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()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()~~~~~~()SIOUX'S POV

What it felt like cannot be accurately described but it felt as though my time had started again and was racing along, burning up the moments I had left and killing me without a trace and without killing my spirit. I concentrated on Nicholas and gave my stilled time, my immortality to him, hoping all 12 of us would be enough to resurrect him.

I opened my eyes and took my last breath of air with lungs and I watched Nemesis open her eyes and smile because she knew she was going where she belonged. And then, all twelve of us faded into our elements, leaving the six teens to their fates.


I sat next to Joe, head on his shoulder as I thought how far we've come in this last month. We've each exhausted our powers and finally lived a semi normal life, Joe and I were officially dating and Stella was not too upset by that fact, and Belle, Arie and I were newly enrolled in Horris Mantis, but like every good times, there are bad. We lived in sadness and still are as we dwelled upon what we should not be. Sometimes, it took all of our will power to not break down and lose control in front of the oblivious and when we were together, we tried to stay off the heart wrenching subject.

Kevin and Arie laughed as they built a sand castle on what used to be the Beach of War, occasionally both of them would look up and sigh in sorrow at the full moon, which was barely visible in the light of the fading sun. Belle was standing on the shore, letting the waves caress her bare feet but I wonder if she felt them at all.

I sighed and Joe pulled me into a one arm hug, knowing already what was on my mind.

"We've gained and yet lost so much…" I started and he nodded.

"But in the end, we got back what we needed." He said smiling as we both looked back to Belle.

Nick stood next to her and they both turned to look at each other and to get lost in each other's eyes. They leaned in just as Joe leaned in and captured my lips.

He was right. In the end, we've won more than we've lost.

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