This is the last chapter of this story. I never really set out for this to be novel length. I just mainly focused on Harry's slide into insanity in this.

If you spend enough time with somebody insane, can that make you insane too?

There were bloody hand prints on the walls of the place that Joker called home and now Harry did too. Two for the man that had killed David. Two for the first person Harry had killed. The blood had stayed on his hands until it dried.

There was a point, about three days after he'd killed that man that Harry had enough. Joker came and went but he was mostly alone. He didn't speak, hadn't since. He painted the walls with what he'd found in the place to keep himself occupied, to keep from thinking about David and what he'd done. He left the two hand prints and painted around them.

"No fear…"

On the third day, he went out and almost got caught by the manager of the store David had warned him not to steal from. The man was looking for him, probably trying to get the cops after him. Harry wasn't afraid to die but he was afraid of going into the system or possibly going back to his aunt and uncles.

He was afraid of what it meant, killing someone. The hand prints on the wall haunted him and he could swear that he didn't get all the blood off his hands. He covered them in paint but not the ones on the wall. He couldn't. Not yet.

He had spent three days in solitude, thinking about it and wanting to be like Joker. He wanted to be completely unafraid.

He hated the man who ran that store because he was afraid of him.

"This…this will not do." Joker dragged him out by the arm, took him to the front of the store in the middle of the night. He left Harry standing on the opposite side of the street for a few minutes before coming out and handing Harry the match. Harry learned and he started the fire.

He watched the building burn, lit up brilliantly against the night and this was beautiful…this was art. He was not afraid.

"No rules…"

He had spent the first nine years of his life as a maid and a cook without the pay and getting locked up whenever he did the slightest thing wrong. He spent twelve days after that in the company of a madman with no rules but his own.

He made art on the walls of the place he was staying and Joker sometimes occupied and he learned something from the explosion of the store. After that, he made art in the city.

He began to see the world that way, after that day. Even people. The buildings were unfinished works of art that he would get to finish. The people were unfinished. Unmarred.

Don't talk to strangers! Don't steal! Don't ask questions!

He took great delight in breaking the rules that the Dursley's had set out for him years ago. He broke the rules set out for him and after that he felt free…except for those two hand prints still on the wall.

"No guilt."

"I…I have a present…"

It was Joker, really, who set him free in the end with one simple move. By dragging a dirty and disheveled Uncle Vernon into the place they were staying and dropping the man at Harry's feet. Harry wondered how long ago Joker had caught the man for a moment but decided he didn't care.

Harry stepped closer to his uncle, staring down at the man. Vernon was saying something or trying to but Harry wasn't listening. He reached over and picked up the bottle he'd placed on the only table in the room earlier.

"Do you know what this is?" Harry asked softly, speaking for the first time since David had died. "I quite like it, actually." He showed the beaker to Vernon with the DANGER TOXIC sign printed in bold on the side.

"You can make art with more than paint these days…" He met his uncle's eyes and saw the fear there. Harry grinned at that, at the fact that for the first time in his life, he was not afraid of his uncle.

"You'll be my first…" He pulled the top off and a few seconds later, Vernon's screams could be heard blocks away.

The next day, those two hand prints were gone from the wall.

Okay, so Harry's thought process in this was a sort of due to the 1989 Batman movie and Jack Nicholson's version of The Joker. I just kind of had the idea that this is what that Joker's thought process would have been like. I might write something else for this later. Maybe Dumbledore coming to find Harry or something. Not sure yet.