Bella, of Forks Washington

It was like any other October month for Bella, and she could not control the weather in Forks, Washington. It rained. It snowed. It shined, by the sun. Even the hard and life-threatening seasons of Bella's life will change her beyond all reckoning, and there will be no more summer for her. Bella had been something of a pet to a specific young man from her school, but it was more of…a lover. Ever since first glance from across the food cafeteria in school. And from the next seat over in the class of Biology and it spiraled from there, with him.

Then on her 18th birthday, a day of celebration and thanks, things will not go and be left unsaid for Bella. It was a normal thing to do, and it was quite normal that Bella would be with her vampire boyfriend on the day of her birthday, even though Bella grieved that day for months. Even if her life had depended on it, as well. That was the sound and beginning of a new chapter for her, and it was absolutely the end for Isabella Swan.

It was a wonderful birthday with friends and family, even Rosalie, but all good things came to an end. Bella had been truly devastated since he had left her. It's been one day since he left her. And Bella's vision of her perfect world of him had turned into cold winter, and she could not see the blue sky or the sun and she was lost. Bella grieved her birthday even more.

It was like a huge hole has been punched through her chest, and left a deep mark on her cold skin. And Bella felt deep in her heart that he had left her alone in Forks, Washington, for dead. If Edward was walking, Bella wanted him to stop walking away from her. If he was dreading, Bella wanted him to stop dreading. And if Edward stopped loving, she wanted him to love. To love her. To love her so much, that it hurt and that it was worth it. She had to be worth it.

So… wasn't like any other October month for Isabella Swan. She was alone in the world now. More devastated.

Bella felt guilty. She felt scarred. Bella just felt….so unloved now. He explained to Bella that it was still far too dangerous to be with him, and it was all for the better. Now…there were two holes in Bella's chest, and she was having cruel thoughts of the worst kind…suicidal. Bell had turned into a mad woman afterwards, and just thinking about a ghost.

Edward left her again.

Aro, of the Volturi

Aro had been born into a world that people wouldn't understand. Do not hate him pity him. Pity him. Forgive him for all the cruel actions and judgments he has made within his lifetime. Tainted with poems of war, and lyrics made by cruelty, Aro of the Volturi had been waiting for an opportunity. An opportunity that would change his life forever. Like his life was at the moment, Forever.

An eternity of life, if that's what it was for Aro. Life? He was dead, but alive. He didn't know what he was. Aro wanted and opportunity that was something else than immortality. Aro needed something else that would prove him wrong that life was absolutely…..hopeless.

The Cullens were gone, now. The meeting had been adjourned and successful. They had left Italy and had gone back to America. It was wonderful that sir Edward was alive, and along with his adopted sister, Alice Cullen. He and his sister would have made a wonderful addition to their coven, but sadly they refused. A deep disappointment. But that wasn't the only thing that was wonderful about their visit. But it was Edwards'…pet? It was probably that. His pet was absolutely wonderful in Aro's presence and Aro would keep his exploding joy locked up tight, for no one to see until he saw her again. And Aro did hope that she would join them when her time comes, and she is changed into one a vampire. And it would be soon for her as well.

Isabella Swan.

Ever since that day she came, Aro kept holding a smile on his lips. Even if he was already a cheerful fellow, he was more bright than ever. Before he had met Isabella Swan, Aro's life was just absolutely dismal and unfinished, like a tattered book, and it was like that before he received immortality. Aro's long life had been measured out in long volumes of being so alone and suffering out in the dark. Even if he did had a mate, but she did not prove satisfying. It was not all fun and games.

Each day, the dread was growing, and Aro had felt he would not return back to himself, the way he used to be. But Aro was a completely changed man, but Aro was changed into a vampire, whom was cursed in death and in life as well. But what if Aro finds someone who had changed him in a moment of sight and conversation? When Aro had first seen Edward with Isabella, he was fascinated and…jealous. Aro was jealous and wrathful as well. Maybe there was such a thing as love at first sight.

For Isabella Swan?

It's a new day, isn't it?

Chapter 1:


It hasn't been long since I had seen you with--him--Alice, and now, I'm lost. Again. And I don't understand how I always end up this way for me. Everything disappeared again, along with you and the rest of the family. You all left. And he said that things won't be the same again once he left me again, and I believed him. Things wouldn't be the same again, and I'm broken. I wish I could shut up about this, but I can't, because I need him with me. I just need him so much, and I hope that he needs me as much as I need him, and it's….complex. And if you knew how I'm feeling right now, you would be crying too. You're the only one I can write too, and talk about how I feel right now, Alice. You have to know, Alice. Please, I need you to read this and tell me what to do. Please, Alice.

Isabella clicked the 'Send' button and her laptop did not quickly respond, but it worked, but her letter did not go out. The e-mail was rejected. Bella rubbed her face while she shook, her small hands were beginning to ache with numbing pain, it would get worse if she continued to type and send undelivered messages to Alice. That was her 46th e-mail to Alice, already, and there was no progress or success that she would get a response from her or anyone. Bella lived her days without eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it was frightening for Charlie. Bella slept with many blankets at night, to keep her warm when it was at its coldest and used as a useless and imaginary protective shield against the demons of her dreams.

Bella hoped she would turn ill, and die from exhaustion and the great depression that plagues her beauty and her youth, if she called it youth. Circles sagged around Bella's brown eyes and her skin faded into a dim pale white, that resulted with some darker hair and tired droopy dull eyes. Friends and family did not exist around her anymore, and Bella would not respond to Charlie or Mike or any of her teachers, and she would mourn the lost of her only love…all to a damn paper cut.

Bella thought herself useless, pathetic, vulnerable, and very weak for her age and Bella couldn't take care of herself properly when the right time came to be. Even from danger. Edward was her superficial reflection of her own personal female fantasy that gladly plagued her world with joy and merriment and he had left her once more. Bella did not approve.

Maybe Bella did not belong in Edward's world after all, but now Bella would never know.

Bella had been done wrong, and all the wrong that had been done would not be undone, not even in the summer time. His face, was everywhere she looked, and the whole adrenaline thing was….a bad thing to do. It was stupid and reckless. Bella was sure that if she did go cliff-jumping again, she would absolutely die, and Bella felt that she could not return to the reservation, because of…..Jacob.

Then, Victoria, would have no reason to come back to Forks anymore, and no more people would die. Innocent people. Humans. Victoria would be gone. That would be a good thing, Bella was sure of but she had no intention of cliff-jumping, after all. But she was only guessing.

"Keep the bad dreams, away…"

Bella muttered and she twirled her hair around her finger in Biology class. Ever since he left, she was failing, and Bella would remember when she used to be kick ass in Biology. But there was no successful recovery for her, so she had no use in trying too. Now her future was all set. She would be…alone and there will be no truth and justice for her, and all she could do was to walk with her head in the clouds.


Bella's eyes glimmered with water, but she quickly wiped them away, and she turned her head towards the familiar voice that she recognized. Angela Weber was the only person who had been speaking to Bella ever since what had happened to her only a few days ago and she would talk with her, even if Bella did not respond back to Angela's sweet worried voice.

"Bells, I know that something went wrong over the past month. And it's not hard to figure that out," Angela bit her lip and continued," But…I-I just want to say, that if, you want to talk about something or someone. I'm here, Bella. You know I always am. You're always welcome to talk to me…"

Bella seriously didn't know what to say to her sudden invitation of friendship and kindness, but Bella's tired droopy brown eyes were the only signs to tell Angie of her response.

"Bella? Bella?"

Angela lowered her head towards the table, to see past the curtain of Bella's hair and take a long glance at her face that was…heartbreaking. Bella shut her eyes in shame, and Bella felt horrid and ugly for showing her face to her friend, and Angie was taken back. Angela had taken wonderful pictures back in the day and seen shine in those pictures, but when she saw Bella's face…Angela wanted to cry.

"I just wanted to let you know that, Bella. You're my best friend, Bella," Angela stood up with a solemn look in her eye and began to walk away, but Angie paused and turned around towards her again and whispered," And don't let anyone tell you that you can't cry, Bella."

Angela Weber walked away with her camera around her neck, and Angela never felt so depressed about anything else before. Angie felt that she couldn't open her eyes again. Bella's class ended and she finished her notes, and life went on when she walked out the doors, but it was never the same again. Bella had to go back to her second home in the rain and cook dinner for Charlie. And Bella would try and do her best not to completely burn his dinner this time, and that was caused by lack of concentration on the pan and on the time, and it did not end too well. So Bella would cook something small and simple, like microwavable food from the freezer and something small on the pan and maybe some bread to go with it.

Charlie got back late that evening, and he was tired and hungry. And Charlie wouldn't go to the Café, even if it was Thursday and plus, Charlie wanted to be near his daughter too. She needed the company. And Charlie hoped that he wasn't going to eat anything black and burnt on the table, too.


His daughter did not move her head to the sound of her name, but Charlie knew that she was listening anyway while she was washing dishes after he ate, and he took a drink from his cup. This was still bothering him, too.

"Um, me and Billy are going to watch a game. I'm gonna over to his place, and this is going to be tomorrow night too…Is that alright with you darl'n?"

Bella shook her head, and she watered down a bowl she used, and Charlie was begging for a response from his daughter. Bella wiped her hands with the rag and stood there and Charlie could smell the soap. Bella wiped her nose when her hands were dry and turned towards him without a look in the eye, and shook her head in approval and she snorted and walked away without a word.

"Alright….." Charlie mumbled.

There was on thing that Bella understood for the past few days, is that…no matter how much you love someone…you'll lose them forever, since everyone's got to die sometime. Even Bella had to die sometime, and because of her age or sickness or an accident. Bella put her trust in someone, but was betrayed and was told lies that had pushed her over the edge of her saneness.

Bella went to check her messages, to see if there was any response from Alice, or from anyone…for that matter.


Sweetheart, I know that you've been going through rough times, but just listen to me. I know what you're going through, and trust me, I know. When I was lost without someone, the only person that I was thinking about was your father, Charlie, and I wasn't proud of it, and I wasn't happy about it neither. I was lost. I was so…I was just so hurt of what happened. And I'm here to give you advice.

I am your mother, and I love you. I love you so much. When people tell you not to cry, and when they try to put you down, and they try to help you…Bella, you can tell yourself it's the right thing to do and wait for him. But…you have to give up sometime, Bella. Some people laugh, and some just sit and cry.

Please, baby, I don't want you to be like this. Write back to me, and let me know how you feel. I want to help you, baby. I really do. And…I don't want you to just sit there and wait for a ghost to come back.

Bella saved her mother's e-mail in her profile, and it would probably come in handy in time. But…maybe her mother, Renee was right about him, and she didn't need the ghost to come back and stay with her, no matter how much Bella loved him. And no matter how much Bella needed him, and no matter how much she wanted to be with him right now.


The poor girl broke out into sobs.

Aro, of the Volturi, had no idea what to expect when he got to America, and he hated flying as well. Even over seas. The plane ride did not suit his style at all, and he had to keep a low profile about who and where he was. It had taken little planning, but Aro had found his destination in Washington. And Aro hated feeling like a tourist in a foreign country, and he was a little shy of how he dressed, but that's not what was on Aro's mind at the moment, anyway!

There was a place that he needed to be, and he needed little help on finding his main destination too. He couldn't go to the Cullens, too. And they weren't in Washington anyway, and they would not be happy if they knew that he wanted to know where Bella lives, neither. This had to be secret, and Aro was good at keeping secrets. Even for thousands of years. This was almost a suicidal mission, but Aro felt that this was something that was absolutely personal and private.

Soon just as Aro requested a taxi cab, outside the dark window, the sky began to grow colder and colder. It was 45 degrees at the moment, but the temperature of the country did not bother Aro, nor did he feel a cold chill from the wind. The temperature wasn't important, but he knew that Bella lived in a town called Forks. It was an odd little town of Washington, but durable. It began to rain.

"So, where ya headed, man?"

Aro wasn't the one to have conversation with the cab driver, but Aro had been feeling rather odd with himself. But Aro did feel like he needed to express himself freely, even if it was to a stranger…or lunch.

"I'm here for a woman…." Aro sighed, and he crossed his legs, and folding his fingers together neatly.

"Uh, classic! Where ya from?" The cab driver got excited, and Aro was a little amused.

"Volterra, Italy…" Aro responded proudly, and was thinking of his home. He missed it greatly.

"Nice! So…does she know you're comin' over?"

"No. It's to be a surprise…for her," Aro whispered, and he was curious to know what her reaction will be like. But Aro had some little regret of coming to Isabella, since he knew that she was a little freaked out by their sudden visit in Italy. Would she be weirded out by his sudden presence.

(Writer: He doesn't know that Edward and Bella broke up! And Edward and Alice don't know Aro's visiting neither!)

Aro found himself in the small town filled with humans, and their pollution was horrible yet pure air since it was surrounded by a forest. Aro exited out of the cab that smelled like potatoes and he began to walk with his bags and he examined the town that was filled with curious eyes that looked at him. Patrol cars zoomed here and there, and Aro soon began to sniff out the area.

Isabella found herself surrounded by the dim walls of her own room, with a messy bed, and dark window. The gloom of the ceiling fell upon her, and the sunlight did not show itself all day. Sitting around in ruins and depressing catastrophe, poor Bella was starving for comfort and love from the world and her fingertips were blistered and cut. This needed to be done. Scattered on the floor, there were tiny, tiny, tiny scraps of paper that were once pictures of Edward and her on her 18th birthday. The effort of tearing up the pictures was wonderful, and Bella never felt so impeccable about herself before and she was somewhat glad he was ridden of. She felt so venerable and proud.

"Bells? Bells, are you done doing…whatever you're doing?"

Bella smiled, and all she had to do was to drown out her father's voice and she took in deep breaths. Edward was torn apart all over her floor by the doing of her own hands, and all the little pieces were quite similar to snow that fell outside…and Bella hated snow.

"Bells? A-Are you alright, darl'n cause…you seem to be….well….." Charlie couldn't finish his sentence, and he seemed to be afraid to carry on the conversation even further than it already was.

His daughter was…aggressive and proud at the moment, and Charlie never seen his daughter like this, and it was the first time too. Her expression from behind her hair was wise and very complex today. But, although it was expressionless. Bella had this small distant character that Charlie didn't recognize.

"Alright….." Charlie mumbled and closed the door.

And it's been 16 hours since he last opened her door to check up on her, and that's how isolated and alienated his poor daughter was, and Charlie felt sorry for his daughter. His suspicious and small hatred for Bella's ex-boyfriend grew and began to spurt out fire after what happened. Charlie left her room, and went downstairs and he stood in the living room, but did not sit on his favorite couch.

There was a game today, but that did not interest Charlie, and even though Billy did invite him over. And Charlie was coming over anyway. Free beer. So Charlie gazed at the couch that was in front of the TV, but Charlie turned attention towards the window where snow did fall. It did fall. And the sun was out. Charlie could smell his eyeballs burning, since the sunshine pierced his eyeballs as it reflected off the snow in the yard and Charlie was forced to look away!

"Oh, Bella…" He mumbled, and he needed something to turn Bella's life around. She was his only child! His only offspring! His only baby girl! His only sunshine in his life! The only thing that knows how to cook in this damn house!

Aro could smell that erotic smell that drove his parallel senses wild. Aro then wished that he had a living heart so he could hear it thump wildly to her scent. It smelled wonderful, and it made him thirsty. Aro felt miserable about this whole thing, but he pressed on, until he finally found her house. Her house was cold and bare, and it seemed to be haunted. But inside, she was with her father. Aro would not let himself be known to her...but just stay with her. And maybe as time goes by, he can reveal himself to her and Aro will see where it'll press on from there.