Chakra of a Different Kind

A/n: Yo! This is my Akatsuki story. The story will be in my POV (the narrator). Warning: spoilers and OCxDeidara will happen in the future. The actual crossover won't happen for a while, because I want readers to get to know the OC. I decided to make this a Harry Potter cross. Yays! Oh, and I'll try not to make it too corny. I do not own Naruto or Harry Potter.

"Oi! Shana! Stop daydreaming, un!" Deidara yelled at the lazy Akatsuki member walking, well, more like trudging, behind him.

"Ah! sorry, I was spacing out..." Shana rubbed her eyes in a catlike way, obviously trying to be cute. She is about 5'2, but boosts her height an inch or two with her thigh-high boots. Shana is sixteen years old, but has the maturity level of a twenty-year-old. She seems to take pleasure in acting younger than she is, and few people know her real personality.

"Yes, that was apparent," Sasori mumbled. Hiruko's deep voice made her jump a little, but she replied to the comment simply by tossing a few locks of waiste-length wavy brownish-red hair over her shoulder.

"You're pretty quiet today, hmm," Deidara said, pausing to let her catch up.

"I'm tired.... Sorry for not talking to you every second of your life."

"What did I say, hmm? And can you stop with the pathetic attempt at sarcasm?"

"Shut up! At least I don't spend all my time thinking about different messed-up looking organisms to sculpt so I can blow people up, praising myself and calling it art!" She finished her little rant, clearly out of breath. Her companion didn't really know how to respond. Her tempers were always unbearable, but she had never insulted his art before. He felt the anger start to bubble in his stomach, but he wasn't really mad at her. To be honest, he didn't know what he was mad at... She was obviously in a bad mood from her failure to capture her jinchuuriki. He decided on the most overused course of action, arguing pointlessly. Maybe if she yelled some more, she would get in a better mood.

"What do you mean?! Art is obviously an explosion of beauty that withers away in an instant! Some pyromaniac like you could never understand it, hmm!"

"EXCUSE ME?! Who are you calling a pyromaniac? Take a look in the mirror, girly!"

"Girly? Where the heck did that come from, un? What are you wearing? You look like a hook-"

"What the?! Don't change the subject so randomly like that! Besides, you can't insult my clothes, you're wearing the same thing!"

"Not the Akatsuki cloak, you moron!" He had a little bit of a point. Black tank top, ripped jean mini-shorts, the boots, and the cloak (unzipped, FYI, otherwise it wouldn't matter what she was wearing). But, considering that this story is in the shonen genre, that was a bit of an overstatement.

"Will you two shut up?!" Poor Sasori... He seems to have made a habit of breaking up their arguments.

"Well, why don't you shut up, un?! Who are you to be telling us to be quiet, yeah?!" Unfortunately for him, this often didn't go as planned. The three had a sort of love-hate relationship, but they were pretty close friends. Well, let me amend that, as close of friends as three trigger-happy evil ninja assassins could be.

"Ooooooh. Remember who you are talking to, Deidei*," Shana said in a sickeningly sweet tone, the corner of her mouth twitching upward ever so slightly.

"Sa-Sasori no danna**! Sorry, un!" Deidara stuttered a little. "It's this idiot's fault for hanging around with us all the time instead of her partner," he was just trying to get himself out of trouble, but this statement caused a little trouble.

"Shana, he has a point. Your partner is Zetsu, right?" Sasori asked, "Stop being so troublesome and go bother him."

"Well, you see, Zetsu can go anywhere, anytime. He works alone... and I felt like baggage. So, I figured I would hang around with you guys!" Shana replied hopefully.

"What, so now you're our baggage, yeah?" Deidara asked, a little forcefully. That was the wrong thing to do. Shana didn't reply. For some reason, something just died inside of her. She laughed a little, then skipped ahead of the two. "What's her problem, hmm?"

"You are the one with the problem, moron," Sasori grumbled.

* I hate the nickname "Deidei". It sounds disgusting! Thus, I am using it as an insult.

** For those of you who don't know about this, you shouldn't be reading this story. But, since I'm nice, I'll tell you anyway. Deidara calls Sasori this because he respects him as a fellow artist.

a/n: Yeah, it's short, but its the first chapter, so give me a break. Will update when I have time! Oh, and if the characterizations aren't perfect, then please review and tell me! I want to make the best first story possible! This is my first time writing something like this...heheh. Sasori didn't have much of a part in this, but I know I messed up on him. Oh well...

Oh yeah! I just remembered! This story takes place right before the 2 ½ year break. So, it is pre-Shippuden!