Angel of Realization

I saw my family today

While crossing the golden river

The were mourning a death

A death of their dead daughter

Their dead daughter

My young dead life just beginning

But what I saw in the faces

The faces of my sorrow filled family

And what I wished

Only for them was the happiness

Happy that I am home

With the father that loves me

Realize that I am ok

That they have shown me the way

The way to know

Know for sure I am not dead

Cause I am an angel

Angel in the light

And I now guide them through

To their bounded flight

Flying on their path

A path that we call destiny

Five years down the road

They will realize I'm here

Waiting, guiding, protecting

Them from the dark

Waiting for it to release

Guiding them into the clouds

Protecting them from realization

I am their angel

The angel that fly's

Fly's into the warmth

Warmth of my father

I am their angel

The angel that came home soon

I am their angel

Angel of realization.

It's just the first month and I already know what is going to happen without him. My life will end, no one will care, no one but my family. My friends, my enemy's none of them will care. I've lost my life, heart, and mind. So what do I do from here, do I keep living in this miserable life or do I become that Angel of Realization.