Most of this belongs to Stardock, Ironclad, and all the people who made the great game, Sins of a Solar Empire



That day was a nightmare. Reports were coming of a hostile invasion. They were called the Vasari by the reports. Evacuations had already started. I, Robert Carlson, a single male,

was on board a ship that was heading toward the inner colonies, where they where already drafting and producing ships to fight off the invasion. The Trade Order was being renamed the

Trader Emergency Coalition. The vast commercial empire spawned by our extensive trade networks was being used to defend our planets.

Our ship started to leave our planet's gravity well and enter phase space when the Vasari ships appeared. They fired weapons at our ship. We were already in phase space though,

and arrived at the next planet. Unexpectedly, that planet was being attacked as well, but by a different race. They blamed us for their exile, and called themselves the Advent. Our ship

was heavily damaged by the time we made it to the star. With the Advent closing in, and the Vasari close behind, we were rushing to jump to the next system. For many of us, our fate

was to pilot ships to fight these enemies. However, many of us would not live through the war.

Chapter 1


Captain Robert of the Marza Dreadnaught, affectionately nicknamed Arsonist, was guarding an outpost with Kodiak Heavy Cruisers and Hoshiko Robotic Cruisers. He knew that peace

would not last. One of the two enemies would decide to invade. He was right. A bunch of Aeria Drone Hosts escorted by a dozen Illuminator Vessels entered the fray. Robert knew the

strike craft from the Drone Hosts would be the most troublesome, so he ordered the ships to attack those first. His fighters scrambled to defeat the enemy bombers. By the time the

ships finished with the Drone Hosts, several were without shields. The Hoshikos were very busy fixing the ships. However, Robert had nukes to use. He fired one at the enemies, and

the weakened ships were finished off by the Kodiaks.

Carlson knew it would probably be only the first round. As he expected, more Drone Hosts and Illuminators came. Included in the mix was Halcyon Carrier. The Advent were known for

their superior strike craft. With all the strike craft the Halcyon could field at once, Carlson knew he had to think fast. With all the enemy strike craft, it would be hard to walk away with

all the ships intact. He accelerated foward and fired another nuke. He then released fighters, hoping they would keep the bombers at bay for a while. The Kodiaks moved forward, and

concentrated on the Drone Hosts. The Drone Hosts quickly fell. He ordered the Hoshikos up for some quick repairs, then ordered them in a retreat. The Halcyon and the Illuminators

went after the Hoshikos. Robert ordered his ships to turn around. The enemy, with their backs to Robert, sustained heavy damage from a barrage of missiles and a nuke. Soon, only

the Halcyon was left. Two of the Kodiaks were heavily damaged. He managed to send them the next planet without them being destroyed. However, the Hoshikos escorting the

Kodiaks were now too far away to repair. Robert was now scared. The Halcyon still had its shields up, and his ships were rapidly sustaining damage from the bombers. An Akkan came

into the fray, the TEC now alerted of this threat. The Halcyon was disabled by the Akkan's Ion Bolt. Robert breathed easily now. The Akkan and the Dreadnaught quickly finished off the

Halcyon. The Advent would not come back for a while. Having learned their lesson, they would build a larger fleet. Robert went to his quarters as the crew on the Dreadnaught changed

shifts. Another equally qualified Captain would take his place on the Dreadnaught. He knew he would be safe. A Kol Battleship was also reinforcing the fleet stationed at this outpost,

Gamma-Zulu 12. From experience, Robert knew the Kol would be able to hold off significant amounts of enemy

forces. Exhausted after the battle, Robert promptly fell asleep.