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Title: Rough & Bloody "Love": Soul's Horrific Experience

Summary: With Maka away on family business for two weeks, Soul is left alone at their apartment. With no one around, he turns to Death the Kid for company. A night of company turns into and painful mistake. Not knowing what to do he calls Dr. Stein, making him promise to never tell anyone, not even Maka the events that had unfolded inside their apartment. Why did Kid do what he did and why did he pick Soul to do his sin?

Pairings: Soul X Death the Kid (Not a lovey dovey couple in this story Sorry)

The Mistake in Calling Death the Kid

On a bright summer day at the apartment, Maka packs as much as she could to get ready for family business in America. Soul, her partner, leans against the doorway; watching the emerald eyed girl. "Why are you packing so much for a two week family deal?" he asks boredly. Maka looks over. "You'll never know what could be needed in America, Soul." she answers hurrying to get done before her father came. Soul rubs his head irritated that hes being left home like a dog for two weeks. "What the hell am I suppose to do during the time you're gone Maka?" He questions sounding irritated. Maka looks away. "You're a guy, do guy things." she says aloud.

Soul glares. "What the hell is that suppose to mean!?" he spats out very angry. Maka stops and turns to Soul. "Why are you so against the idea of having the whole apartment to yourself?" she questions. Soul looks away. He hated being left alone, but he hasn't told Maka about it. Before he could answer Soul gets bashed in the head with a book Maka had in her hand. "What the hell! You are killing brain cells when you do that! Thick-headed bookworm!" he yells earning another bash to the head.

Soul takes the book away and walks out to get an ice pack for his head. He can't understand why Maka uses a hardcover book when she bashes his brains in. Reaching the kitchen he sets the book down and gets the ice pack ready for his aching head. ' I have a headache...' he thought to himself, feeling a bump form on his head; making it painful to the touch.

Placing the pack on his head, Soul lays on the couch watching T.V. The next few hours were quiet. Maka comes downstairs with her things, seeing her partner sound asleep. 'Maybe I took the situation too far.' she thought. She grabs a blanket and covers Soul up before he caught a cold. Maka softly takes the ice pack off and sets it in the sink. She writes a little note and leaves the house, softly shutting the door. Close to nightfall, Soul wakes up, seeing the whole place empty. "Maka must of left..." he says to himself.

Getting up, Soul walks around; looking in each room. The book he took from Maka hours before was still in its spot. Soul suddenly feels a chill hit his skin. "Geez leave a window open when its always cold at night...Stupid Maka." he says aloud, shutting the window in the kitchen. Soul thinks of who he can have come over to keep him company during the time Maka is gone.

Soul knows Black Star and Tsubaki are on missions throughout those two weeks. Liz and Patty are too annoying for him to handle. 'There's only one option...I'll have to give Kid a call...' he thought. After a few minutes of talking to Death the Kid, Soul plays the piano while waiting for Kid.

Soul lets his mind wander not knowing Kid coming into the room. Jumping with the surprise touch Kid gave, Soul turns to him. "Geez, give me a heartattack Kid." he says gasping. Kid looks to him. "I did knock." He tells him flatly.

Soul blinks. "Sorry I didn't hear you." he says truthfully, rubbing the back of his neck. Kid smirks. "Was the piano more interesting than my knocking?" he asks as if trying to get on Souls nerves. Soul glares, standing up. "If all you're gonna do is piss me off, you can leave now Kid... I have a headache already." he says sharply.

Soul goes to leave the room but Kid grabs his wrist and slams him against the piano hard; making Soul hit his head. "Ow...what the hell was that for symmetrical freak!" he yells out, holding his head. Kid smirks, grabbing Souls white hair, pulling him up to his level. "You wanted the company and I'm giving it to you." he says to Soul sharply, yanking harshly. Soul winces feeling his head hurt more when Kid yanks on it by his hair. "Ow I told you I have a headache so let of my hair!" he grabs Kids arms trying to get him to let go of his hair or at least loosen his grip a little to relieve the pressure on his head. Kid slams Soul to the piano again, this time having his torso hit it instead of his head, not wanting to knock him out just yet. Soul gasps out some of the air he's held in. He tries to pull himself up shaking, the strength Kid had freaking him out. "Damn it...." he gasps out. Soul looks over to Kid, who is staring at him.

Souls eyes widen seeing the look Kid was giving him. It was frightening, freezing Soul in place. Kid forcefully pins Soul down on the piano on his stomach, smirking the entire time. " You ready to feel great Soul?" he asks the white haired boy beneath him. Soul trembles unsure of what Kid is implying. Struggling fiercely, Soul starts to regret calling Kid to keep him company while Maka was gone. ' I shouldn't of called him! Soul you dumbass!' he thought to himself, feeling like an idiot. Kid smirks tightly gripping Souls wrists which were twisted back to prevent movement.

Soul winces; his shoulder blades aching in agony. " Let me go Kid or you'll get your symmetrical ass kicked!" He yells out the pain getting to him. Kid, enjoying the expressions he's getting from the white hairs boy. "Are you afraid Soul?" he asks, his free hand sliding upward under Souls shirt.

Soul gasps his chest wound aching from the sudden chill in Kids hand. "F-fuck..." he shivers the chill getting to him. Kid stops and jerks Soul upward, placing his hand on Souls throat; holding him up. "You want to be fucked Soul?" he asks sternly.

Soul, full of fear at this point, quickly shakes his head. Kid smirks, unbuttoning Souls shirt; exposing his chest wound. " It's very swelled now Soul... What is Maka doing to take care of this?" he asks Soul, wanting answers from him. "Nothing...I've been taking care of it..." he says nervously.

Kid glares, forcefully turns Soul around and plants his mouth on the wound; making him whimper. Using his tongue Kid licks and sucks on the wound. Soul lets out a whimper and tears softly fall; pain starting to get to him. ' Make this end...Maka...please come back home...' he thought frightenly.

Kid lets his hands trail downward to Souls pants. Soul gasps when Kid touches his spine, grinding his hips hard. Kid quickly unzips his own pants, pulling his erection out. He quickly turns Soul around so his back was facing up, rips Souls pants off and pulls his briefs off.

(Rape Warning ~Skip if you aren't old enough or are against this graphic stuff)

Kid makes Soul bend over the piano and slams into him instantly making a scream go passed his throat. Blood rushes out every time Kid slams into Soul.

Souls skin turns ghost white when Kid slams inside him, saliva sliding down from his mouth. Kid smirks, enjoying hearing Soul crying out, pulls out a leather whip and whips Souls bare back at the same time of his thrusts. Souls vision starts to blur from losing so much blood. ' In...out...slap...just kill me and get it over with...' he thought painfully.

Hours feeling like days to Soul as Kids pace gets faster and harder. Kid yanks out making Soul cry out. He grabs Souls head and shoves his erection into his mouth. He grips Souls hair thrusting harshly into Souls mouth, his erection going down his throat.

After a while Kid holds Souls head still releasing his fluids (cum) into Souls mouth. Soul tries to pull away but Kid keeps his head in place making sure he gets every drop down.

(End Rape Scene ~Keep on Reading now~)

Kid drops Soul as he chokes on his fluids (cum). Kid puts his erection back and fixes his clothes feeling relieved. Soul collapses out of breath and his legs completely numb. Kid looks to him and then leaves like nothing happened.

Soul sits up slowly, wincing when he moves his legs. 'why did I let this happen...' he thought painfully. He gathers his bloody clothes and throws them away so no one finds out what happened. Soul gets some clothes and gets in the bathroom to get the blood off.

Hot water from the shower head hits Soul as he lays on the tub floor battered and broken. ' What am I going to do now... I need to tell someone about what happened...but who...' he thought as the pain eases a little.

After a while Soul sits up and slowly gets dried and dressed in warm clothes that will hide the gashes and bruises. Hearing the phone ring, Soul goes over and looks at the caller ID seeing Steins number. ' Maybe I should tell him what happened...' he thought assuring he could help. He picks up slowly putting the phone to his ear. "hello..." he says, his throat hurting. Stein listens on the other end. "Are you alright Soul? You sound awful." he asks with concern.

Soul gulps " no.... I need to talk to you but you need to come to the apartment." he says his voice shaking. Stein blinks and thinks. "Alright Soul, just sit tight and I'll be there in a few minutes." he says strongly. The two hang up and Stein goes to the apartment Soul and Maka shared. Once he gets to the door, he notices it slightly ajar. "Soul?..." he calls softly.

Stein walks slowly looking for Soul. Seeing the room the piano was in, he goes investigating in that room first. Turning on the light, Stein gasps seeing the blood all over the floor. "What the hell..." he spills out in shock. Soul limps inside the room. "I'm sure you figured out what happened..." he says sorely. Stein looks over seeing how pale he was. "Soul what happened? You're paler than a ghost." he tells Soul worriedly.

Soul hugs himself. "Kid...he beat me and..." he loses choice of words as his voice breaks. Stein watches. "Did he rape you Soul?" he asks seriously. Soul jumps and softly nods looking down shaking. Stein goes over and puts his hands on Souls shoulders. "How is Maka going to handle this?" he asks. Souls eyes widen. "Please Stein...Don't tell Maka or anyone else about this..." he says, his voice breaking. Stein blinks then nods. "Alright..." he says to Soul, promising he won't tell anyone what have happened.

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