And Your Love

It was true what the Diva had said. Layloo was so much more fragile than she appeared. Corbin could tell that much when he pulled her out of the vent. She was limp and obviously terrified. He'd soothed her, comforted her, telling her it was all right, he was there. In many ways she was innocent and fragile. She was the absolute model of perfection, but she was so vulnerable, so afraid, so fragile… so innocent, maybe even naïve.

She was meant to be the model of perfection. Everything about her seemed prefect. Even if she hadn't been engineered, Corbin would have thought her perfect. Everything about her was beautiful. He was head over heels for her. He had been in love before… hell, he'd even been married before, but it had never been like this. It had never been so strong, so sweet… so… perfect. But then again, that made sense. Everything else about Layloo was perfect, so it only fit that his love for her would have to feel perfect as well. She'd been on his mind ever since he'd she'd dropped into his cab. He'd lost his license for her. He almost had kept it. He couldn't hold out his resistance, though. He'd helped her. The fear in her voice, her please for help. Those had probably been her two first words in English. "Please Help." They had rung through him, and forced him to help her. His love had led him to save her, and it hadn't been the first time. To tell the truth, he was smitten with her since he'd laid eyes on her. When he took her to that priest's, and he'd said that weddings were the floor below, and congratulated him, he wished he could have smiled and thanked him. It hadn't been the case, though. He thought about how he'd kissed her. He knew it was the wrong thing to do… she hadn't taken it lightly. She'd held a gun to his head over the matter. But it seemed the natural thing to do. It just seemed… right. It was a bad idea and a stupid thing to do, but it just felt right. It was like a reflex.

The Diva had said she'd need his love. There was no problem there. He'd already lost his heart to her. If she needed him to show it, he could do it would out a problem. He had never been too much of the romantic type, but he could stoop to 'confessing his undying love for her' with out a twinge.

In truth, his military career hadn't been the only thing that had ruined his first marriage. It was starting to have problems of it's own, the military had been the main reason though. The marriage hadn't felt right in retrospect. Oh, he'd loved his ex all right, but it wasn't anything like how he felt for Layloo. Nothing was. She was different. She was… perfect. Every time he looked at her his heart swelled in his chest. Some times, it was even hard for him to breathe around her. As he drove the shuttle, thoughts of her filled his mind. When this was all over, he'd tell her how he felt; he'd make her his. And maybe, just maybe, he might marry her some day. He'd marry her tomorrow if she'd consent. Forget tomorrow, he'd marry her that very day. He'd marry her in the damn shuttle if she'd said yes and the priest was willing to conduct a make shift ceremony. He'd kiss her again… he just hoped that it wouldn't end with a gun to his head like the last one. Most times they'd met, she'd ended up in his arms. She felt so great in his arms. He'd hold her forever if he could. When this was over, he'd tell her how he loved her, he'd hold her in his arms again, he'd kiss her again.

Plans and hopes and dreams of Layloo were about his mind as he piloted the shuttle. The Diva's words "and your love" also echoed through his mind. The Diva had no need to worry. When this was all over, he'd tell her. He'd give her his love. Little did he know, she'd need his love sooner than that.