Chapter 24

(Author: Ok, let's face it… There is no way in hell that I can EVER compare to the AMAZING and most SHOCKING twisted ending to Twilight, so I'm not even going to try and compete with that. I hope you love the endinng. Read and Comment! Love u all!)

"When the demons are gone, they shall all be but ghost walkers in the forest."

"It's a metaphor."

"Yes, my love. It becomes us very much."

"The demons are gone…" the Queen inhaled," And then they become ghosts. They become memories. In the past, and they never come back again."

"Yes. It's our perfect ending."

She snaked her hand behind his neck and pulled him forward. He kissed her and lingered on her lips for as long as he could until she shifted away from his lap and turned back towards him with a playful smile.

"How long has it been?"

"Since when?" the King asked.

She smiled, "Since Edward came here."

"Oh, well… I suppose 13 years ago? Maybe he'll come back with Jesse."

The Queen smiled, "I miss her. Jacob says she's a sweet girl."

"I should hope so," he kissed her," Come. Renesmee calls. She wants us to see her and Jacob. They're waiting downstairs."

"Where is Marcus? I'm sure he'll be glad to see Hollis. He hasn't seen her in months. Did she say anything while she was in California?"

"No, but she came with Jacob. They're flight out of town is on Wednesday so we all have plenty of time for our reunion. Renesmee has something special planned for Hollis."

The King and Queen glided to their court room. It was a beautiful sunny day behind their doors where their family members and friends chatted with the other in a cloud of conversation. There were no signs of danger or evil; it was the feeling of love in the air. In the sun, they sparkled and sparkled against the white curtains hung high within the dome of their newly furnished and newly appointed home for all the family members. The King and Queen joined them, exchanging hugs and kisses. It was a nice change to their world. It was a new custom to kiss and hug royalty instead of keeping a distance and bowing to them and their unchallenged power. After the entire vampire world had blessed Isabella and Aro as their King and Queen, the rules were changed.

No more death.

No more pain.

No more suffering.

Isabella and Aro had moved back to Italy to establish these rules but they never called it their home anymore, both wife and husband moved to Forks. Back to their little cottage, to their home, where their daughter could start her life and cherish her (fast-paced) childhood and enjoy the world of wolves and the humans and vampires.

When 7 years had come, she was a full Immortal Vampire, and Jacob was there right beside her the whole way. They fell in love and had many adventures together out in the world. Her family was vastly wealthy, so they didn't have a problem traveling from state to state, from country to country, and from ocean to ocean. After Renesmee had grown tired of traveling and wished to have a stable home, Jacob romanced her with kisses and promises. When a total of 10 years had passed, he asked her to marry him. A wedding was assembled in the most formal fashion, with the help of Alice and Bella, and the union of wolf and vampire became official. Somewhere on the tropical islands of the East, on their honeymoon (just like her mother) the newly wedded wife became impregnated and gave birth to a living, breathing, beautiful miracle. Hollis.

All the while, Edward did not become a ghost again. He fought the pain of losing Bella, and accepted the truth. He did not mourn. Instead, he went out into the world himself and searched every corner for a slice of happiness. He spent months alone. He and Bella had worked out their differences and blessed each other with happiness and the good fortunes of Immortality. He let her go. And she let him go. It was like he had found the other half of his shadow and he had found the answer to all his problems. Edward had gone back to South America where he met a blossoming flower, a girl named Jesse. Their story had not been revealed, but soon their affection began to spark. The sparks developed into hot embers, which soon kindled into a romance of his own. Jesse was soon introduced into the family and she was loved and accepted.

You see, dear readers, everyone had a happy ending.

Except one, of course.

Bree Tanner; who never saw Fred again unfortunately, but she is living a comfortable life in the household of the Cullens and is continuing to learn how to control her thirst with the help of Jasper. And… as for Caius, he was sent to prison for his crimes against the King and the members of the Volturi for his mutiny and devious schemes. But was then released, 11 years later, and returned back to Italy where he is learning to cope with his temper with the support of his wife.

Aro and Bella hugged their daughter, Renesmee. Jacob carried in Hollis and was greeted by the gentle and kind Marcus who lovingly petted Hollis on her head. Carlisle and Esme couldn't control their affection around Hollis. Bella hugged Alice and Jasper as they exited their car and walked up the stone steps to the court room.

"Ugh, it's so good to see you guys. It's been a little busy here with the baby. You have no idea."

"Oh, I think I do," Alice grinned, "You should be ready for what's going to happen tomorrow."

"Everyone's waiting for us inside."

"Edward is right behind us and Jesse is with him. He said she's on vacation."

"That's great. Aro's inside and Renesmee is in the back with Jake and the baby. Go inside. I'll be right in."

They embraced one last time. She turned and waited for Edward. In the sun, her skin sparkled and her golden orbs glistened against the shine of the window panes.

If someone had said that she would fall in love with a vampire in Forks High school, get dumped by her vampire boyfriend, discover werewolves, and rescued by the King of vampires, fallen in love with him, and whisked away into a werewolf and vampire war with an old enemy, nearly killed in the process by a red-haired demon, separate from Aro, reunite with her lover, marry her new lover, become impregnated with a hybrid child, and is swallowed up by the clutches of another war that included the brother of the King who was possessed with malice and hatred, defeats him with the help of Alice and Bree, and wins and everyone lives happily ever after…

They'd be insane…