" Hey Raditz " Goku greeted, Raditz was not in the mood, he remembered him getting killed by him

" give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?" Raditz asked

" well it's Christmas" Goku told him, Raditz expression went to a confused one

" Christ..what?" he asked

" Christmas, it's the one time where family and friends get together and celebrate?" Goku explained

" Kakarott your a sayain for god sakes" Raditz scolded " forget this weak planet and is customs excuse of holidays"

" oh come on " Goku told him " lighten up will you" Goku expression went from normal to dead serious " now listen your on my planet and you're playing by my rules, and the number one rule is you can't harm and kill any humans" he told him " and if you want your allowed to train with me, my sons, Vegeta and his son"

"wait" Raditz spoke " what do you mean son's? I though you had only one" Raditz asked " and Prince Vegeta's on this planet and he has a son?"

" yup" Goku turned his back " well come on I'm going to introduce my family to you" he said, Goku shot up into the sky, Raditz although didn't like it obeyed and followed.


few seconds later in the sky Raditz was looking down on the earth, there he saw a old man trying to walk, not thinking and making sure he brother didn't see him Raditz flew down to the old man ready to kill him, but just as he's about to strike a yellow band wrap on his tail begin to glow, soon Raditz felt him self weaken and he fell to the ground, to him it felt like 50 elephants all standing on him. Goku landed next to him

" What did I say?" Goku asked , his arms were crossed and he was disappointed with his brother

" What did you do to me?" Raditz asked he lifted him self up and uncoiled his tail, looking at it he spotted the yellow band, he tried to rip it off but couldn't

" each time you try to kill a human that band will react and cause you to fall on your face and you'll feel the pressure of 50 elephants on your back" Goku explained " so don't try any thing". Raditz nodded and the two continued to mount Pouz


At Goku's home Chichi was preparing dinner, she took a sip of the soup she was making

" hmm needs more ptenrandon tail" she shifted over to her cutting board and cut up a slice of the ptenrandon tail from last nights dinner, she went back over to the pot and dropped the piece in, then added a little more salt and then a pinch of pepper, she tasted the soup again

" much better"

" Chichi I'm home" Goku called from the front door, Chichi turn the burner down to low so it wont over boil. she wiped her hands then went into the living room to greet her husband

" dinners almost.." she stopped when she saw Raditz standing behind him, Raditz was taking in the sights of the Christmas tree and the weird decorations, Chichi carefully approached her husband

" Goku who's this?" she asked not taking her eyes off the stranger

" Chichi this is my brother" he said pointing to the long hair guy

" uh...your brother?..." she said. Raditz eyes directed over to Chichi, he studied her features and finds is quiet surprising that the earth women are actuality pretty.

" uh..and you are?" he asked. Chichi polity bowed to him

" I'm your sister-in-law" she said " my name is Chichi". Raditz was surprised at this he quickly bowed back in respect. Goten came down the stairs

" Dad your home" he said, he ran past Chichi and flew into Goku's arms to hug him, he notest the stranger next to him " Dad who's that?" he asked pointing to Raditz. Raditz was surprised how much this Child resembled his brother

" Goten this is your uncle Raditz" he said "he'll be spending Christmas with us " Goku explained, Goten looked at his new uncle then held out his hand to Raditz

" Hi uncle Raditz" Goten said " I'm Goten". Raditz took the boy's hand and shook it. Gohan was coming down the stairs to get a cup of water when he spotted Raditz in the living room, Painful memories came back to when he was a child, his anger started to rise, Goku felt his Ki, Quickly he placed Goten down and went over to calm Gohan

" Gohan it's ok " Goku told him " he won't hurt us"

" but Dad" Gohan gritted though his teeth

" don't worry he won't harm you" Goku said. Gohan's power decreased, he slowly aproched his Uncle

" hello" he said " you probably don't recognize me?" he asked. Raditz looked down at this young man standing before him

" oh yes I do" he said " your that Child with the strong power level" he said.

" hey every one " Chichi said " Dinner is ready" she went back into the kitchen Goten raced into the kitchen then Gohan slowly walked into the kitchen but not before he Gave his Uncle a cold glare.

" Gohan is still upset with you" Goku explained

" I understand" Raditz said " would it be ok if I talk to the boy one of these days?" he asked

" That's probably a good idea" Goku said " but now lets eat" Goku started to head into the kitchen, Raditz followed him.

will Raditz learn not to harm the humans?, will he accept his brothers family and will gohan keep his gruge agaist his Uncle?

Find out on the next Dragonballz

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