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Breathing Underwater

Summary: No one can breathe underwater, not even the great Nick Lucas.



The sun shining brightly, the waves crashing gently against the shore and Joe yelling about sand in his swim trunks. Ah, the beach. I sat on my towel, a book in hand, only glancing up to watch Joe hop around and shake his legs, trying to get out the sand that he somehow got in there. I shook my head and Kevin laughed openly and loudly at Joe, but then screamed when Joe knocked over his sandcastle he promised Macy he would build. I shook my head and returned my attention to my book, which happened to be Hamlet by Shakespeare, the best author that was misunderstood and often put down.

But the book now longer held my attention. In fact, I noticed my attention wondering and my eyes dragging upwards on their own accord to survey the beauty of the lake in front of me. Sounds seemed to fade from my ears and vanish and a strange calmness set into my heart. I put my book down and walked towards the water, suddenly needing to feel the waves caress my feet and kiss my ankles.

"Dude, the water is freezing; I wouldn't if I were you!" Joe yelled to me. But I did not hear him; the water seemed to call to me and its silent voice was all I heard. The waves tickled me feet, welcoming them with a warm stroke.

"Nick?" I couldn't even identify the voice; it didn't matter to me anymore. The water seemed to sweep away all of my cares, worries and fears, only leaving peace and tranquility. It was when I waist deep, did I sense something was wrong, but it was too late. Something cold and scabbed gripped my right ankle with the strength of a tsunami and pulled me under me surface before I could even take a breath.

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