OKAY! IT'S UP! The sequel is up! I only have 6 reviews and 4 people on alerts so far! AND IT MAKES ME SADDDDD D: since there's 167 people who put THIS story on Alerts I thought you would read the sequel! ITS CALLED FOREVER LOVE the name MAY CHANGE and I think that one is Moronic, if you have any suggestions I'm open to ideas! Also, I'm a Beta, so . . . . yeah with that and on a good note I aced my Spanish exam :D Haha Spanish would have to be one of my least favourite subject, its tied with Science. What else can I say? Oh yes!! There's also two new stories that have come to me while I have laid in bed not being able to sleep. Ones called The Trade . . . it's well . . . I can't really explain it, and there's another called the Pacifist, I really like that one :D Haha, so . . . yeah! PLEASE check out the sequel! I have nothing else to say really. Just check it out and review, if I don't get any reviews on the story, I'm going to have to take it down.