Okat, now, I am going to be doing a sad, tear bringing chapter. IT'S THA FINAL AND LAST CHAPTER OF THIS WONDERFUL STORY! THE WOE! Well, I'll try to make this as special as a chapter can possibly be. Oh yeah, and as leader of the Vexos, Spectra will e the host of this chapter since I can currently not do my oh so important job.

Me (AKA the author of the story AKA the host)

Lync: Finally! I am going to enjoy every second! This "author" is a bad author! Do you see how much bashing I received?! This author is going to really get it when I'm through! I made a whole list-

Volt: I think she was being perfectly honest. And it's not called bashing, it's called humiliating, Lync. This author has done nothing really that bad as far as it goes with me.

Mylene: Well, she isn't as annoying as some people I know *cough cough Lync and Hydron cough cough* And that is saying something, coming from me.

Gus: I am not pleased with mentioning my shoving into a closet incident. But all in all, she's not that bad. Although with her humor and tricks, I find her just tolerable.

Shadow: This author is so cruel! She threatened to cut off my tongue! That would be a tragedy and it would hurt! *shudders at thought*

Spectra: As a character, I'm permitted to comment on her even though I'm temporary host. She is a fine author and I had enjoyed her thoughts of torture. Someone really needs to know how to shut Lync up.

Hydron: You know what!? Since I'm being nice, I'll comment! This author called me a spoiled brat and bashed (Volt: Humiliated) Fine, Humiliated me as much as Lync! Do you think I like her!?

Zenoheld: A fine girl and I am still proposing she joins the Vexos. Whoever came up with the "one brawler for each element" crap is wrong. She can join because I believe I need all the followers I can get! I don't care about the element she uses.

Spectra: With the special appearance of King Zenoheld, we must conclu-

Me: Oh just cut the formalities! I usually go right into commenting! Spectra, do my job right!

Spectra: Fine, be that way. How did you like your comments?

Me: Well, Lync and Hydron need to stop overreacting. Such drama kings.


Me: *laughing hysterically* You guys just called yourselves girls you know.

Lync: Did not!

Me: Did too.

Lync: Did not!

Me: Did too!

Lync: DID NOT!!!


Lync: .......... See what I mean with the Lync and Hydron Ba-

Volt: If you must always bring it up, it's called humiliating! Not bashing!

Lync: Fine, as you see with all the Lync and Hydron humiliating, she is always doing it!

Me: Well, name bad things I could use for sensible comedy with the other characters.

Lync: Shadow and his stupid tongue!

Shadow: It is so not stupid! Let me cut off your tongue and see how stupid it looks!

Me: I already did some Shadow humiliating.

Volt: Thakn you for using the correct word! Finally! You actually listen to sense!

Me: Yup.

Lync: Lets not make this a whole fanclub for the author!

Me: Fine. Now, go on with comedy meaterial for other characters.

Lync: Mylene has control issues!

Mylene: Shut up you little runt! I do not! And don't make me shut that mouth for you!

Lync: Jeez, chill, well, Gus looks like a girl with all his hair!


Lync: I know but for this story's sake, lets say episode 39 didn't happen and never has. Deal?

Me: Fine. *Shakes heads to complete deal*

Gus: From now on, I would not like to hear anything about that episode at all. And my hair is a trait. Your hair is a girly color, pink.

Lync: Fine, no comments on hair either.

Spectra: Well, looks like we have a nice little chat going on! But Hydron is getting mad at me right now so lets just let him talk for the sake of our poor brains. His endless whining is unbearable!

Hydron: Than-

Me: I am still the author so I can make you shut your mouth Hydron!

Hydron: Well, where are those powers? I'm still talking!

Me: Well what fun is it if I can't humiliate you?!

Hydron: Touche.

Spectra: Well, Maddie, are you still thinking about taking Zenoheld up on his offer?

Me: Oh yeah, about becoming a Vexos and always getting to hang out with you all? Yeah, I have.

Zenoheld: Good. Because I'm taking your answer now.

Me: Wah?! Okay fine, I am goign to take up your offer King Zenoheld!

Zenoheld; Well then just fill out these papers and it'll be done!

Me: Sure! *starts to fill out papers*

Spectra: I remember my papers. That took forever. She'll be there for while.

Lync: Yeah.

Volt: Mine took weeks.

Mylene: You don't want to go through the extra papers about unique hiar colors and styles.

Shadow: Not to mention the unique characteristics. It took me days of convincing for them to accept my tongue.

Gus: My hair is long and blue. Took me weeks to prove to them I was a guy....

Lync: Hahahaha! Gus was thought to be a girl!

Gus: Shut it Lync.

Me: I'm done!

All the Vexos: WHAT?!

Me: Well, Zenoheld knows a lot about me from the story and these papers are just used for blackmail material! I can spot blackmail like I can spot Gus out of a crowd!

King Zenoheld: *looking nervous* Well there is no other way to hold loyalty!

Me: I agree. Very smart indeed.

All Vexos: *glares at King Zenoheld*

Me: Well, since this is probably over a thousand words, unlike most of the chapters being roughly five hundred, I think I see it fit to end the chapter here. As well as ending this story....

Spectra: But I will be a bearer of good news. There will be a...... sequel to this story.

Lync: Yeah, but I get a big part!

Hydron: Me too!

Hydron and Lync: We both get our own spotlights!!! *hugs each other and cries*

Everyone else: *stares with mouths agape*

Me: *Captures picture* Heh, heh, blackmail material......

Spectra: Well to end this fest of spotlight, the sequel is going to be called...

Me: My oh-so-happy life in the Vexos!

King Zenoheld: As king, I'm having the last word. Good bye and sequel will be up as soon as possible.

Me: Well, think of me as a rebel type but obedient! I'm having the last word! Hope you enjoyed my story and what the sequel is actually about will be revealed when it comes out!

Lync: And since I'm so awesome I'm having the last word!

Spectra: I'm having the stupid last word which is Bye!