Pairing: Dark Ichigo (Jirotoshi) x Ichigo

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Summary: Twins run in the Kurosaki family. When Ichigo was born he had a twin named Jirotoshi (aka Dark Ichigo, Hollow Ichigo, etc.) Jirotoshi and Ichigo are inseparable until they meet the Grand Fisher, and Masaki as well as Jirotoshi are killed. Ichigo meets him later in Hueco Mundo as the zero espada who has no memory of his life and lusts after Ichigo.

This first chapter is a series of snap shots of events that leads up to the story, and what is different about it. I know it jumps around a lot and is fragmented, but it's supposed to be. After this prologue and first chapter it will be much smoother.

The name… I couldn't decide between Jiro (which means second male) and Toshi (which means mirror image) so I combined them. It sort of sounds like Shirosaki which is why I used it, but Ichigo will be calling him Shiro as a nickname so it won't be so unfamiliar.

Contains: Yaoi, incest, sexual content, violence, cursing.

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Two of a Kind: Prologue

When Ichigo and Jirotoshi were born, Masaki and Isshin were overjoyed. They named the first born, Ichigo and the second born, Jirotoshi accordingly. They weren't identical twins, although they could have been if it wasn't for the albino gene that Jirotoshi inherited.

Masaki and Isshin's love for their sons was only outweighed by Jirotoshi and Ichigo's love for each other. They refused to be separated and would become insufferable if such an unthinkable thing occurred. As they grew older, Ichigo affectionately dubbed Jirotoshi as 'Shi' and then 'Shiro' when his vocabulary expanded. Jirotoshi called Ichigo 'Ichi' or 'Ichi-berry,' a nickname that Ichigo allowed not even his mother to call him.

The two would always be seen hand in hand, with only Masaki to anchor them to the world that was outside their twin. To both of them, the world did not exist without the other. The two still shared a bed since they refused to have separate beds. Every time they tried to separate them into different ones they would wake up in the morning with Jirotoshi curled up with Ichigo.

Masaki and Isshin considered their behavior completely normal until the birth of their second set of twins, Karin and Yuzu. The two girls seemed perfectly capable of functioning without one another and didn't show a tenth of the amount of dependency Ichigo and Jirotoshi showed for each other. However Yuzu and Karin were still very close, so they dismissed it.

That cold and rainy day when Ichigo, Jirotoshi and Masaki returned from their martial arts lesson, it was the worst day of the twins' lives. Masaki did her best to protect her two sons, but she died in the act and there was nothing left between the Grand Fisher and the twins.

Although Jirotoshi was the younger of the two, he had always been very protective of Ichigo. When the girl Tatsuki hit Ichigo in their first lesson, Jirotoshi had to be pulled off Tatsuki whom he had pummeled. Perhaps it was because he was so often teased for his looks, that he was tougher than Ichigo, but either way, he didn't waste a second in defending her.

When Ichigo regained consciousness that rainy day, it wasn't just one body laying over him protectively, but two. Ichigo had never been hurt more than when he was separated from his mother and twin. His other half was gone and there was no consoling him. Ichigo ended up having to be sedated by Isshin and didn't speak for months afterwards.

Ichigo missed his twin, probably even more than he missed his mother who he loved so much. Ichigo would have given anything to get his brother back and be with him again. Anything…

...Chapter 1…

Ichigo grimaced from his painful position at the bottom of the pit that was dug by Ururu He had to get out in order to reclaim his shinigami powers, but so far everything he tried was useless. He was so frustrated at his lack of progress toward saving Rukia. He had promised himself at that time so long ago that he would never let another one of his precious persons die, and he meant to keep that promise.

His soul chain began to devour itself and he screamed in pain. It hurt, it hurt so much and he couldn't take it. He wanted Jirotoshi! He wanted him to take the hurt away! Jirotoshi! Shiro! Shi!

Some erupted within him and everything suddenly became still. He opened his eyes into his inner world and saw a twisted side ways world. All he could think about was Shiro. He opened his mouth and screamed.

Urahara Kisuke frowned as he felt Ichigo Kurosaki's reiatsu fluctuate. It was similar to that of a vizard, which was why he didn't kill him immediately, but it was different as well. It was like Ichigo wasn't just reaching into himself to call out his powers, but reaching to some power outside of him that Urahara couldn't identify.

A moment later Ichigo Kurosaki emerged from the dust and shattered his hollow's mask, and Urahara breathed a sigh of relief. Ichigo was a hybrid, yes, but he was still just a vizard, which wasn't so strange to Urahara.

Urahara Kisuke smiled and moved forward to greet the new Ichigo.

In the white sands of Hueco Mundo, a hollow stirred. A Vasto Lorde, to be specific. Just a moment ago it had changed and evolved into an arrancar.

Jirotoshi opened his eyes and blinked. All he felt was pain and loneliness. He wanted something, someone, but he couldn't remember what it was that he wanted. He wanted it so bad that it made his hole in his chest ache and his normal hunger escalate a hundred fold.

The hollows in the surrounding area fled at the terrifying reiatsu of Jirotoshi, one name only. The arrancar that was as white as snow with a mask covering his right eye walked the dunes of the desert and searched for a suitable prey that would sate his hunger. A spike jutted from his right shoulder and red markings similar to those on his mask covered his body.

A scar on his hip stood out on his otherwise unmarred skin, but Jirotoshi couldn't remember where he got it. He couldn't remember anything about being alive and being human, but that wasn't so strange. Some spirits kept their memories, some didn't. Maybe Jirotoshi would remember someday, but he didn't really care about that.

He searched and searched until he finally found him. It was a hollow that went by the name of Yammy Rialgo, but what he was called wasn't what interested Jirotoshi. What interested him was the high reiatsu that grew even larger when the hollow discovered Jirotoshi had made him his query.

Jirotoshi, or Shiro as his brother called him, licked his lips and went about devouring his meal.

Aizen Sousuke was delighted when he discovered the creature Jirotoshi. He was a magnificent specimen that was all blood lust and hunger without reason and logic. He was one of the hardest of the espada to collect, but he was also the most important. Aizen was very amused to find that all that Jirotoshi really yearned for was a purpose.

He gave him that. He knew that it wasn't the arrancar's real purpose, but it was enough of one to 'tame' the beast to do his bidding, for the moment. There was no need to use his shikai on him, because he convinced him to follow him with only his words.

A scarce few years later when Aizen finally defected from Soul Society and met Ichigo Kurosaki, he knew instantly that the orange haired ryoka was what his zero espada sought. It seemed Ichigo would have more use than he initially thought, and when given the chance, he allowed him to live.

He withheld the existence of Ichigo Kurosaki from Jirotoshi for a while, waiting for the moment when it would give him the most leverage for both of the powerful beings. If Aizen played his cards right, he would rule the world by winter's end.

When Ulquiorra and Zommari went to the human world to destroy Ichigo Kurosaki, Aizen had already anticipated that Ulquiorra would not complete the mission. Therefore he was not surprised when Ulquiorra showed them the footage of the events that occurred on the mission. He was, however, slightly surprised with how Jirotoshi took it, not to mention a few of the other arrancars.

"Ha ha, the brat looks a lot like Jirotoshi over there." Grimmjow sneered, but was careful not to say anything that would actually anger the zero espada. "Except feminine…and fuckable…you should have brought him back at least, Ulquiorra, if you didn't kill him. He would look great with his legs spread-"

Grimmjow was barely able to duck the cero that Jirotoshi sent his way which destroyed a large portion of Las Noches.

Jirotoshi was enflamed by Grimmjow's remarks, but couldn't figure out where all of the anger was coming from. But when Grimmjow insulted Ichigo- Shiro liked thinking of him with his first name- an inexplicable rage came over him and he wanted to destroy the bastard.

Not to mention the curious coincidence that Ichigo did look a bit like Jirotoshi. There were some notable differences, however. Ichigo was slimmer and more petite than Jirotoshi, not to mention his bright orange hair and brown eyes were vastly different from Jirotoshi's white hair and black and gold eyes. A strange occurrence because most arrancars didn't keep the color of their eyes when they evolved.

Despite his reaction to Jeagerjaques words, he also couldn't deny the truth in them. Ichigo Kurosaki looked delicious. Jirotoshi, who had never felt inclined to rut even though he had plenty of offers, was attracted to the shinigami. Or rather, the vizard, as Aizen had explained to them was a hybrid like them.

But either way, Jirotoshi was pissed off because he wanted the vizard. As well as several of the other espada, a fact that made him even angrier.

Without any explanation or another word, Jirotoshi turned on his heel and left the room. His ears twitched as he heard Grimmjow and Nnoitra discussing Ichigo as certain aspects of him, but he didn't turn around and react like he wanted to.


He paused as Aizen appeared beside him and curled his upper lip.


"You reacted rather strongly to the shinigami." Aizen mused and glanced at Jirotoshi with a faint smile. "He is a rather beautiful man."

Jirotoshi narrowed his eyes at Aizen who smirked.

"Would you like it if I arranged for him to come here?"

Jirotoshi pause in mid step. "Come…here?"

"Yes. You could even keep him as a pet if you would like."

Jirotoshi let out a hiss and Aizen smiled again because he knew that he had won this round. There might be some difficulties and in-fighting because of the other arrancars…attraction to Ichigo Kurosaki, but Aizen had no doubt that Jirotoshi could manage that himself.

Ichigo wasn't what Shinji, or any of the other vizards expected. The greatest inconsistency of Ichigo versus what they had come to expect of a vizard, was the strange disconnection of Ichigo's hollow powers and his shinigami powers.

When Shinji and the others discussed their powers at length, they all had come to the consensus that it was them who were in hollow form, albeit out of their minds, still themselves. With Ichigo, however, he was so unattached from them that it threw Shinji off.

Ichigo was supposed to be a vizard, however in his current state it seemed like he was both a shinigami AND a hollow, rather than a hybrid of both of them. Shinji hypothesized that it was the reason why Ichigo was having such a hard time controlling his powers, but he had no idea how to help him. Ichigo would have to discover that on his own.

Aizen smirked as Inoue Orihime was brought before him. Jirotoshi was glaring daggers at Grimmjow for playing with his pet, but didn't attack because Aizen convinced him that it was necessary in order to trick Ichigo into coming to them.

Aizen still hadn't figured out the connection between Jirotoshi and Ichigo, but had dismissed it as unimportant in his greater scheme. When his plan was complete, Jirotoshi and Ichigo may still be alive, and if so they could do what they would, but for now he would manipulate Ichigo to run straight into Jirotoshi's arms.

The other shinigami would follow and would thus be separated, and Jirotoshi would have a new and very passionate reason to fight them. With the proper motivation, Jirotoshi was invincible and all Aizen had to do was make sure that the power wasn't directed at him.

Ichigo Kurosaki was all Jirotoshi could think about. For some reason he thought he knew the man, but he couldn't place where that was. The more he thought about it, the more his hole ached and he had to go out and eat a hundred hollows in order to ease it.

"Ichigo Kurosaki." Jirotoshi licked his lips at the sound of it from his mouth. For some reason a distant memory of a voice saying 'Shiro' echoed in his mind, but he dismissed it. He would never let anything call him Shiro.

He couldn't wait until his new pet got here.

Ichigo was angry at Seireitei for abandoning Inoue, who was clearly not a traitor. He ignored Seireitei's orders for him to stay put and went to Urahara Kisuke for help. He felt drawn to Hueco Mundo. Just the sound of the name made him feel like he had to go, had to go find something that he was missing.

Whenever he thought of it, his heart ached and he thought of his brother. It was a connection that Ichigo could sort of understand because Shiro was killed by a hollow which reside in Hueco Mundo, but it didn't ring true in his mind. No, there was something about Shiro and Hueco Mundo that made him want to go and it was driving him mad that he couldn't get it.

So he would go to Hueco Mundo. For the purpose of rescuing Inoue, of course. If he happened to find what he was looking for along the way, then so be it.


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