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"Yo!" Demon Speech.

'Yo!' Demon Thoughts.

"Yo!" Human/Alien/Summon/Digimon/Pokemon Speech

'Yo!' Human/Alien/Summon/Digimon/Pokemon Thoughts

"RASENGAN!" Jutsu/Visor/Poke Attack/Speech.

'Thier Brands Were Still On Fire And Their Hooves Were Made Of Steel' Song Name/Lyrics

-Time/Place- Skip/Jump

-The Night Of The Kyuubi Attack After Everything From My Last Story Was Sealed In Naruto And After Minatao Arrived In The Hokage's Office-

As soon as Minato entered Hiruzen started the conversation.

"Minato what happened to all of those beings?" Asked The 3rd.

"I sealed them inside of Naruto." Said Minato.

"What?!" Hiruzen Shouted.

"Hiruzen..tell the villigers... to treat him... as a hero." Said The Yondaime As He Died.

-12 years later on the week before the Graduation Exam And Near The Forest Of Death-

Naruto saw a shooting star and followed near the forest of death and when he found it he went into the crater it made, opened the strange sphere and a watch(It Has an Orande hourglass with a green base with red, blue, black, and white whatever those things between the faceplate and the base are and the buttons were orange) jumped onto his wrist and Naruto went out cold.

-Inside Naruto's mindscape-

"Where am I?" Asked Naruto.

"Inside your mind" Said A High Pitched Voice.

Naruto looked down and saw a grey frog like being. And he did what any kid who saw that would do(Guess Right And I'll Give You A Cookie. Guess Wrong And Kamen Rider Kitsune Will Use His Freeze Vent).

"Cool!" Said Naruto.

"You're not frightened?" Asked a crab with a british accent.

"Nope. By the way who are you guys? And please say you're names one at a time." Said Naruto.

"I'm 4arms." Said 4arms.

"I'm Heatblast." Said Heatblast. "And that's Wildmutt."

A dog who Naruto guessed to be Wildmutt growled.

"I'm Brainstorm" Said Brainstorm.

"I'm Piccolo." Said Piccolo.

"I'm Goku(Technically Alien X Counts As 3 Aliens)" Said Goku.

"I'm Vegeta." Said Vegeta.

"I'm Gray Matter." Said Gray Matter.

"I'm Swampfire." Said Swampfire.

"I'm Stinkfly." Said Stinkfly.

"I'm Humongasaur." Said Humongasaur.

"I'm Ripjaws." Said Ripjaws while he was in a pool(He Can't Breath For Very Long Without Water).

"I'm Goop." Said Goop.

"I'm Wildvine." Said Wildvine.

After everyone introduced themselves(Ben Had Alot Of Aliens) to Naruto, saw the flasback, almost destroyed the room, and told him how to use the Omnitrix.

"Thanks guys." Said Naruto "I'll see ya later!"

-A Week Later After Became The Master Of the Omnitrix And Painted The Hokage Monument-

Naruto had gone XLR8 to get to class and now he was outside the class as XLR8. Then he changed back and he changed what he wore from an orange jumpsuit to a pair of jeans, nikes, a black shirt, and a green jacket with a white stripe going down from his mid left shoulder to the bottom of the jacket that had a black circle around where his left elbow is and the circle had a white 10 in the center. And after Iruka said it was Naruto's turn to do the physical and jutsu portion of the test in front of everyone.

"Alright Naruto to pass you need to hit the 5 targets, make 3 clones, and fight Mizuki." Said Iruka.

"Sensei is it alright if I use an ability of mine to do those?" Naruto asked.

"Sure." Said Iruka.

"Alright!" Said Naruto.

He then pushed a button on the omnitrix and found the alien he wanted to turn into, and slapped down the faceplate. And where he once stood was a guy covered in diamonds and rocks(Think Alien Force Diamondhead) with an orange hourglass in the center of his chest.

"Diamondhead!" Shouted Diamondhead.

"Naruto is that you?" Asked Iruka.

"Believe it!" Said Diamondhead.

Then he shot 5 diamonds in the dead center of the targets. Then he tapped the symbol on his chest and turned into a small alien with headphones where his ears should be and a black rectangle on his back with a green 10 in the center.

"Echo Echo!" Said Echo Echo.

Then he made three more Echo Echos. The other Echo Echos went back into the original and he tapped the symbol again and turned into a plant like guy with a head that was colored like fire.

"SWAMPFIRE!" Shouted Swampfire.

"Alright, begin!" Said Iruka.

During the fight Mizuki sliced Naruto's head off and a vine came out of it and re-attached itself and Mizuki fainted making Naruto the winner.

"And the winner is Naruto!" Said Iruka.

Then Swampfire slammed his palm on the symbol and changed back to get his headband. Then Sasuke stood up and started to shout.

"Give me that watch it's obviously Uchia technology!" Said Sasuke.

Then he went to grab it. Naruto saw this.

"I wouldn't reccomend that." Said Naruto.

Sasuke ignored him grabbed the Omnitrix and got sent flying into the back wall.

"Can't say I didn't warn him." Said Naruto.

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