Chapter 3


There were two factions of the Advent, both calling themselves the Unity. One would never forgive the TEC for their crimes, and one that sought peace. They both needed resources for survival, having used up the resources on the planets they were exiled to. The TEC never saw this though. The hostile came before the peaceful and Advent ships were cheap and numerous from thousands of years of research and the hostile Advent had enough to make the TEC perceive the Advent as a whole as an enemy.

Jar Kagu was the Advent ambassador to the TEC. He was on a Halycon Carrier, escaping for his life. The negotiations failed, the TEC being attacked 4 hours before. At least 3 capital ships were on the chase. He was lucky. The Vasari arrived and distracted the TEC and Jar was able to slip away.

Loki Freyu was the anima of another Halcyon Carrier. He was among the best of the best, chosen for his deep seated hatred of the TEC and his powerful psionic abilities. He was razing planet after planet. At first, it was easy, but as the time passed the TEC brought more and more powerful ships, and progress slowed. He was currently assaulting an unguarded planet.

Kol Battleships phased in and fired their gauss cannons at Loki and his Halcyon. Loki was taken by surprise. As he scrambled his strike craft to counter this threat, Garda Flak Frigates came in as well. His strike craft were cut down quickly and the Kol Battleships came forward for the kill. Loki saw the gauss cannons warming up, and knew it was the end. A brilliant flash of light, the Halcyon Carrier was no more.

By the time the hostile Advent heard of this, five more capital ships were lost in the trap. Three more were on their way, and it was too late to stop them.