It was the first Thursday of December on mount Pouz. Three sayains were walking in the fresh crisp snow behind them dragging a Tree. it's Christmas season and the family had a tradition to get a Christmas tree on the first Thursday of December.

" Gohan?" a small little boy spoke, the person next to him called Gohan looked down to the child

" yeah Goten?" Gohan responded

" I've been good right so that means Santa will come?" he asked. Goten at the age of seven he still believes in Santa Claus

" yup thats right Goten" Gohan told him. behind the two brothers their father Goku was dragging the tree, he was in deep though, watching his two son he got the most bizarre idea ever

well why not he thought to him self it might work.


" Oh Goku it's beautiful tree" a woman said when here eyes laid on the tree

" I picked it out mom" Goten said proud of him self.

" well I almost got all of the decorations out" the mother named Chichi said " now I just have to find.." she headed to the store closest which was located under the stairs next to the downstairs bathroom. she started to fling stuff from the closest, first was a box, then Easter decorations, then a book was flung, it smacked Goku in the head, Goku rubbed the hurt spot when he looks down at the book

" SON'S FAMILY CHRISTMAS" the label said, Goku pickup the book

" hey Chichi look what I found" he held up the book. Chichi poked her head out from the closet her smile lit up

" that it" she cried " that what I was looking for" she walked over to Goku and took the book out of his hands " our Christmas album" she opened the book, the first page had her and Goku and behind them a misshapen Christmas tree

" oh look" she said " it's our first Christmas together" she walked over to the couch, Goten got up on the couch to look at the book to, Goku and Gohan stood behind the couch to look. Chichi flipped a few more pages, the next section was the two and this time a crying baby with a tail

" who's that?" Goten asked pointing to the baby

" this was your brothers first Christmas" she explained, she flipped the pictures of Gohan's previouse Christmas's, then it came to a pictures of Her, Gohan and a happy cheerful baby.

" and this was your first Christmas" Chichi told him, looking back on that picture there was an empty spot, Goku notest it to, it did hurt him to not be there for Goten's first Christmas. now he relies it going to be his first Christmas with the child.. Chichi closed the book, she placed it on the coffee table

" now lets get that tree decorated" she said.

" Yay" Goten cheered, Goten jumped off the couch and went to help with the tree. Goku was in deep though again

i want this Chritsmas to be a good one and with family then he snaped his fingers " yeah why not".

uh oh what is Goku think of?

My spin of a DBZ Christmas