'Til Death Do We Part


A/N: Yeah, I know I should probably be updating another of my other two stories, but I couldn't help myself.

Warning: Contains some angst (If I get around to it) and there's totally going to be Sakura bashing. It's just me nature…

Laying there, on the ground, heavily breathing, unable to move, and watching as he's in the same position I'm in. Where did it all go wrong?


It's a word with so much meaning, pulling everyone and everything down and making even the strong weak.

Or what's left of them.

So lying there, at the Valley of the End (1), I truly thought I'd never see another sunrise. Never get to celebrate another birthday, if celebrating is what you'd call it.

Maybe he was going through the same feelings, the same thoughts. Or maybe, he was waiting until I died to go and recover.

I didn't care.

Truly, I didn't. After all we'd been through, I would've rather died trying to stop him from such a stupid mistake than living while knowing I could've tried.

So, right then, right there, I, Naruto Uzumaki, was ready to receive death as a nice reprieve from such a cruel world. A world that allowed brothers to be torn apart from bloodshed lost in battle.
Oh, how wrong I was…

A/N: dude, not even I can believe I wrote this. It must be drugs…

1: that is where Naruto and Sasuke fought, right?