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Abby had not been feeling well lately and didn't know why or what was wrong. She always felt lightheaded and faint and weak and had almost passed out once or twice. Of course she couldn't tell anyone this though because she didn't want anyone to worry; especially Gibbs. She hated when people expressed concern for her and the bad kind of attention like that. Plus. Gibbs would be mad that she hadn't told him in the first place, so she'd just suffer through it. Maybe she could talk to Ducky without Gibbs finding out…unlikely. And if she told anyone else on the team they would worry so she'd let it drop.

One day a few weeks after she'd been feeling this way she came into work and was feeling especially awful. She tried to avoid the team, but of course Tony being Tony grabbed her arm while giving her a big grin and dragging her into the bullpen.

"Abby! How goes it in the land of Ms. Scuito?" Tony asked

But she couldn't answer due to the fact that the sudden change in direction and everything when Tony grabbed her caused her world to spin and blackness to edge her eyes. Tony's hold on her arm tightened and Abby knew that if he hadn't been holding her arm she would've been lost to the world of unconsciousness.

"Abby? Abby? Are you alright?" McGee asked with concern "You're really pale."

"Oh Timmy, I'm always pale, you know that" she tried to laugh the whole thing off

But she knew that Tony was watching her out and she knew he knew that she had almost passed out just now. If she didn't play her cards just right, she was going to have Gibbs on her tail in 10 minutes tops.

"Tony. Could you lighten your hold a bit? If I didn't know better, I would think you're trying to hold me up or something. Jeez. Let me go do my job." Abby whined.

Tony let go of Abby's arm all the while giving her a look as she went down to her office. After Abby had gone Tony turned towards McGee and Ziva and expressed a thought he knew they were all thinking

"Somethings wrong with Abby."

"What do you mean somethings wrong with Abby, DiNozzo?" Gibbs demanded sweeping into the room.

"Nothing boss."

"DiNozzo. If you're hiding something from me…" he let the threat dangle there.

"I'm not boss. I swear. Right, Ziva? McGee?" he asked them

"Right." They agreed.

"Ok then. Back to work. We've got a dead sailor in Quantico." Gibbs barked.

Down in the lab, Abby was having real difficulty and knew Gibbs and Tony were going to be down there in a second to get the results from the tire tracks they got from the scene of the crime. But maybe, just maybe it was time to let them in on her problem…maybe.

Not ten minutes later Tony and Gibbs came striding in asking for the tire print results. Abby turned around and Tony and Gibbs took one look at her and knew something was wrong. Seriously.

"Abby! Whats wrong?" Tony asked

"Abbs." Gibbs said

Abby heard someone walk in and turned to see Tony and Gibbs. "Gibbs is going to kill me. And Tony will probably try…" were Abbys last thoughts before the darkness overtook her

Tony and Gibbs watched in slow motion as Abby collapsed, but thanks to their phenomenal traing and reflexes they both lunged for her. Tony got to her first and scooped her up into his arms.