Heres Chapter 10 of Souls Horrific Experience!

Summary: Doing a mission without talking to Soul first, Maka feels bad and guilty for Soul losing completely losing his voice. She does everything she can to help Soul communicate normally with everyone. What happens when Black Star and Kidd try to get close to Soul?




Chapter 10: Learning to communicate in a variety

Maka sits outside the infirmary waiting for the okay to take Soul home. 'I hope the girls can help Soul with communicating...without talking...Soul and I can't resonate our souls...' a creaking sound of the door snaps Maka out of her thoughts, making her look up seeing Dr. Stein beside her. "Professor he alright?"

Stein looks down at the meister and smiles. "Souls ready to go home. Just take it easy for a while till Nygus gets things fixed up." Maka smiles in relief. "thats good." Stein smiles and lets the young meister passed him. As she goes in, Stein sighs thinking. 'First the rapes now this...this is getting seriously bad for his soul to handle...'

~In the infirmary~

Soul stares downward tieing his sneakers. Setting his foot down, Soul puts a hand on his throat touching the bandages in place. Turning his head to the door, seeing Maka coming inside. Maka walks over, placing her hand on his shoulder. "You ready to go home Soul?" Soul nods softly standing up with her help.

~Heading home~

As the two walk home, Maka looks to her partner, seeing the exhaustion all over his face. 'Poor Soul...he looks so exhausted...I don't think I've ever seen him this tired...' Soul looks to her as if questioning if she was alright. Maka looks to him and smiles immediately getting the question. "I'm fine Soul."

Soul watches his meister silently, then he looks down unable to say anything at all. Maka watches him and she puts a hand on his shoulder. "Hey Soul...Don't be upset...everything will be alright." Soul looks to her and jumps hearing a chuckle behind him. Turning around and his eyes grow to saucers seeing Kidd. Maka looks over and gets Soul behind her glaring at the other male. "What the hell do you want Kidd? You aren't allowed anywhere near Soul!" Kidd smirks watching them. "Kinda sad how your partner is hiding behind you like a coward that can't deal with his own issues."

Soul trembles unable to talk back at the other male, fear creeping up on him. He jumps, turning quickly seeing Black Star behind him. The teen smirks watching Souls every move. "Whats wrong Soul? Losing your cool?" the obnoxious teen laughs as he pushes the white haired boy down. Soul falls down and looks up at the boy his eyes trembling, opening his mouth but quickly closes it knowing he can't talk.

Black Star goes over and grabs Soul by the shirt, yanking him up slamming him to the wall close by. Soul coughs, but no sound comes passed his lips. Black Star smirks and punches Soul in the stomach right where the scar rested, making Soul drop to his knees gripping his stomach in agony. Kidd smirks watching. Maka gasps watching Black Star beat up on Soul, her partner doing the best he could of blocking the blows to his face.

Black Star kicks Soul in the side, making him fly back hitting his back with a close by bench behind him. Soul trembles his body becoming more battered than ever. Black Star grabs Soul by the hair and whips out a sharp knife putting it just under neath Souls left jaw line. "So Soul...shall I peel away skin from your face or make deep gashes in your thin wrists?" Soul watches as Black Star grabs his right wrist putting the knife to it, smirking applying pressure to it making Soul wince.

Maka watches in fear, feeling Souls soul breaking. "Leave him alone!" Soul trembles staring at the knife as if flashes of memories reopen in his mind, creating a large amount of fear. Suddenly an electric shock wave goes through and makes Black Star fly back away from Soul. Maka looks over and sees Stein and Spirit, and then goes to Soul checking his wrist and quickly wraps a temporary bandage on it, then hugs him tightly petting his head. "Its okay Soul...Its okay..." Stein looks over sensing how badly Souls soul was breaking. 'this keeps up...he'll hit a downhill and may go into a vegetative state of mind...' he glares at Kidd and Black Star. "You two were told to not be anywhere near Soul. Specifically by Lord Death. I suggest you two leave or you WILL face punishment."

Spirit goes over to Maka and Soul moving the boys bangs out of his face seeing how pale he was. 'Soul...this was the boy who had confidence out the hes breaking right in front of everyone...We got to do something...' Soul looks up at the other scythe, trembling. Spirit smiles softly at Soul. "It'll be alright Soul." Spirit gives Soul a light pat on the back and looks to the boys wrists seeing faint scars on them. Soul looks to him quietly knowing he was staring at childhood scars. Spirit smiles and pats Souls head, leaving the topic alone.

Maka helps Soul stand and carefully walks him home. Making it, Maka looks around seeing Tsubaki doing the cooking while the Thompson twins set the table. "Hey guys..." The three girls look over, knowing something was wrong. Tsubaki walks over. "Stein explained to us as to what happened. Is Soul alright?" Maka looks to Soul, who was very exhausted. "hes very tired right now. What are you making Tsubaki?" The ninja smiles. "A light soup that has plenty of flavor and some other things that will help the healing process." Soul blinks and looks to Maka as if asking her if she had that planned. Maka looks to him and smiles. "Tsubaki's a genius when it comes to healthy healing foods."

Soul nods as if saying okay. Maka helps Soul sit down and goes to get the first aid kit for Souls right wrist. Tsubaki and the twins watch Soul and decide to leave him to Maka, not wanting to bother him. Maka returns with the peroxide and other things to fix Souls wrist. She sits across from him and starts to unwrap the bandage she placed earlier to stop the bleeding. As she removes the bandage, she notices the faint scars on his wrist, then looks to the other one seeing the same thing. Soul looks to the side. Maka cleans the new wound and rubs some medicine on and she wraps his wrist. "There all better." She looks to Soul as he pulls away softly. Grabbing a notebook and a pen putting them infront of Soul. "Can you tell me about those scars on your wrists?"

Soul looks to the utensils and then to Maka, slowly taking the pen and starts writing in detail about the scars. Maka waits as Tsubaki puts the food on the table. The twins come in and sit down watching Soul write. Soul finishes writing and pushes the notebook to Maka and the four girls gather and read together. Soul watches them as they gasp in horror and awe. Soul listens as the girls cry and try to muffle their sobs. Maka looks to Soul with a look on her face. "You cut yourself, with your weapon half?" Soul looks to her and nods sadly lifting a sleeve exposing some of the scars that went up his forearms. Maka gasps seeing how dark they were. "You just couldn't handle it...the pain, the agony...none of it..." Soul shakes his head closing his eyes lowering his sleeves covering up his arms.

Maka watches him sadly, feeling some of the sadness he was feeling. 'Poor Soul...hes been through so much and has held it all in for so long.' Tsubaki watches Soul quietly, feeling a bit sorry for him. ' were in so much pain from the very beginning and you held strong for everyone...' Souls growling stomach interrupts everyones thoughts and they all get down to dinner. As they ate, Maka looks to Soul seeing he was eating his soup as if it was going to be his last meal. This brings a small smile to her face. 'Well, at least he didn't lose his appitite because of what hes been through.'

After dinner, Maka helps Soul get ready for bed. Making sure bandages were changed, Soul takes his medicine for his throat, and locking the windows for safety measures. Maka looks to Soul seeing he was curled up under his blankets, his red eyes staring at her as if he was trying very hard not to look up her skirt, afraid of being hit. Maka smiles and softly pets his head. " You thought I was gonna hit you if you peeked huh?" Soul looks to her and softly nods. Maka softly pops him on the forhead. "You'll get light taps on the head, okay. Don't wanna make a headache kick in now do we?" Soul rubs his head wondering why Maka would give up "Maka-Chopping" him.

Maka watches him blinking. "Whats wrong Soul?" Soul sits up and goes to the kitchen picking up the book that has sat on the counter for months, untouched and goes back handing it to her as if saying take it. Maka blinks and takes the book and stares at it. "Is this the book I hit you with before I left?" she looks to him seeing him nod. She looks to the book. "Its been on the counter ever since I left and you never touched it since?" Soul shakes his head, his bangs covering his expression in his eyes. Maka looks over to him again. "Where did it first happen?"

Soul looks to her with shock as if saying what did you just say. Maka sees the fear in her partners eyes. "Where did it first happen?" Soul gulps and tries to think of an excuse but couldn't. He lets out a breath and takes Makas hand taking her to the piano room. Standing infront of the door, Soul puts his hand to the knob shaking like a leaf. Slowly turning the knob, Soul pushes the door open and tries to find the light switch. Maka walks in first gripping Souls hand as he flips the light on. She gasps seeing the mess inside the room. Soul looks around the room seeing spots where Kidd ejaculated on the side of the piano and the blood spots on the floor. Maka looks to Souls arms seeing them trembling and shaking. "Its alright Soul, they won't get you again...I promise..."

Soul suddenly feels weak and nearly falls over but Maka catches him. Maka looks to him. "Hey you alright?" Soul runs his hand through his hair breathing hard and shallow. Maka begins to worry more and gets him away from the room and shuts the door, locking it. Helping Soul reach the sink and turns the cold water on as Soul throws up the liquid in his stomach. Having a strong stomach, Maka stays at his side and rubs his back. Grabbing a rag close by, Maka wets the rag and rings it out putting it to Souls head as soon as he was finished. "Its alright Soul. Its alright." Soul relaxes and the two sit on the tile flooring. Maka pats the rag on Souls face and neck to get the beads of sweat washed off. 'Whats going on? Soul is getting paler and paler...What can we do for him?'



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