Title: Save Points

Rating PG

Characters: Seifer, Zell.

Short One-Shot

Time line: ummm, pre/post-game

The glowing light of the legendary Save point awashed the scene in light blues. It was time magic encapsulated, twisted upon itself into paradoxes and infinity. If it were somehow destroyed then it was theorized that a bubble of non-existence would spread from its focal point. Nobody could surmise how catastrophic it could become, if a city, country or the world could survive.

Seifer thought it was bullshit. Superstitious, antiquated bullshit.

Heroes from the Sorceress War claimed to owe their miraculous victories due to saving at key moments before facing insurmountable enemies and unbelievable odds. However, if they had died in some alternate future reality and had been revived back at the oh-so-mighty Save point, then they would have no recollection of that fact. It should have led to a loop, actions repeating themselves till entropy destroyed the universe. But no, save points give that second, third, thousandth chance to try again. Deja-vu and precognition can only excuse that so far.

People believed it worked because celebrities and heroes swore by them. But it was all based on faith. Based on stupid luck. Odds were that plenty of people trusted their fates to a mystical totem and had died. And stayed dead. Guess what? Nobody heard about that.

That dumb Chickenwuss is one of the blind followers of the save point myth. His Ma made him save every morning before heading out to Garden and he kept the practice even now, though a bit lax. Once weekly at the least. Which is why Seifer was standing next to the thing.

"That doesn't do anything." His tone was bored, because he had nothing else to do. Getting the tiny Dincht to put up a fight would fill up an afternoon.

Zell scoffed and didn't take the bait. "Doesn't hurt to hope. Who knows? Maybe it'll help to beat your ass." He was too good of a mood, Seifer would have needed to needle him for a long time. It wasn't worth the effort or his time.

Seifer planted his gloved hand over the gelled hair, matting it badly and pushed away. "Yeah, right. That'll happen at the end of time, Chick-chick." Before Zell could recover from his stumble back, Seifer had already turned to walk away, leaving Zell behind red-faced and alone.


Beaten, bloody and heartbroken, Seifer laughed as he saw the magical Save point pull itself apart and plant Squall and his group at the foot of Ultimecia's fortress. Each time, they spouted the same inane chatter. Each time, they rushed at him. Each time, he said his lines. Unable to break himself from the effects of Time Kompression, awareness gutted by the eternity of fighting and killing.

Zell was right. His blows kept hitting harder and more lethally, ever closer to knocking him out. Eventually he would beat him. Till then, Seifer was trapped in a loop, tied to their lives. And he had never used the stupid thing, so once he was downed and they defeat that magical bitch, that was it.

Oh, gods. He hoped that was it.


I do not, for the life of me, remember what an FF8 save point looks like.

A lot of Final fantasy save points are glowy blue, right? Safe bet?