My first time writing a FMA fiction and on characters barely portrayed in the series too! I must be crazy~ But I'm sure I'm not the only one in the world who likes these couplings, and since there is nothing out there about them, I figure why not?

Pairing: NoahXHeiderich and NoahXEd

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, and I will be twisting the original plots to fit this so please bear with me.

Dancing, the movement of the body. Lights, burning the skin. Music, drowning out the pain…. In these instances Noah felt alive.

No longer a shell of a life not worth living, in these instances she moved with grace, the sway of her hips the beat of her feet; the rhythm of her heart.

In these moments she didn't think of the people watching, the others dancing along side her, all eyes judging and ever watchful; the fact that she was a gypsy didn't matter, now she was just Noah.

And every night that was just enough to calm her fears, place another seal on the inner walls of her demons; however- deeper within her Noah could feel it wasn't sufficient, she wanted something more.

Something more to tell her she wasn't just a roamer, a person with no home to go to, no one to call her…a person.

"That was a wonderful performance once again Noah"

"That's right, you were great! Tonight I'm sure we'll get a fortune from the audience!"

"Who knew you were good at dancing and fortune telling" the other women of her tribe exclaimed as the crowd disperse for the time, giving its performers time to relax before the next crowd gathered.

"I need some air" excusing herself, Noah left the large tent and felt the cool air run through her dark hair; after every performance as of late…she needed to get away.

Away from the people who took pride in being gypsies, away from the people who considered her trash to society.

Noah held herself trying to warm her body from the cold, she didn't go back in. Instead she stepped forward and in the spur of the moment….she ran to her room.

Looking for one thing she grabbed her pouch, hidden within the confides of the floor boards under her small table; taking only what she needed and could carry. Noah left the circus she was forced to work in.

Away to a new place, somewhere she didn't have to hide behind her dances and maybe somewhere….she could call home.

Opening, light blue eyes from under slightly tanned bed sheets, Alfons Heiderich forced his body to move and get ready for his once in a really long time break from work, stretching he walked over and took a shower.

Getting out and fully dressing himself Heiderich headed down stairs and ate his breakfast, looking over his 'to do' list, the young man noticed he had to get some new parts for a plane he was blue-printing. Finishing his food, the blond grabbed his jacket and headed out of his small house, passing a small flower shop not three paces away from his front door.

"Oh good morning Alfons"

"Morning Ms. Gracia how are you this fine day?" he replied with a smile

"I'm doing wonderful thank you, heading to work?"

"Oh no today I'm free"

"Oh that's rare!" making a shocked face the boy laughed,

"It is even for me, but I'll be heading off now"

"Alright take care" waving goodbye to the woman, the boy headed off in his own direction.

Cool to the touch, Heiderich tightened his light jacket around him and headed into town, hours pasted and after much walking he found the parts he was looking for and began his trod home.

Walking along the young man thought to himself what to make for lunch, and seeing as how he was done what would he do for the rest of the day

"I'll finish those blue-prints finally!" grinning to himself, as he pasted a tight alleyway a flutter of cloth caught the corner of his eyes and brought his attention.

"..Hello? Is anyone here…" looking around cautiously the blond boy took some steps into the alleyway until he heard a whimper coming from behind a cluster of boxes, gathering his courage at the possible stray cat or something- Heiderich pulled the boxes away.

Revealing a girl underneath!

Shocked dark brown eyes widened against light blue orbs as the girl flung herself off the wall she was cowered in and gather herself up to run when the boy unconsciously grabbed her wrist, keeping her.


"L-let go of me!"

"I just want to help-!" without warning the girl collapsed backward with a short release of her breath, Heiderich extended his arms to catch her as she fell on him he too lost his breath. Falling to the ground, the boy looked panicked

"H-hey wake up! Are you okay! Hey!" shaking her to get a reaction, nothing.

Seeing this he placed a hand on her head

"Fever…damn it" knowing he couldn't just leave her in her current condition Heiderich did the only thing he could do; take her home with him.

Slowly dark brown orbs opened, a cold cloth on her head, surrounding in a room she didn't know- the girl tried to push herself up and leave when the sound of the door opening stopped her short.

"Ah you shouldn't be moving!"

"W-who are you!?" pulling the blankets in front of her protectively, Heiderich simply walked to the table and placed a tray of food on it

"You've got a fever, if you don't mind for the moment I took you home"


"I found you in an alleyway, and I couldn't just leave you" looking a bit nervous under her hard gaze, when she looked away downcast

" know what I am…don't you?"

"A gypsy I know"

"Then why-"

"I don't care about that, you were sick and I wanted to help you- that's all" smiling to the girl,

"…aren't you afraid I'll steal from you?" she couldn't help the bitterness fall into rhythm with her voice

"No, hah hah I don't really have anything much to steal, and besides.."


"All I see is a feverish girl in need of help!" smiling at the girl from the chair he was currently sitting in

"…thank you"


"For saving my life, thank you" looking up at the boy eye to eye, the latter could see her eyes soften just slightly and couldn't help but smile

"My name is Alfons Heiderich, what's yours?"


"Noah it's a pleasure to meet you"

"Like wise"

"Now eat, it's not the best but it'll help you get better, after that get some rest" getting up, Heiderich went over to place the tray on Noah's lap gently not to touch anything he wasn't allowed too, the young boy stood up

"I'll be downstairs and come back in a few minutes to take back the tray alright?"

"…thank you"

"It's not a problem really" smiling at the dark young woman, the other turned and left closing the door.

Within a short day and night, Noah's fever had finally left, allowing her to sit up and get out of bed,

"You've recovered! Thank goodness"

"Yes, thank you for all you've done"

"No problem at all" grinning, Heiderich watched as Noah opened her mouth and then shut it- rethinking what she was about to say. "What is it?"

"…I don't have much money left to repay you but I-"

"No need"


"It's fine Noah, just consider this a gift from the goodness of my heart" smirking at her,

"Let me at least wash your dishes and clean your bed, I've taken it for a day already"

"Ah it wasn't bad, I often sleep on the couch when I'm too lazy to get to bed, but you don't-"

"Please allow me to repay you in some way" bowing low, Noah didn't have much left over money from her train ticket to get here and even that wouldn't help her get on her feet in this city, she didn't really have any where to go to after this… but still she swore to herself when she ran away.

She'd give no reason for anyone to call her a 'thief' again. She'd repay her debts in any way she could, whatever it took.

"Well…alright then, if you want" scratching his cheek in a light flush, Heiderich wasn't used to such politeness

"Thank you, I promise I won't let you down" and for the first time Noah smiled.

"How are things Noah?"

"Fine, the dishes I used are done and I've already done the rest as well"

"You didn't have to wash my dishes"

"It was no problem, now I'll go wash the sheets I used"

"Noah!" grabbing hold of the dark girl before she left, Heiderich watched her turn to look up at him, just by two or three centimeters he was taller, "Umm uhh"

"Yes Mr. Heiderich?"

"Uhh you don't have to call me Mr. Heiderich, just Alfons is fine"

"…Alright" with a nod of her head she gave a him a kind smile "Alfons then, may I go now?"

"Ah right, sorry" with a nervous grin, the blond boy watched her leave. Giving a sigh he sat back down in his chair playing with his breakfast, unable to figure out why he freaked out so much, it was a simple question he wanted to ask.

From where he found her Alfons could figure out she didn't have a place to go back, she was alone and with no money….it was a perfectly reasonable question to ask really.

But what Alfons couldn't figure out was why he wanted to ask, it was humane and kind- perfectly normal for a guy like himself, but she was a gypsy, he had only known her for a day and then some…. Thinking that way there was no logical reason why he-

"And I have to go back to work tomorrow too"

"Is everything alright Alfons?"

"Huh? I'm fine are you done already Noah?"

"I am" looking at the boy at his table with the breakfast still unfinished she smiled, tilting her head slightly "you have to finish your food before it gets cold Alfons"

"Huh? Oh! Right sorry!" standing in the doorway, Noah held her hands tightly in front of her, now that she was done with all that she said she'd do, it was time for her to leave.

Back into that cold world, alone. Noah didn't want to go back….she didn't want to end up at the same place she ran from, to go back being a gypsy. She couldn't!

"Noah" Alfons' voice cut through her mind, shutting the train of thought


"You don't have a place to go back to do you?" turned in his seat, Alfons stood up looking at the girl in the doorway, she held her eyes downcast


"…although it's not much, I'd like you to stay"

"H-huh!? you can't-" looking up at the young man taller than her by some, Noah's dark eyes widened in shock

"I mean you've got no money, no home, no friends and well…you seem to like it here and I enjoy your company…" his voice dropping off at the end of his comment, straining just enough for her to hear

"I mean if you don't want to stay I understand, I'm not forcing you or-"

"I'd love too"


"I'd love to stay here Alfons, truly!" holding her hands clasped together, a broken smile of disbelief and hope on her face; large dark brown orbs piercing light blue.

"Good! Uh I mean I was hoping you'd say that!" smiling he held out his hand with a light flush aligning his ears and cheeks "now would you like to join me for breakfast?"

Looking down at his hand and back up into his face, Noah smiled a light flush of pink aligning her dark cheek, taking his hand

"I'd love too"

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