A/N: Sooo I was laying in bed last night and I was thinking about a BellaxMarcus story I read. Well this is a BellaxAro story, just pretend he doesn't have a mate, for the sake of my plot line please! Peace.

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"You don't want me?" I asked stunned.

"No" His voice was ice, hard, cold, cruel ice slicing my heart in two, no not two a million pieces.

"Edward, please don't do this" I begged him,

"It's already done Bella, the family is gone, now i should go and meet them" He said taking some steps back.

"No!" I yelled and ran to him, he ran off at vampire speed.

"Edward!" I yelled running after him "Edward! Wait!" I screamed trying to follow. I stumbled often, and I fell even more, I fell down and i stayed down, I sobbed and cried. Then everything went black.

When i opened my eyes i saw Charlie looking down at me with worried eyes. "W- How? Huh?" I said unable to form full sentences.

"You got lost in the woods, Sam Uley found you" Charlie said handing me a glass of water. I took the glass gratefully. I drank it quickly, not realising how thirsty i was. Then the reality of what happened hit me, I sobbed and started to cry. "Bella! What's wrong!?" Charlie exclaimed.

"H-h-h-He's g-g-g-gone" I sobbed clinging to my father. He hugged me and i held him close, crying and ruining his shirt. "Shhh Bella, it's okay," Charlie cooed rubbing my back; I sobbed and sobbed and cried and cried. I ended up getting a giant headache and running out of tears to cry, I took a few Advil and tried to eat, but i had no appetite.

"Bella, did he leave you in the woods?" Charlie asked me looking at me with worried eyes.

"No, no dad he left me on the trail, in sight of the house, but i tried to follow him and got lost." I said the hole in my chest searing in pain.

"okay," Charlie said walking into the living room to watch t.v.

I trudged upstairs and tried to sleep.

Dream. . . .

"Edward!?" I yelled out running through a foreign ally way, "Edward!? Somebody!" I yelled out starting to get scared,

"Bella?" Someone called my name, I turned around looking for the voice, "Bella come to me" The voice whispered, I ran in a random direction wanting to get to the heavenly voice, I saw a man, with brilliant red eyes, he had shoulder length black hair he was wearing a long cloak, "Aro" I breathed and ran to him "Come here my Bella" he said reaching out, I ran to him but then someone started pulling me back. It was Edward. "Edward stop! Let me go! What are you doing?!" I screamed at him.

"Edward please! Let me go!" I screamed and thrashed about trying to get free, "Aro help!" I screamed. "Help me! Edward let go!!"

I awoke with Charlie shaking me saying "Bella wake up! It's just a dream" I looked at him a few tears trailing down my face, "Oh Bella" he sighed pulling me in for a hug.

I cried, Then Charlie asked me something "Who is Aro?" I looked at him "Ho-" I started to ask him how he knew but her interrupted me with " You were talking in your sleep, more like yelling but . . . who's Aro?" He asked again. "And more importantly was what your dream about it sounded like Edward" I flinched "Was doing something you didn't like" he said looking at me with eyes of worry, eyes of a father. "Aro is a friend of Carlisle," I said it's the truth, so to speak "And Edward was pulling me away from or to, something and Aro was there" I said lying a little, wincing as i said the names of the people who left me.

Charlie nodded and left after giving me a kiss on the forehead. I sat up in bed, thinking, what the hell was that dream about? Why would i dream about Aro, and why would i want to go to him. I sighed and looked at the clock, 6:30 am well I'm not going to get to sleep now, I sighed got dressed and went down stairs, Charlie was there "You can have the day off school Bella" He stated, he didn't ask me if i wanted to, he more or less told me to. I nodded and started to wonder aimlessly around the house, it was about 11 am when i went for a walk; I got my joggers on and went down the trail.

It was about an hour later and i was sure i went off the trail, I was lost, i sighed. Brilliant I sunk to the ground leaning against a tree. "This was a stupid idea" I muttered to myself.

"What was Isabella?" I heard someone asked or something, great now I'm hearing voices, may as well talk back, if i ignore the voices it would be rude. "Walking off by myself, i got lost, i was on the trail and i still got lost!" I said.

The voice chuckled, "I can help you" The voice said in an alluring tone.

"Sure my imagination can help me." I said sarcastically, i think i must be going crazy.

"You're not hearing voices" The voice chuckled, "I'm real."

I laughed "Prove it" I challenge the voice.

"Sure" then i saw a vampire in front of me, the one from my dream, in all his glory. Aro.

"Oh" I gasped jumping up, I wasn't sure what i should do, this man was royalty. I have no idea how to act.

"Relax Isabella" he laughed. He held out his hand and i shook it, he looked at me with intrigued eyes. "Interesting" he murmured to himself.

"I am Aro, It's nice to meet you," he said smiling.

"If your here to see the Cullen's" I winced "You wasted your time, they're gone, they left me" I chocked back a sob. "Oh dear no," he said coming over and placing his arms around me, "I'm here to see you, you see they broke the rule, not to tell humans about us, we cannot risk you exposing us" he said. I pulled away. "I would never" I said shocked,

"In any case, my brothers and I just make sure you don't tell anyone," I heart was racing at his words, at least this would release me of the pain I feel. "Don't fret young one, I mean you no harm, I only wish that you would accompany me to Italy, where you will now live." He said holding out his hand, I don't think i really had a choice.

"Can i please go back to my house and get a few of my things?" I asked

He nodded so i looked around "uhmm could you help me get back?" I asked blushing. He smiled holding out his hand I took it wearily he slung me on his back and ran off, soon we were at the house, Charlie was still at work so I took my time. I went up stairs and Aro followed I got a small bag and started to pack all my personal things like books and personal women products, I then got a slightly larger suit case and started to pack some clothes and photos. After i was done Aro picked up my bags for me I smiled "Thank you" He nodded.

"What about my father?" I asked

"We will ransack the house and splatter some blood, that reminds me we will need to draw some blood before we leave" I nodded mutely I hate needles, and these are Vampires so . . . . I was a bit worried. I went outside and I saw a Limo, Aro opened my door for me and i got in. Aro got in also but we didn't start to move. I looked around and i saw 4 other vampires with a look from Aro 2 of them got out, Aro produced a needle, I winced "It won't hurt Isabella, and we have excellent control" he reassured me "It's not that, I have a fear of needles, and i faint at the sight of blood" I admitted blushing, this made the vampires chuckle, Aro swabbed my arm with some cold substance and i felt a small prang, I shut my eyes tight and tried not to think about it. "There you go Isabella" Aro murmured placing a bandaid on the small needle wound, "You can call me Bella," I murmured, "Okay Bella" Aro responded, "These are my brothers, Marcus and Caius" He said gesturing to a white haired vampire and brunette vampire, I nodded "Hello" I said shyly. They nodded and smiled at me, the other to vampire came back they were covered in dust, "Did you do a good job?" Aro asked they nodded.

"Ah yes, Bella this is Felix and Demetri, Felix Demetri this is Bella," He said they nodded and smiled. I smiled back. But i think it was more of a grimace. We started moving then and soon we were on a privet jet to Italy, "This is amazing" I mused, I was tired and was talking without thinking.

"What is Bella?" Aro asked amused by my sleepy state.

"I'm going to Italy, I've never been farther than Arizona before" I mused, the vampires laughed. "I'm not looking forward to the jet lag" I mused again and they chuckled "You wouldn't have to worry about that, being vampires and all" I said and laughed a little.

"Sleep now Bella" Aro murmured softly I nodded and obeyed falling sleep.


I looked around, I was in the middle of the forest, "Hello!?" I called out and started to push my way through the growth, "Hello!!" I called out again.

"Bella!" I heard Edward's voice ring out.

"Edward!" I yelled "where are you?!?" I screamed.

"Bella, I don't love you" Edward's voice said.

"No! Edward please! Don't leave me!" i screamed out "Edward no!" I screamed out.

"Bella! Bella wake up!" I heard someone calling to me and shaking me gently I looked up and saw Aro, Caius and Marcus looking down at me with worried red eyes. I felt tears trickle down my cheeks, "What's wrong?" Marcus asked.

"H-h-he left m-m-me" I sobbed the three vampires sighed. "I-I-I'm s-sorry" I sobbed. "It's okay Bella," Marcus soothed " I lost my mate from the Newborn wars" He empathized rubbing circles on my back, "N-n-no, h-he wasn't m-my m-mate, i-if he was he wouldn't h-have been a-a-able to leave" I sobbed the murmured something between them all that I didn't catch, "We are landing now Bella" Aro informed me, I put my seat in the upright position as the Jet stated to descend.

We got out of the plan and i was assaulted by the light I gasped as i remembered that the company i keep are vampires, that sparkle in the sun I spun to see that the vampires were wearing long cloaks with the hoods up no sunlight hit their skin. We walked swiftly to a waiting limo; we got inside and sped off. In no time we came up to a brilliant castle, "Welcome to your new home Bella" Aro sighed happily.

I looked up at the giant castle, this will take some getting used to.