rushed back over to us, causing some sort of dust cloud to follow.


But that Nagifreako wouldn't go down without a fight, as shown with his next actions. He threw the Snickers bar to Kukai, who was standing behind Yaya.

"If you want it so bad, why don't you come and get it?" Nagihiko tested. Like I said, that bastard is really asking for a fight. When it comes to candy, Yaya can get really…um…voilent.

"Secondary school is doing horrors to you, Nagi."

And for the third time, Nagi just loves trouble. He threw it to Kukai, who threw it back to Nagi with fierce power. Monkey in the middle, yes. But dodging the item wasn't part of the rules. Yaya ducked, so did Nagi. And since I am just the luckiest person in the world, standing behind Nagi, that candy bar knocked me down. Which means I get to go to the nurse's office.

"I can't believe she got knocked out by a candy bar."

Remind me to punch that person in the face after I'm done.

"Rima-chan, I'll escort you."

"No, it's okay. It's just chocolate." I opened the wrapper which was folded down. Triumphantly, I sunk my teeth into the chocolate goodness. Yum, caramel… "See? Candy bars are nothing to be scared of. I'm totally not afraid of candy."

"Uh Rima…I was eating that… And now you ate it…"

"So? We Asians do that all the time." (OMG, NO WE DON'T!!!)

"Yeah, but we're officially teenagers now, so I could've given you and STD. You just indirectly tongue bathed me."

Ew. EW!!!!


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