A/N – (grins) So, I love Hatter. And Alice, and most of the characters. So…I had to write more. (grins more) After all, they're all quite mad.

Warnings: Funeral, natural death, and series. Lots of sadness.

Summary: -Syfy's Alice- Carol dies a natural death and Alice falls into a slight depression…and Hatter has only one idea. Bring her back to Wonderland. –Hatter/Alice-

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except this idea, which is probably not even totally original, but it is awesome.

A Funeral

Hatter would be the first to say that he hated funerals, especially in Alice's world.

They went on for so long and the depression could be tasted in the air…and Alice was crying. Crying into his shoulder as her mother's casket was lowered into the ground.

She died naturally, though suddenly, and Alice was crushed.

He supported her as she became practically limp in his arms, sobs wracking her body, and she shook with her sorrow, as well as the cold of the day. Hatter wrapped her more securely in his arms and he tightened his grip, as if this would protect her from what was in her very mind.

It didn't help that it started to rain down at them and he shielded her from that.

It was all he could do.

End Part One

A/N – Sad and short. (sniffles) Onward!