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Chapter 1: Irrepressible Wounds

Raimei gasped as the rough metal blade of the katana flashed through her eyes momentarily and fell crashing to the ground. All aspects of time stood still, and then, without any warning, her breath caught in her throat as the emotions and memories came flooding to the forefront of her mind. Her mother, her brother Raikou, all of the Shimizu clan who had fought and died for the sake of justice screamed at her through Korogamon s deafening silence. She had failed them yet again.

The overwhelming realization of her persistent weakness enveloped her to the point in which she felt her body growing instantly numb. She felt nothing and everything all at once, and was unable to control the imbalance. She sensed her knees give way, but did not have the strength to stop herself from falling, nor the desire to care.

As she collided with the harsh concrete, she had all but accepted her defeat, though it was painfully apparent. She had found herself time and time again fighting battles in which she could not win. She couldn't help Miharu with the burden he carried, she couldn t stand between her brother and the opposition he faced, and she couldn't tempt fate to alter its twisted course.


Her heart sank as she thought his name. She had failed in her venture concerning him as well. She had known from the very beginning his intentions to seek an end to his existence, and yet, knowing that, she had let him in. As time drew on she had felt him pulling away, as if he was attempting to sever himself from her ever so slowly, as to not spark her notice. She had tried to tell herself that that wasn t the case, but the look of determination she had seen in his eyes earlier told her that she had only been lying to herself. She'd merely been subduing the inevitable pain she knew she would meet upon his departure.

Raimei clenched her fists in annoyance. She had fought so hard to keep him from leaving, offered up her heart and soul to make him stay, and it still had not been enough. Why was she always so helpless? Why couldn t she stop the ones that she cared so deeply for from leaving her? Couldn't they all see that she didn't want to be alone? Didn't they care?

She fought back the tears that threatened to surface as she heard him walk quietly towards her. She refused to let him see this weakness she harbored. If this was goodbye, then she was going to escape it with some sense of dignity. Though her heart was tearing itself apart inside, she would not let him catch a glimpse of it.

She sensed more than heard his approach. She turned her head hastily, stealing away the opportunity for him to scrutinize her face. She listened as his breath steadily grew stronger as the ancient hitjitsu went to work healing the wounds she had inflicted. Raimei frowned slightly. She knew the moment she had drawn her katana that he would deliberately avoid hurting her, but that didn t mean she had to return the favor.

She heard him take a deep breath before uttering her name.

"Raimei?" ...

"I don't want to hear it Kouichi!" she hissed before he could even manage to form another word. Raimei felt herself angrily withdrawing from the outside world. She didn t want to have to feel the weight of his words. She didn t even want to permit them to be spoken into existence. Perhaps if he was never given the opportunity to whisper his farewell, then it would never truly happen. Whatever it was, whatever gentleman like reason he had for leaving, she didn't want to hear it.

Raimei felt him closer now, waiting to see if she would be willing to accept him openly. Though she hadn't looked up to meet his eyes, she could tell that there was something off about his demeanor. He was cautious with her like usual, but there was also something understanding in the way he seemed to be looking at her; something comfortable, and at the same time, daring.


Kouichi hurled his final dagger forward, praying with everything he could muster that his aim would strike true. He didn't want to hurt Raimei in this manner, but he could tell from the burning fire in her eyes that she had no intention of ceasing her pursuit until there was a decisive victor. Her fury had left him with no other alternative. As he felt the smooth metal in his hand slice clean through, his heart momentarily sighed in relief, but the peace was to be short lived. He watched helplessly as her cherished weapon slipped from her grasp and fell slowly through the air without a fight. It was the end, and he had come out on top.

Finally finding the chance to breathe, Kouichi inhaled the precious air around him and instantly felt the pain from his wounds surge throughout his entire body. He clenched his stomach where the pain seemed to especially resonate and gritted his teeth.

"Raimei, you don't fight fair do you." he chuckled half heartedly to himself.

Lifting his gaze again, he was met with an unexpected scene. Raimei had succumbed to her knees and had her head bent down in such a way that it hid her features from him. Kouichi couldn't help the slight flutter he felt in his heart at the sight of her trying so hard to hide the obvious from him. He didn't have to see her face to know that she was holding back tears. He knew her too well by this point.

As he tried to take a step forward, he found himself unconsciously reaching up to coddle his stomach once again. Although it hurt somewhat, the stabbing pain was really nothing to him. He knew it wouldn't be long before the cursed hijitsu began its work on healing his body. He didn't have to bother himself with trivial human inheritances like bleeding to death. He never really considered himself to be alive most of the time anyways. I mean, were you really alive if you had no way of dying? He never thought so, at least, not until...

His thoughts halted.

At least, not until, he had met her.

Kouichi's heart quickened as he focused his gaze onto the broken girl that lay before him. She had changed his point of view on a lot of things concerning himself, and he hadn t even realized it. Suddenly, he remembered all of the words he had always wanted to tell her, everything that he had never been able to openly admit to her before. Things he knew now that he couldn t leave without saying.

He gathered his strength and began to walk slowly towards her. He knew she had to have heard his movement and yet she still hadn t even so much as flinched from her place. It didn't matter though. He knew what all must be going through her mind. Shame, defeat, annoyance at her weakness; all the faults she always seemed to remind herself of constantly. He wished that she wouldn't be so hard on herself. He had never met a human who fought with so much heart and he doubted he ever would. Her refusal to give up despite overwhelming circumstances was what made her so unique. It was the reason he had fallen in love with her.

He stopped short of where she sat, waiting for the words to fall into place. So many emotions and feelings were rushing through his mind that he had no way of keeping them all in order. Though his shy side made him somewhat hesitant, he knew it was now or, perhaps, never.


"I don't want to hear it Kouichi!" she hollered at him. He was momentarily taken aback by the force behind her deliverance, but soon realized he really hadn't expected anything different. Typical Raimei, he thought to himself with a smile, always so stubbornly offensive. His heart melted as he watched her struggle with every last bit of strength she had to hold it together in front of him.

Kneeling down so that his face was level with hers, he began to slowly analyze her every feature so as to file it away properly within his memory. Her hair had fallen loose during the fighting and was hanging hap hazardously around her eyes. It was rare for her to wear it down like this, but he admitted that he liked it when she did. His eyes continued to follow the delicate line of her face, lingering slightly longer on the pouting frown of her lips. He then allowed his gaze to venture up to her eyes where he found, something he wasn t quite expecting. Instead of the shame and defeat he had anticipated to encounter, there lay only a raw sadness in their place. Her pools of chestnut brown were glancing off into space, wearily refusing to look into his. It was as if every last ounce of strength to fight had left them. She was waiting on something, waiting for some sort of inevitable surrender.

It pained him deeply to see her like this. She was always one to wear her heart on her sleeve, and he knew right now that she was angry and lost inside. She carried some deep scars he knew, and more than anything, he wanted to be the one to heal them.

But he had he had his own battle wounds, ones that couldn't be fixed. It was these scars that prevented him from ever getting too close to anyone. He couldn't change their fate, although he tried. He would always be the one left behind to pick up the pieces when they were gone. Such a task was never something that got easier with time.

Knowing this sad truth, he gathered himself together to say the words he was always meant to say. Taking the sight of her in, he knew this was going to be the hardest goodbye he would ever have to make. But this way was better. He was a walking immortal whose only purpose seemed to be to bring about the untimely death of others. He would not allow himself to be responsible for Raimei's.

As he opened his mouth to speak, he prayed with all his heart that she would understand.


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