It was winter in Konoha, the streets and buildings were decorated as the holidays had come around once again. The air was nippy, and the days were growing shorter and shorter.

Naruto strode through the streets and pulled his coat tight to fight off the chill. He had long given up on his crush for Sakura he stepped out of the way to allow her to be with Sasuke. Just because he willingly got out of the way didn't mean it was any easier. The hardest part of letting someone go is seeing them happy with someone else.

But there had to be somebody for him out there somewhere. There were choices for him, especially since it would turn out that he would end up looking almost identical to his father. That combined with his reputation as a gentleman, and his status as the next in line to be Hokage made him a catch. That is all according to Kunoichi Monthly.

But Naruto wasn't the kind to be with a girl based on such shallow principles. He wanted her to love him for him.

He shivered some as he pulled his coat tighter, the fur coat looked good but it didn't help that it didn't warm well. He decided it was time to get home he didn't have anything left to do. So he took to the rooftops and quickly made his way home.

He reached the recently built Uzumaki compound, which was somehow the idea of the current Hokage, Hatake Kakashi. Apparently it wasn't a good idea for him to live in a shack anymore.

As he lifted his head, he saw that he wasn't alone. There stood a kunoichi clad in blue with a heavy coat with her hood drawn up. The red eyes peeking out from underneath was the dead give away. It was Karin.

She looked as if she had been waiting for him to show up for a few hours. Since she had come to Konoha, the two had spent time together from time to time quickly developing into a close friendship.

No it wasn't just a friendship, he had grown closer than that with her in the time she was in the village.

"Karin-chan…what are you doing here?" he asked with some worry since she looked to be quite cold with her odd choice of attire for winter. Her familiar pleated skirt and navel bearing top. Her arms were held behind her back timidly, as she clutched a box in her hands.

She bit her lip nervously and held out the box she was clutching in her hands, as she glanced away with a blush. "I got you something for you…Naruto-kun…" she meekly said as she looked at him warmly.

He blushed in shock as she held the small package out to him. He hadn't been expecting this. He slowly took the present and opened it slowly, as he opened up the box he found a pendant, made of white gold on a black chain. It was the white half of the yin yang.

Karin pulled her hood down, and reached into her high collar hooking her finger around a chain as she revealed she had the other half of the pendant. She then slowly walked to him as she clutched her hands behind her back meekly as she shyly began to explain why, "…Naruto-kun…I…"

He smiled warmly at her knowing why she gave it to him. He wasn't an idiot. He could clearly tell that she loved him. And it wasn't in the way that she loved Sasuke. It was genuine, she wasn't clinging to him, and she wasn't acting the way she used to.

"…I know Karin-chan…" he said softly before he pulled her into an embrace, as he placed his index finger under her chin tilting her head up. As he whispered, I love you too, before he brushed his lips against hers kissing her tenderly.

Karin blushed fiercely, slowly raising her hand and setting it on his cheek tenderly.

As the two kissed, snow began to fall down below. This was a better present in the long run, his first kiss with a girl that he loved, in the freshly fallen snow.