The scene changes to the boys room it is early in the morning about 7:30 Nick is sitting at his desk working on some music Kevin and Joe are just getting up there dad comes running up stairs

Their dad walks over to the center of the room "guess what I just did ?" the boys look up at him "I just got ya'll a gig at the love a child charity benefit"

Nick jumps up and walks over to him "But I thought that was filled up"

Their Dad smiles "Well it was but I pulled some ropes and got ya'll in"

Kevin walks over "Now this is going to be awesome"

His dad smiles at him "that's the spirit now there's going to be a reporter here in a few days to ask some questions"

Nick looks at him "What kind of questions ?"

Their dad looks at him "like who's going to be the lead singer"

Joe walks up "Oh that's easy that will be me"

Nick looks at him "Hey wait a minute I write the songs I deserve to sing every once in a while

Joe looks at him "Oh no little brother it will be me"

Nick gives him a look "Well we'll see about that now want we"

Joe looks at him "Oh we will"

They storm of in opposite directions leaving Kevin and their dad standing there

Their dad bends over to Kevin "What just happened ?"

Kevin looks at him "I don't know but this can't end well"