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A/N - first in a series of drabbles. This one is dedicated to PeanutAngel because she gave me the idea. Now, on to the carnage! mwahaha!

Bullet in the Head

Akuma were attacking the headquarters of the Black Order.

This was the first time that something like this had ever happened and all of the inhabitants were in an uproar. Hearing all the noise Leverrier ran from his office and over to one of the many windows.

That's when his searching gaze fell upon a large group of Akuma who were shooting at the building.

"Where are all the damn Exorcists?" the man shouted, his eyes practically popping out of their sockets. He knew that there were currently Exorcists at HQ so why the hell weren't they outside destroying the Akuma?

Deciding to check into this matter the Inspector quickly made his way down to the front exit.

Seeming to forget that he had no way to fight against the Akuma on his own.

As luck would have it, or perhaps not, there were actually a group of Exorcists standing in front of headquarters, their gazes all focused on the attacking Akuma.

Leverrier's eyes narrowed he saw that it was Walker, that bookman brat and Lenalee. So why the hell were they just standing there watching as the Akuma wreaked havoc?

"What is wrong with you?" Leverrier stormed as he made his way toward the spot where the Akuma hovered.

"Um Inspector…" Allen called out as he watched the man making his way toward the group of Akuma. "I wouldn't go that way if I were you."

Leverrier merely glared at the boy before continuing on his way. He would deal with them later but for now something had to be done about the Akuma.


"Save your breath Allen," Lavi said, his one visible green eye focused on the Inspector. "He's not going to listen to you anyway."


Allen's words were interrupted by the sound of gunfire echoing through the night air. The assembled Exorcists all watched as the Akuma dodged the bullets that were flying toward him, which only increased Leverrier's anger.

"Who the hell…"

His words were cut short as a bullet entered the back of his head and then erupted from the other side. As Leverrier fell to the ground the bullet continued on until it collided with the Akuma, which exploded.

The rest of the Akuma were taken out in a similar manner and then a red haired Exorcist emerged from the shadows.

Walking over General Cross Marian gazed down at the limp and lifeless body of Inspector Malcolm C. Leverrier. "Stupid bastard," he spat, his voice filled with disgust.

A/N - And thus ends the first of my new drabble series. I'm feeling slightly sadistic and have decided to see exactly how many ways I can come up with to kill Leverrier. And they will probably contradict the manga in various ways but I don't care.