Author's Note: I'm quite fond of the idea of Jericho and Kole being together as a couple. I think it's because I think they look adorable together, even if they have no screen time with each other (when I found out that Jericho and Kole were a couple in the comics, I thought, Wouldn't it be cute if they dated in the show?). Anyway, here's a collection of sentences I've written for the Jericho/Kole pairing. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. If I did, season six would certainly be made, and there would be an episode centering on Jericho's daddy issues (and possibly containing JeriKole moments).

Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue

Summary: Fifty topics, fifty sentences, all Jericho/Kole.

1. Innocence

Everyone saw him as sweet, innocent Jericho, but Kole knew there was more to him than what met the eye.

2. Promise

He promised her he wouldn't get hurt; but now, as she gazed at his unconscious form in the medical bay, she couldn't help but think about how he had lied to her.

3. Dreams

Jericho had not meant to sign to Kole about how he often had dreams of her, but he felt better afterward when she admitted that she dreamt of him too.

4. Music

Kole loved to hear Jericho strum the strings of his guitar, and he didn't realize he had an audience until she stared clapping.

5. Offender

The first time Kole had seen Jericho angry, it was because some thug had grabbed her and pressed a gun to her head.

6. Color

A red blush crept to her cheeks, clashing with her pink hair, as she realized how close his face was to hers.

7. Protecting

Jericho wrapped his arms around Kole, and for that moment, she felt safe.

8. Lecturer

Kole giggled in spite of herself as she watched Jericho be lectured by Cyborg about "boundaries."

9. Tears

"You miss your family, don't you?" she asked him, and as he nodded, Jericho turned away so Kole wouldn't notice his eyes welling with tears.

10. Coma

Jericho held Kole's hand as she laid quietly--too quietly--and his only thought was, It's my fault if she dies.

11. Paradox

He may have been the son of a super villain, but Jericho was still a Titan, and to Kole, that was all that mattered.

12. Time

She knew they didn't have forever, and she was determined to make the most of their time together.

13. Relaxation

Kole lied next to Jericho in the large patch of yellow flowers, enjoying the peacefulness of their surroundings.

14. Book

She liked to think of him as her knight in shining armor, like the ones she had read about when she was younger.

15. Dead

Jericho's eyes were usually so full of life, it unnerved Kole to see his green eyes have a deadened look in them after his encounter with Slade.

16. Fine

He smiled to assure her that nothing was wrong, but she knew better.

17. Beauty

"Yes, it really is beautiful," he signed as she marveled over the night sky; but what Kole didn't know was that Jericho wasn't referring to the stars or moon.

18. Mistletoe

His eyes went wide when he discovered they were standing under the mistletoe, and he felt his face grow warm as she quickly pecked him on the cheek.

19. Flower

Kole picked the petals off of a flower one by one ("Jericho loves me...he loves me not..."), and a shriek escaped from her mouth when she got to the last petal.

20. Together

Whatever happened, Kole was certain she and Jericho could handle it together.

21. Afraid

Jericho confided in Kole that he was afraid he was going to turn out the same way as his father, and he was glad when she told him, "But you're nothing like him."

22. Bored

Kole idly fingered with Jericho's blond curls, and when he looked at her questioningly, she merely said she was bored.

23. Unusual

Jericho wasn't your average teenager, but then again, neither was Kole.

24. Noticeable

Even with all the chaos happening during the battle between all the Titans and the villains, Jericho still managed to catch glimpses of a girl with bright pink hair.

25. Loveliest

When Beast Boy asked him who he thought was the prettiest of the female Titans, Jericho's only response was to sign Kole's name.

26. Inarticulate

When Jericho saw Kole all dressed up for their date, it didn't matter that he was mute--he wouldn't have been able to speak anyway.

27. Comfort

Kole took Jericho's hand, saying, "Look, I'm sure the Titans won't be too mad about you being Slade's son."

28. Kiss

When Kole tried to kiss Jericho for the first time, her lips only managed to graze the corner of his mouth; he smiled at her and she kissed him again, properly this time.

29. Soft

Jericho thought there was nothing softer than Kole's skin, which led to other thoughts that he wouldn't want anyone to know about.

30. Pain

Jericho let Kole see the thin, faded scar on his throat, and Kole decided against asking how much pain he was in the day he became mute.

31. Rain

"You were dancing in the rain?" a shocked Kole asked Jericho, who was soaking wet and looking rather satisfied with himself.

32. Chocolate

Jericho was surprised, but not displeased, when Kole tackled him into a hug after he gave her a box of chocolate.

33. Touch

Kole shivered very slightly when Jericho stroked her face, and it didn't go unnoticed by him.

34. Weakness

Jericho wouldn't be surprised if his father knew about his feelings for Kole; he just hoped Slade wouldn't use her against him.

35. Jealousy

It wasn't that Jericho liked Kole or anything, he just hated to see her dancing with another guy.

36. Forever

"I'll be here as long as you want me to," he had once signed to her; Kole wondered if Jericho knew how long forever was.

37. Home

Whether she was underground or in the upper world, Kole felt she was home as long as Jericho was with her.

38. Smile

He fell for her the first time he saw her smile.

39. Sun

Kole thought Jericho was like the sun: bright, warm, and could always cheer her up.

40. Hair

Kole almost laughed when Jericho wanted to know if her hair color was natural.

41. Wedding

He'd had wedding jitters all day, but when he watched his bride walk down the aisle to him, his worries seemed to melt away.

42. Silence

Kole thought Jericho could say a thousand words without having to say anything.

43. Smirk

Her blue eyes widened and her face flushed as she saw the uncharacteristic smirk on his face.

44. Serenade

Kole wanted to hug Jericho after he finished playing his song, but she settled for complimenting the piece.

45. Cold

When he noticed her shivering, Jericho let Kole have his jacket.

46. Temptation

Jericho took note on how short Kole's skirt was, and he shook his head before he could think any further on the subject.

47. Mask

He hid very well behind his lighthearted image; nevertheless, Kole could see some chinks in the mask.

48. Talk

Kole never told Jericho this, but she sometimes wondered what his voice would sound like had he never become mute.

49. Hope

She looked at him, and her eyes were shining with hope.

50. Fall

Kole met Jericho several years later, and it felt like falling in love all over again.